Top 5 Paid and Free FlexClip Alternatives and Competitors in May 2024

Video animation software is the best option to create high-quality videos for your personal or professional purposes. This software consists of easy-to-use video editing tools and functions which help to make amazing videos either for social media pages or product marketing.

Whether you make a family function video or a product ad video, you can take the help of video animations software. The software enhances the quality of your video and makes it sharable on any online platform.

You can edit professional videos of various types such as product mockup videos, marketing videos, local business videos, presentations, and many more. In this article, I will tell you about the Top paid and free FlexClip Alternatives and Competitors.

FlexClip Alternatives

What is FlexClip?

FlexClip is an online video editor and video maker by which you can create videos by adding logos, text, and animated elements. What I like about this software is it allows you to create videos in a few minutes. Even non-tech-savvy users can use this software with a few clicks. You can make professional videos by using templates or starting from scratch.

Benefits of FlexClip

As I already said that FlexClip helps to create professional videos in a few minutes, and you will get the following benefits from this advanced video editing software.

Free Video Templates

You can make brilliant videos by selecting video templates in various categories. These easy-to-use templates are free and beautiful.

Plentiful animated elements

The cool feature I found inside this online video editor is its collection of animated elements. You can create videos by adding animated elements such as dynamic text, logos, widgets, overlays, and many more.

Cool video-making tools

You can make, edit, and customize videos by using professional tools such as video trimmer, voice recording, adding text and music, slideshow, exporting HD videos, merging videos, and many more.

Voice and screen recording

You can make videos interesting by adding a voice-over to them. Also, the online video software allows you to record your screen with ease of use.

The User-friendly video editing interface

You create videos in a user-friendly and crisp video editing interface. You get all video templates and editing tools in the same interface.

Royalty-free media library

What I like about FlexClip is that it has a vast collection of royalty-free stock images, music, and videos. You can add music, images, and videos to your presentations and projects.

Easy-to-use software

As you access cool video editing tools, you will not face any hassle editing videos on Flexclip. You can create videos in a few minutes by starting from scratch or using free video templates. Also, it has a simple video editing user interface.

Why you should go for FlexClip alternatives?

Though FlexClip is a brilliant online video software, it has some cons too. You can go for FlexClip alternatives for the following reasons.

  • Not a free platform: FlexcClip is not a completely free platform. Its free version allows only limited editing and customizing options for your videos.
  • Lack of Undo button: If you make mistakes while creating videos, you can’t correct these mistakes. The software lacks an undo button.
  • Lack of templates: You have to make videos by using a limited amount of templates. Though these templates are free, you will not get rich options regarding video templates on this platform.
  • Video output duration: Compared to other online video software, it has a low video output duration.
  • No more features and plugins: This online video-making software has very limited features and plugins. If you want to make professional videos with advanced tools, this platform is not for you.
  • Not for advanced users: FlexClip is made for those users who have no experience in video making. That’s why it has primary features and tools. If advanced users seek something extra from this software, they will be disappointed to use it.
  • No team collaboration: They don’t allow team collaboration for making videos. Only individuals can get benefits for creating videos for their personal or professional purposes.

Tips to Choose a Video Animation Software

If you want to choose the best video animation software, I will suggest the following tips for your convenience. Video animation software should be the best asset for personal or professional use.

Should meet your requirements

Before choosing video animation software, you should know your requirements and needs. Do you want particular features? Which tool do you want for video editing? Also, you should decide whether you want a video editor for just making personal videos or professional-looking videos for your business.

The price should be pocket-friendly

Expensive video animation software is not always useful to edit professional videos. Even free software provides high-quality video content than costly video editors. Whether you’re a beginner editor or a professional video maker, your video editor’s price should be pocket-friendly.

Secure your investment

Investing in better video animation software will be the right decision for your business purposes. First, you should try its free version to learn its features. If it satisfies your editing needs, you can go for its paid version.

System Requirement

Many video animation software supports certain mediums. Some support the Windows OS system while some work for only Android devices. You should decide on your mediums before choosing video animation software.

Customer support

Having nice customer support is an important factor for any video animation software. If you are a beginner, you can ask technical questions to that editor’s customer support team. The ideal customer support should be available 24×7 for their customers. They should be to solve critical issues regarding their video editing software. The best video animation software should have a good track record regarding customer support.

Editing features

You should choose the editing features that you need for your video editing. Many video animation software comes with basing editing tools for beginner editors such as cropping, cutting, trimming, rotating, text and audio addition, and many more. If you’re an advanced editor, you could go for advanced features like special visual effects, multi-track support, and many more.

User friendly

The best video animation software should have user-friendly. Easy-to-use editing tools and simple features are a must for any video editing software. Beginner editors should not face any hassle while using software if they get proper tutorials to use them.

Top 5 paid and free FlexClip alternatives

Many alternatives to FlexClip come in free as well as paid versions. Here I provide some useful options based on your needs.

FlexClip Paid Alternatives provide pocket-friendly software that you can use for better results in your videos. Here are some best options as you follow them.

