The Complete Video Marketing Guide for Beginners in January 2023

You are here because you know the amazing benefits of using videos in your marketing approach and certainly, YouTube is not everything about marketing. With more and more brands starting to realize the huge importance and benefits of video content marketing instead of content and images they have started utilizing it in their own way to acquire maximum profit.

To be very true, in the current market, customers are more eager to check videos instead of reading, lines or watching images. However, there is always a need for marketers to include the right type of videos that can improve sales. The contents should be informative and help them to understand more about the product or service you are offering.

Video content marketing has improved the pace in the market if done right. Only when you have relevant contents that have been displayed just the right way will you be able to grab the attention of your potential and existing customers. Also, don’t forget about using a groundbreaking marketing strategy to get it right on the spot.

Complete Guide to Video Marketing

So, if you are here to know more about video marketing strategy, you definitely have made the right choice. I have dedicated the entire content to video marketing strategy examples in order to help the viewers get better and in-depth knowledge from one place.

Thus, without further ado, let us have a look at the details of this video marketing guide.

What is video marketing?

Video content marketing is considered the latest technique of marketing that is used by marketers to improve their visibility. Different companies from different verticals can create a video in a way that can compel the audience to improve the business ROI.

Video marketing is the practice of creating, planning, editing, publishing, and then promoting your video content with the only agenda to improve business or products, or the brand. One of the most common platforms that the business is making use of for its video marketing strategy is Snapchat. Facebook. youtube, Instagram, and Vimeo.

Even when different marketers use different platforms for their respective purpose, the agenda remains the same. The only need for video marketing is to improve brand promotion with the use of video. however, it requires you to create the right one.

Why should you focus on video marketing?

Let’s see the video marketing statistics…

Watching the current market where the statistics say that 63% have started following the trend of video marketing and 82% feel that video markets can improve promotion and acquire a huge number of customers. 83% of businesses think that video marketing is the best way of improving the business ROI.

If you think it is worth the effort then the answer is an absolute yes. Everyone is doing it because of the amazing results that it can offer. So here we will check out the top few reasons that show that video marketing is a blessing for both businesses and marketers.

  • Video marketing strategy improves sales and conversion
  • Video content marketing improves the business ROI
  • Video marketing strategy improves the trust among customers
  • Video is loved by Google
  • Video content marketing compels mobile users toward it
  • Video can be a great way to explain the product or services
  • Video marketing strategy can compel even a super-lazy buyer
  • Video has a better sharing rate

The wonder that video can do for a business makes it one of the most widely chosen formats of marketing these days. not only does it offers the customers a look at the product in real but also they can check the detail.

Types of marketing videos

Now that you have decided to create a video for your business, you must be thinking about the type of video that can be beneficial for your business. Well, to make sure that you are making the right choice, the first thing you need is to have knowledge of the different types of videos. So here, in this video marketing guide, we will have a look into the different types of videos that you can create for marketing and achieve marketing goals.

1. Demo videos

This is one of the most common types of videos that are used by businesses offering services or products. This is a short video that mainly demonstrates the products or the service. The contents of this video type might be short but it should be made in a way that it offers information about the product along with compelling customers to buy them.

2. Brand videos

Just as the name sounds, this is solely marketing content that is created or sponsored by any brand. The content is created with a storyline that eventually shows the product or the service offered by the brand on a positive note. There is always a need for brands to create good content so that it compels their audience to think about it or buy the products offered by the brand

3. Event videos

As the name says, event videos are videos that capture special and social events. The video is later created by the videographers by highlighting the event and making it look compelling to drag more audience into the video. It is imperative for videographers to make these videos appealing to attract viewers.

4. Expert interviews

This does not need any introduction as the title says almost everything about it. The expert interviews are very candid and therefore the videographers require making a lot of edits and then coming up with a video that offers the information provided by the experts along with using the right colors, themes, and other elements to make it look appealing.

