Renderforest Vs FlexClip: Side by Side Comparison in May 2024

You might be using social media every day and scrolling down and down to explore your account. But have you ever noticed why people are using more videos and animations and fewer images?

Of course, yes. People are nowadays more interested in animations and videos as this explains the information or stuff more efficiently and in an exciting manner. Shouldn’t you think so?

Videography and animations have become a necessary part of our life, no matter if you’re a content creator, job person, business person, or a person who loves spending hours on social media.

But why?

To know the reason, I have researched the market and internet to understand what exactly animation is and how it is becoming so important. So, here in this blog, we’ll be discussing some of the most common queries of animations and their tools. Let’s begin:

Renderforest Vs FlexClip

What is video animation?

Animated videos can be created using original designs, illustrations, or computer-generated effects to make things look more exciting and exploring. It can also explain complicated concepts or processes, sell products, or get recognition for a product. Animation is something that everyone can relate to in one way or another. Therefore, these tend to grab more attention.

Animation can live anywhere, including your website, social media, TV, movies, YouTube, and advertisements. We are directly or indirectly dependent on an animated video for many reasons. These reasons can be for entertainment, study, awareness, or business purposes.

Some of The Most Common Types of Animation Videos Are:

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Cartoons
  • Motion graphics
  • Whiteboard video animation
  • CGI
  • Flipbook or stick-figure animation
  • Kinetic typography
  • Stop-motion animation

Why Do You Need an Animation Video?

A lot of reasons are there to use animations in your daily life or business. For every individual, there is a different set of reasons to use animations. Some of the most common uses or needs of animations are here for you:

Simplify Concepts

  • Animation allows you to communicate with people rather than telling them something.
  • It makes it easy to explain concepts that might be difficult to communicate via images or other forms.
  • These videos can convey a message using characters or colors that will grab the attention of viewers.
  • Animated videos are nowadays highly used to promote products and transparently sell them.

Engaging in Nature

  • These videos can be made entertaining and engaging in a variety of ways.
  • Animation is often better than videos with real people.
  • It can take longer to deliver a message when someone is discussing how to perform something.
  • Animations can stimulate not only emotions but also spark conversations.

Greater-Scope of Customization

  • Animation videos offer a greater scope of customization. For example, you can remove or add any element you like, even if the video is used for different purposes.
  • Animation videos are more effective than videos with real humans due to one or more reasons.
  • It is impossible to customize the words or actions of someone on camera without spending hours and days working with them on the perfect shot.

Efficient for Marketing

Animation has the advantage of drawing inspiration from the brand’s image, using actual colors, logos, etc. You might also have noticed that most brands are now going towards reels and short videos, which is why they are growing so fast these days.

Animations grab people’s attention as they are simple, short, and attractive enough to avoid skipping.

Don’t you think animation videos are changing the way of marketing?

Animation is Fun

  • Most businesses nowadays are focusing on creating content in such a way that is informative to viewers and entertaining also, and so animations are helping with that.
  • If people find exciting films on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms, they will share them. Animation can add 10 points to entertainment.
  • Animations increase the chances of being viral and go with the trends.

Animation is Relatively Easy to Produce

  • Animation is cheaper than live video. One of the most important benefits of incorporating animation on your social media channels saves time. Production of video would require thousands of dollars.
  • Your cost for hiring a spokesperson, and actors, and filming the final cut is eliminated when you’re using animation videos.
  • To create an animated explainer video, all you need is a fraction of the effort and creativity.

How to Create Animation Video?

We all want to develop animations, but not everyone knows how to make them appear professional and cost-effective to reach the results you want.

I have mentioned a 4-step process of creating an animation video that will help you create a professional animated video.

Plan and Prepare Your Content

Planning is a crucial stage in any video creation process. A great plan will make animated videos stand out from the rest. During the planning process, focus on two key aspects: your audience as well as your goals.

First, you need to know your target audience. If you have a greater understanding of your audiences and their needs, you’ll be able to prepare and plan your content effectively.

Next, you need to answer the questions like “What are my goals and objectives?” What do I want to accomplish with my video?

Once you’re done with these two things, your coming output will be fruitful and efficient.

Create Your Video Script

Next, you need to write a script. Scriptwriting can be more complex than animating a video for some people. But, do you have any idea how to start writing your animation video script?

If not, I have mentioned a couple of steps for the same.

  • Use a conversational writing style and address your audience.
  • According to statistics, 20% of viewers will stop watching animated videos after just 10 seconds. So make sure your script is catchy, short, and attractive.
  • Every word should be written. Pay attention to all details, and you’ll be able to create your video more efficiently and save time later.
  • Your video animation script can be ended with a smart call to action. It will invite your viewers to take the next step.

Make a Guiding Storyboard for Your Animated Video.

A storyboard is an illustration of your script. A script is a text, and the storyboard places a sketch next to it. Before you spend hours or even money on animation, a storyboard will help you visualize the final result of your animated video.

  • Begin by identifying the main scenes of your animation story.
  • Next, add the appropriate script for each set to your sketchpad.
  • Then, draw your thumbnails in the rectangle beside it to show what your animation will look like in each scene.

Even though it takes time to create, your storyboard can save you time and energy.

Animate Your Story

After you’ve gathered all of the necessary components, you can turn your ideas into professionally-looking video footage, complete with animations and audio.

First, choose the style of animation that you want to use. A consistent manner will give your animations a more dynamic appearance.