1. VideoCreator

VideoCreator Review

VideoCreator is a beginner-friendly video animation software. You can make videos in different languages, shapes, and topics. It helps to make premium standard videos for your branding and marketing purposes.

Benefits of choosing VideoCreator

You will get a nice prospectus by using this web-based software for your video-making plans. I would like to talk about some benefits as follows:

  1. Easy to use: You can create videos in an easy-to-navigate user interface with all the necessary editing tools. This user interface is handy for beginners as well as professional editors.
  1. Runs smoothly on Windows and Mac: It runs smoothly on Windows and Mac Operating systems.
  1. Web-based software: You don’t need to install this software as you have to sign up on their website. You must subscribe to its license key for using its dashboard.
  1. Affordable: You get its subscription at an affordable cost. It is the cheapest software, unlikely other video editors.

Most Important Features and their benefits

VideoCreator provides cost-friendly options to create professional videos with the required advanced tools.

  1. 3D product mockup videos: If you’re in the e-commerce industry, you can make 3D product mockup videos to showcase products.
  1. Logo motion tracking: You can add logos to live objects to promote your branding and products
  1. Text messaging videos with real actors: For marketing videos, you can create text messaging videos using real human actors. These actors appeared as per your requirements. Such live-action videos boost your sales and traffic.

Why choose VideoCreator over FlexClip?

Video Creator helps marketers and sellers by creating various kinds of videos such as product mockups, product promos, live-action ads, logo making, explainer videos, and many more.

CreateStudio Pro


CreateStudio is an advanced video animation software that helps beginners as well as professional video-makers to convey their messages to their audience. With plenty of templates and motion presets, the video maker can edit videos along with custom animations. The software runs on Windows and Mac.

For marketers and business owners, the software provides various options for video making such as promo videos, sales videos, logo promotion, explainer videos, e-commerce ads, and many more.

Benefits of choosing CreateStudio Pro

The benefits of this stunning software are as follows:

  1. Flexible editing tools: The software offers easy-to-operate editing tools for video-making purposes. You can edit your sales video by using different editing effects such as motion builder, animation presets, text typography, animated characters, green screen, and so on.
  1. One-time purchase: You will have to pay only $67 as a one-time payment. The software will not charge you again and you will get lifetime access to all advanced tools.
  1. Customer support: CreateStudio has 24×7 customer support to solve their customers’ issues regarding the software. Also, you can chat with its team anytime by using the live chat feature.

Most important features and their benefits

CreateStudio gives advanced tools to edit professional videos for company owners and social media marketers.

  1. 2D and 3D video animation: Video makers can make marketing videos by using 2D and 3D animated characters. This feature is useful for logo making, explainer videos, mockup videos, and social media marketing videos.
  1. Drag and Drop: You can make videos in a few seconds by dragging and dropping scenes.
  1. Preset Templates: You can make kinds of videos in numerous shapes and sizes by using preset templates.
  1. Write the text in videos: Just type a text and select any animated hand in the video. You can type stylish text with its kinetic text typography and effects.

Why choose CreateStudio Pro over FlexClip?

Because it offers a one-time payment subscription along with lifetime access to advanced editing tools. You can make amazing marketing videos, YouTube videos, e-commerce promos, sales videos, logo making, social media marketing videos, and many more with animated characters.

With great customer support, you get live chat and FAQ support to solve issues regarding the software. You get marketing videos with HD quality to seek your customer’s attention.

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Vidbullet Review

VidBullet is one of the best video animation software to make professional videos. You don’t need special skills to create professional videos. You can create local business videos, marketing videos, service videos, viral clips, e-commerce ads, info products, and many more within 5 minutes.

The video animation software helps to create engaging videos by accessing its vast media library. To make business videos with effective text, you can enhance them with color palettes, text effects, video transitions, and fonts.

Benefits of choosing VidBullet

Before choosing this software for your business, you have to consider the following benefits of the software.

  1. It avoids the hectic process of video making: You can edit videos with just 5 simple steps. Just choose any template, then add text, insert voiceover, insert branding, and then preview & publish on online platforms. You don’t need to face any hassle in creating engaging videos.
  1. Boosts conversion rates: This amazing software is a blessing for your sales or marketing videos. You can boost conversion rates by 20% by making high-standard promotional videos.
  1. Made for bloggers: This software is specially made for bloggers and content writers. They can create countless videos along with attractive blogs to increase traffic and higher rankings on search engine pages.

Most Important Features and their benefits

VidBullet has the following interesting features made for marketing videos.

  1. Mysterious soundtracks: The video animation software has a big library of royalty-free background music which provide mysterious effect to your videos.
  1. One-click brand: You can add a logo with a single click to establish the brand of the product. What I like about this feature is that you can adjust sizing and placement as per your preferences.
  1. High-output video curation: Enhance your video with standard content curation. You can drop video clips or images from other sources into your videos.

Why choose Vidbullet over FlexClip?

Vidbullet allows business owners and marketers to make eye-catching videos in several niches. Even local businesses and shoppers will get benefits by creating videos in categories like coupon codes, Black Friday sales, and so on.