5. Educational or How to videos

This is probably one of the most demanding and growing video genres in the market. With more YouTubers coming up with their how-to videos and educational videos, it is becoming a need for the creators to make these videos compelling. This is one of the most common types where video makers are a common need.

6. Explainer videos

Explainer videos are one of the most common types of genres that you will find in a huge number being created by the creators. Explainer videos can be from any genre but you need the best tools and software to create one compelling explainer video. These are generally short but the prime agenda remains to make them informational and useful for the business.

7. Animated videos

This is probably one of those video types that does not need much introduction. The videos are created using original drawing illustrations, designs, or effective in order to make the videos look appalling by using a range of artistic styles. This is generally used by businesses from a range of verticals to convey their story.

8. Case study and customer testimonial videos

you must know that testimonial videos play a major role in the business reputation. These videos are created keeping in mind focusing on what customers have said and getting an eye on the business’s main agenda to let other customers know about them.

9. Live videos

Live videos are very common these days as this has become one of the most common ways for influencers or sellers to reach a wide audience. Here the sellers or the influencer perform live videos whereas the viewers check them which actually improves the number of followers.

10. 360° & virtual reality videos

This is a very recent addition to the list of video types but somehow it is able to reach the audience. Whether it comes to cars or smartphones or maybe a panoramic view. 360-degree videos or VR videos have become one of the most common ways for viewers to understand the details. These videos are currently opted for by many businesses like real estate, cars, travel, and a lot more. This certainly needs a professional hand to create a realistic view of the thing through video and help them to decide.

11. Augmented reality (AR) videos

These are the latest video types that have taken the market in recent times. These kinds of videos can augment the real world. This requires some of the best professionals who have the knowledge of creating videos in order to offer an immersive experience to the viewers. A lot of factors need to be paid complete attention and thus knowledge is imperative to create good quality AR videos.

12. Personalized Messages

If you have something very emotional to convey to your most dear person then videos can be one of the best ways to do that. Even when this does not require experience or skill, when you are thinking of doing it on a professional level, you have to make sure that you are using the best tools to create such kind of personalized message videos.

How to make a video for your business:

There is no doubt that businesses are one of those major verticals that can be largely benefited from the use of videos. Thus, there is always a need for creating some of the best videos that are not only compelling but convey the message that you want to send to your valuable customers. Remember that not all videos become a great success but only those which are created keeping the aspects in mind.

Thus, if you are thinking about how you can create a great video for the business, then here are some of the basic tips. Follow the process and stay assured that your viewers will be impressed by the work and the effort you have put into creating it.

1. Plan your video

The very first step of creating a video is planning it properly, being in video production, you should be very effective in creating a plan before you start working on it. The prime agenda of planning is that it makes the entire process systematic and ensures smooth production.

How to create a plan?

You need to start by identifying the mission and goals of creating the video. After that, you have to create a plan that will align you with it. The plan needs to be created so that it consists of the elements that would compel the target audience to watch the videos along with the timeframe that you can dedicate.

Every detail from start to launch needs to be included in the plan. Only when you create a plan and you follow it, can you stay assured that you will be able to create a great video for your business.

2. Scriptwriting

Once you have created a robust plan that you are dedicated to following, you then need to create a script. your script should contain everything – from the number of scenes to the characters involved to the time for each character and the dialogues.

However, if you are not planning to include any characters but just to convey the business message in a video format, make sure you keep the contents ready for every scene or slide. The prime reason why scriptwriting needs to be one initially as it will offer you an image of the kind of video that you will get.

3. Understand and use your cameras

The next very important step is using your cameras. you need to capture some of the professional-grade pictures that are worth including in the video. If you are unable to click the best pictures, you can hire a professional photographer as you must know that bad-quality images will deviate your valuable customers.

You can use some of the best cameras of smartphones available in the market that are capable of capturing professional-level pictures. Some of the best cameras include:


  • Go Pro
  • Nikon D3500
  • Canon EOS


  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
  • Apple iPhone 12
  • OnePlus 9R

These are only a few names that can offer great quality pictures however, if you already have a great camera that does not fall in the written names, don’t worry as I have included only a few. You can continue clicking some of the best pictures that can be included in the video and have the looks to attract viewers.