For generating animation videos, there are numerous tools and programs accessible on the market. These provide access to over 1,000,000 media assets and many animated libraries like illustrations and cartoons in many styles, as well as tons of stock videos, motion graphics, and thousands of sounds and songs to help support your animations.

Top 5 Tools to Create Animation Video


Renderforest, an online video production platform, allows users and businesses to create broadcast-quality videos. In addition, slideshows, music visualizations, promo videos slideshows, and music visualizations are also available. The biggest Renderforest Competitors and Renderforest Alternatives are FlexClip, Animaker, and CreateStudio, DoodleMaker, Doodleoze, respectively.


Doodle videos creator can be used to market to any company or niche. They can include branding, product VSLs, marketing campaigns, training videos, and other details. It is a drag-and-drop video maker that can also create videos from textual material. It also allows you to create animated Voice Over videos with background animation.

Key features

  • Create a doodle video with more than 300 templates
  • Availability of AI video translation
  • High-quality doodle icons and images
  • Free image-to-sketch converter
  • Professional transitions built-in facility


FlexClip is an online video editor for new users. You can create stunning videos with this video editing software in no time. The FlexClip editor allows for effortless creativity with hundreds of motion presets and stock footage. Moreover, its video editing process is quick and straightforward. With simple drag-and-drop or one-click controls, you can add post-production elements such as text, shapes, and transitions. The biggest FlexClip Competitors and FlexClip Alternatives are CreateStudio & DoodleMaker and InVideo, Animaker, Offeo, respectively.


CreateStudio, a video-making tool, is designed to assist YouTubers and social media marketers create animated, explainer, or live-action videos. Administrators can create visuals of different sizes and shapes, such as square, landscape, and vertical, depending on the requirements of the website or social media channels.


Animaker is ideal for helping educators and businesses create interactive videos and presentations. Animaker comes with several pre-animated elements and templates. This professional design is suitable for product marketers and small to medium-sized companies.

Key features

  • An extensive collection of animated templates.
  • Six different video styles that you can edit and mix.
  • You can add 200+ sound effects and music tracks to your videos.
  • Management features for teams and enterprises.
  • Upload directly to YouTube or Facebook, or share URLs.

These five tools are brilliant and excellent in their places, but I found it interesting to compare Renderforest vs FlexClip. The comparison and differences between these are explained below to help you choose the best according to your needs.

Renderforest Vs FlexClip: Side-by-side comparison

Renderforest Vs FlexClip
What is it?RenderForest is a cloud-based video creation platform that makes it easy for small businesses to use video content for digital marketing campaigns.FlexClip is a video editing software and creator chosen as the best choice for YouTube video creation and other social media platforms.
Features and Benefits● More than 500 video templates for creating intro videos, advertisement videos, promotions on mobile devices, logo animations, and many other types of videos.
● Edit your video content online with the best of ease using the online editor
● Over 195.000 royalty-free stock footage.
● Make videos in HD720 or HD1080 formats.
● 24/7 support if facing any issues.
● Easy video trimmer
● Merge two or more videos
● Customize the size of the video as per your requirements
● More than 500 templates and motion graphics
● Simple to use and operate
Is it suitable for you?It is suitable for you when you want cloud storage with all animating video features.It is suitable for beginners as it is simple to use. In addition, it has a drag and drops features that make editing easy for beginners.
Pros● There are many beautiful templates-These could also be adapted to the type of logo animation project you have in mind.
● It’s an easy, natural, efficient, rational, and impressive way for you to share your incredible ideas with the rest of the world.
● You have greater control over customization and can easily edit.
● Modern & Easy Interface
● Royalty-Free stock videos & music
● Choose from a variety of templates
● You can use powerful editing tools to meet your needs
● Access via the web interface from any device
Cons● Watermarks, by default, are permanent and can only be removed with a subscription plan.
● The lack of many features makes it very expensive.
● There are very few effects and elements. It’s constrained and causes some discomfort.
● There is no facility for undo
● Needs improvements to Add a text feature
● The video output time is short
● The free version is minimal
● There are very few templates
How to make money online withCreate animation videos for your business professionally and grow your marketing. Also, there is a feature of affiliate programs with this tool.Create YouTube animated videos with FlexClip
Read Complete ReviewRenderforestFlexClip
Top 3 Alternatives
  • Create Studio: CreateStudio, a desktop video animation program, allows creators to be creative with ease and maximum flexibility.

  • DoodleMaker: If you search for a whiteboard animation creator, Doodle video creator will be your first choice. It is cloud-based software, that creates whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board videos with human voice-over in 70 languages. Therefore, it is also known as a whiteboard video maker.

  • Doodleoze: Doodleoze Desktop Software allows you to create professional-quality doodle videos from your desktop computer in just minutes.

  • To know more details visit Renderforest alternative
  • InVideo: InVideo is an online editing tool that allows businesses from all industries to create videos with customized content and branding and then share them on social media platforms.

  • Animaker: Animaker is an online animation video maker. It is a DIY tool that simplifies the process of creating videos.

  • Offeo: Offeo is an online video tool or platform that can help you build your social media presence. Use our resources and tools to assist you. Get more out of your content creation.
  • Final Words:

    After reading this blog, you’ll be able to choose the right tool for creating animation videos. Also, you’ll be able to compare Renderforest and FlexClip and choose the best-suited tool for your personal and professional use. If so, my motive is satisfied.

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