Viral video makers can create news stories and content pieces. Bloggers can create impressive how-to-guide and poll quizzes for their blogs.

Free FlexClip Alternatives

If you can’t afford FlexClip paid versions, you can try following FlexClip free alternatives.



InVideo comes with 5000+ templates and 3M stock photos/videos. You can make various kinds of videos such as branding videos, YouTube intro Maker, Slideshows, Facebook video ads, Meme making, and many more.

The video animation software lets you create videos in different languages. You can convert articles into videos by using the text-to-video feature. The video maker allows unlimited team members as you make marketing videos.

Benefits of choosing InVideo

I suggest that you should go for this free version for the following benefits.

  1. Make unlimited videos: It is the free version that offers vast options for video making such as presentations, slide shows, logo making, Facebook video ads, offers and discounts, wishes and invites, webinar promos, and so on.
  1. Social media video editor: You can make engaging social media videos for your business and products. It provides options like a Facebook ad template, Instagram video editor, and YouTube Video Editor.
  1. Customize your video with free media stock: You can customize videos by using free music, photos, videos, fonts, and logos. Type your text and adjust colors for enhancing marketing videos.

Most important features and benefits of InVideo

InVideo gives proficient video-making features to create engaging marketing videos.

  1. 5000+ Templates: InVideo offers more than 5000 templates in various niches and industries. Choose any template for your video and customize it with text, fonts, colors, and logos.
  1. Easy to use: Just drag and drop elements and add music, photos, and text to your videos. You can upload photos for your videos.
  1. Direct to post: You can download or post videos directly to social media networks.

Why choose InVideo over FlexClip?

InVideo lets you create videos with 5000+ templates and a royalty-free media library. You can customize them with logos, texts, colors, and fonts.

The video animation software has social media video templates. You can post videos directly to your social media accounts.


Renderforest Review

Renderforest is one of the best free alternatives to FlexClip. It allows online video editing, animation making, and website making. You can make personal and professional videos in various categories such as infographics, music virtualization, explainer animation, and many more.

It is the free version which has a simple interface and allows to make fast videos. It also provides customizable website templates with 100+ premium components.

Benefits of choosing Renderforest

Renderforest gives simplistic yet attention-grabbing features. You will get the following benefits with this free software.

  1. 100+ Videos templates: Renderforest comes with more than 100 templates in several industries. These templates range from intro to promotional videos to product mockups. You can customize them by adding scenes and elements.
  1. Realistic mockup templates: Make a product mockup video by using different layouts and mockup categories. You can see a preview of the created mockup video.

Most Important features and benefits of Renderforest

Renderforest has the following features that are beneficial for personal as well as professional video makers.

  1. Online Intro Maker: You can make cool intro videos by using their online intro maker tool.
  1. Online Logo Maker: The video animation software allows you to create beautiful logos to promote your brands and products via its online logo maker tool. It creates logos as per your description with the help of machine learning algorithms.

Why choose Renderforest over FlexClip?

Renderforest provides 100+ templates from various industries to make marketing and sales videos. You can customize these videos with bright colors, fonts, text, and layouts. Its online logo maker tool lets you create logos with the help of machine learning algorithms.

What’s more, you will get useful tips regarding video creation, marketing, and branding. You get all of the features of this software free and in a few clicks.

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Bonus FlexClip alternatives



Animaker is the best 2D animation software that also allows for making live-action videos. It is the trusted video maker among the top brands and companies. You just use the drag-and-drop tool and create attractive animations or videos for any purpose.

The interesting video maker has a brilliant media library with 100M+ stock images and videos. Also, you can choose any template from 1000+ choices to create videos in just 5 minutes!

Benefits of choosing Animaker

This software allows various possibilities of video making with the following stunning features.

  1. Easy to use: The user interface is simple. Even your child can use it as it has an easy drag-and-drop builder.
  1. Powerful character builder: You can create thousands of animated characters for your personal and professional videos. Non-experienced video makers can make mind-blowing characters in just a few clicks

Most important features and benefits of Animaker

Animaker is a free video animation software that provides creative features for video editors.

  1. 100M+ stock images and videos: You can choose anything from 100M+ stock images and videos to create beautiful videos.
  1. Auto Lip-Sync: Your animated characters will convey messages with the auto lip-sync. You must add a voiceover to do so.

Why choose Animaker over FlexClip?

Animaker also lets you create short videos and gifs in just 5 minutes. It comes with professionally made templates and a stock media library. You just customize them as you want and share them with your friends and colleagues.

With this free alternative, you can create 2D animations and live-action videos in just 5 minutes. You should not learn any heavy technical editing to edit informative videos.

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Over to You

Now it is over to you, which alternatives to FlexClip will you prefer for your video-making purposes? You should choose one of the above alternatives as per your needs and budget. Because all of these alternatives are better for making personal or professional videos.

Beginners and professional video makers will have great advantages by using simple editing tools from these alternatives. You can create amazing videos with these best FlexClip alternatives without any hassle.

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