4. Setup your studio

You must know that even if you are doing the entire thing at your house, you have to create a studio. It can be in your room or in some other place in your house, make sure that you are setting up a working studio.

Your studio needs to have everything that will let your work run smoothly and efficiently. from high-resolution big-screen monitors to a great video-making laptop and every other element that you need in the process. When you have a setup made, you will get the zeal to work rather than feeling lethargic which happens when you work in your comfort zones like a couch or bed.

5. Shoot for editing

If you are willing to create a unique and your own video that no one has created, you have to shoot it. Even when there are many templates available, when you choose to shoot using your camera or smartphone, it becomes unique and sets a benchmark for your competitors.

So when you create a plan, you need to include a schedule for when you want to shoot depending on what exactly you would like to shoot.

6. Organize your footage

Once you are done with the shoot, it is time to gather all the footage that you have created during the shoot. you have to gather them and properly organize them one after another. You require making the transitions from one scene to another very smoothly to retain the attention of the viewers.

Remember when the transitions are rough, it can result in taking the attention away just immediately. Thus, make sure that you are organizing the footage at one point and then working on it to create a video that can convey the message that you wish.

7. Edit your video

The next most crucial thing about video creation is about editing it. Video editing is one of the most vital parts of video production. The editors not only need to have experience but also require skills to use the many video editing platforms. This can be largely beneficial in creating a great video while taking less time for video creation.

So let us check out some of the most common names of video editors that you can use for video editing and ensuring a compelling outcome.

7. 1. Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is one of the very best video editing platforms that can encourage creators to create some of the most engaging and stylish content without the need for having much knowledge in video editing.

With an easy-to-use interface and a huge range of features included in this video editing software, it becomes easy for video editors to take up any tasks and offer the best results to businesses by offering professional-quality video.

Some of the most common features include:

  • Screen recording tools
  • Split-screen presets
  • Video stabilization
  • Color grading presets
  • 4K resolution editing
  • Color correction
  • Audio and video controls
  • GIF Support
  • Easy export to Vimeo and YouTube
  • Huge Media Library
  • Dynamic transitions
  • Green screen support
  • Motion tracking

While there is a multitude of others, the above-mentioned are just to name a few. Besides, offering a free trial by the company makes it easy for the video editors to decide if it is a good choice for their purpose or not.

7. 2. Adobe Premiere pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a desktop video editing tool that is both for enthusiasts and professionals in this field. The video editing software has been developed in a way that it can create some exceptional videos. One of the most astonishing things about this video editing tool is that it has already been used by Hollywood workings because of its ability to create some of the most amazing cinematic products.

The amazing features included in the Video editing software enable you to use a range of tools that is more than just basic editing. You will get other amazing features that will give you an opportunity to fine-tune audio, adjust color, and a lot more.

Some of the most common features include:

  • Motion graphics templates
  • VR Editing
  • VR Rotate Sphere
  • VR Audio Editing
  • Video Graphics and Titling
  • Libraries
  • Multi Video types
  • Multi-Format Support
  • Range of effects

These are only to name a few as you will be offered some of the widest range of features that you can use in your video editing. Besides, one of the best things about Adobe Premiere Pro is that you can use the free trial available in it and then decide if the tool is good to proceed with it.

7. 3. Apple iMovie

iMovie is one of the top Apple products that they have created for the purpose of video editing. This is one of the best editing tools for macOS and iOS that can turn videos and photos into a storytelling movie.

This is one of those tools that offer users the to create some of the most compelling videos of the memories, moments, and sceneries that they have created with their friends and families. Apart from your personal use, iMovie is one of the best choices for video editors to create professional class videos. Using your creativity and features, you can use the editor to create your unique and attractive video.

This is easy to use and supports 4K resolution which means you can create some of the most amazing videos for your business and share them on social media to get maximum visibility. you need to have a good social media strategy as well.

Some of the most common features include:

  • Automatic video editing
  • Easy to rotate and crop the videos
  • HD video resolution
  • Clip browser
  • Real-time tilting
  • Import music and photos
  • Music editing
  • Stabilization
  • Changing video speed
  • premade backdrops and themes

These are some of the most common features that you get in iMusic. With the easy user interface, custom effects, and easy sharing, now everyone can create professional-level videos and share them with the world. Even when it is created by one of the most reputed names in the world, you can get a free trial. This gives you a chance to check if the editor is the right choice for you.

7. 4. Pinnacle Studio

When it comes to finding one of the most powerful video editing tools then Pinnacle Studio is probably one of the very common names that would add to the list. This is a product of Corel and the upgrade made by the company has made it one of the best choices. The easy interface and top-notch features included in the software makes it one of the commercial video editing tools.

This is a good choice for intermediate and beginner-level videographers. being properly organized and easy does not have much of a learning curve. This is why it is considered one of the best video editors that let you do anything you are willing to do. With the endless features included, you will find it an absolute blessing.

Some of the most common features include:

  • Easy User interface
  • Paint effects
  • Multitrack editing
  • 360-degree editing
  • Wide-angle correction
  • Multi-camera video editing
  • 3D title editor
  • Morph Transitions

All the above-mentioned features can become a great choice for video editors. Besides, since a free trial is available, you can actually use it and then decide whether the video editing tools are worth your purpose or not.

7. 5. VideoStudio

When it comes to versatility, VideoStudio can be the best one to list in the names. This is again another product developed by Corel that has been included with a professional class UI along with the top features to give it the potential to create some of the most satisfying videos. This is definitely an ideal and productive choice for people who are looking to impress their clients with the best videos.

You can find most of the basic tools that you will need to create a video. However, this does not mean that you will not find the advanced features. You will get both and hence this video editor can be a great choice to create professional-quality videos.

Some of the most common features include:

  • Transparency in tracks
  • Multi-Camera editor
  • Green screen editing
  • Range of effects and filters
  • Track
  • Time remapping
  • 360-degree editing
  • Enhance video colors

These are some of the most common features that you can find in VideoStudio. You will absolutely love the products and the features. However, if you are still confused, you can take their free trial and check if the quality and features meet your needs.

7. 6. Cyberlink Powerdirector

PowerDirector is one of the top video editing software that is most reliable for customers. This is a video production suite that has been used by some of the top units. It has user-friendly features that can help to create some stunning videos. This is an advanced tool that can be used by enthusiasts and professionals.

The video editing tools are created for people who want to use their photos and turn them into appealing videos within minutes. with the 64-bit graphics hardware, this boosts the speed and helps you to edit in the easiest way.

Some of the most common features include:

  • 360-degree tools
  • Feature Editor
  • Motion tracking
  • 4K resolution editing
  • Magic movie wizard
  • Easy exporting
  • True color

With some of the best video editing features included in the tool, it enables creating videos that can take the attention of your viewers just immediately. Offering free trials for users enables you to first test the product and then decide on its usability and performance.

8. Choose your music

The next most important step in the video editing process is adding music to your video. you just cannot add any music but you have to make sure that the music goes with your video along with helping your viewers to create a connection.

For example, if you are creating a romantic video for a restaurant, you have shown some of the most amazing pictures of the place along with beautiful romantic music which will become an extra factor in the video to draw attention.

Music has a lot of contributions to make in a video. Thus, you should be very mindful while choosing music for your video. Keeping in mind your genre and choosing tracks effectively can help to improve the appeal of the videos.

9. Record voiceover

Now that you have done almost everything, it is time to give your voice to it. Depending on the video that you have created or merged the scenes together, you should give a voiceover to your video. However, this would not happen until you are using the best quality instruments for it.

You can find a range of products available in the market but you should ensure that you have checked the review of the products first before buying. If you find that the product has been loved by the users then you can choose the products and use them for your purpose.

After you have recorded your voice, you have to make sure that you are giving your voice in the right spot. You have to keep your patience to ensure that your customers are getting complete information. This is absolutely necessary for the how-to and explainer videos.

Video hosting platform

Now that you have gained complete knowledge of the way to create compelling videos and the best video editing software available in the market, you must know the top video hosting platforms. In order to get viewers and successfully perform your job, you need to know in detail about the video hosting platforms.

So here we will talk only about the best video hosting platforms available in the market. These are widely known worldwide, reliable, and have a huge network that can eventually become valuable in your endeavor.

1. YouTube

Whether you are a small business or already an established one, you will continuously think of expanding your business. This is only possible when you have a huge number of customers. This reaching customer is the first and most crucial step for businesses.

With more than 2.3 billion people on YouTube and video being one of the best ways to involve customers, you will be able to reach the audience. Besides, YouTube has been a part of our lives since 2015 now and has continued to grow its family with its offerings.

So if you are looking for a video hosting platform that can be truly beneficial for you in a range of ways then certainly YouTube leads the race. So to offer you detailed insights about the benefits of this platform, let us check in detail about the advantages.

Benefits of using YouTube:

  • It has a huge audience
  • It is a free hosting that can save your money
  • It is very easy to use
  • It gives web traffic and links to your videos
  • It offers you the freedom to upload any number and length of videos
  • It offers a section for customers to give their valuable feed
  • It allows you to use captions for your videos

Well, these are only to name a few of the millions of benefits that YouTube has. I am sure you don’t need an introduction about it as you yourself know the way YouTube can be largely productive for any business from any vertical.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo is the next one on the list with looks and performances similar to that of youtube. If you need to offer the best video experience to your customers, Vimeo can be a good way to start. Many video craters use Vimeo for creating and sharing videos.

This can be a good choice for a range of markets like fitness professionals, educators, social media marketers, eCommerce, small businesses, and creative people. This is the video-sharing platform offered to professionals and businesses consisting of many tools which ensure making a high-quality video.

The platform has over 200 million users, more than 100 billion video views, and 1.5 million paid subscribers. Thus, using this platform can be beneficial for your business. With the range of other impressive features that are available in this video hosting platform, you can equally enjoy better revenue from your business through videos.

Benefits of using Vimeo:

  • You will be able to adjust colors, record music, and add texts and music to your videos
  • You can get advantages of the privacy feature of the hosting provider
  • You will be able to control the speed, customize the screen and video players
  • You can customize the thumbnails, URLs, and headers
  • You can include CTA which will send your customers to your website
  • You can enjoy the advanced metrics

With the range of amazing features included in this amazing video hosting platform, you can choose to get more viewers which will eventually lead to better revenue. Even if you missed out on something in your video, Vimeo offers you the features to make further edits and upload a professional-grade video.

3. Vidello

Video is another marketing and video hosting platform that offers businesses a large set of tools that are exclusively designed for the purpose of improving the video experience which can drive revenue. This can become a good choice for startups and businesses to improve customer experience, and sales and expand the business using video.

This video management and the hosting platform have a lot to offer to marketers. With the range of tracking included in the hosting site, it becomes easy and beneficial for businesses to improve website visibility and conversions by learning in detail about the company.

Making use of the features of Vidello, you will be able to create demos or review videos on this tool for any purpose. Some of the most amazing and surprising features include Lower third Animation, GIF creation, Interactive Polls, Video SEO, Video management, and a lot more. With the endless benefits that this platform showers to its users, it can be a great choice for businesses.

Benefits of using Vidello:

  • HTML5 Video Player
  • Professional video hosting platform
  • Clickable CTA buttons can help you to convert the users directly into customers
  • A secure site for businesses
  • Create video chapters to help the audience find their content easily
  • You can include SEO in your videos to boost the traffic
  • Split testing helps you to find the target audience
  • You can get benefitted from the range of video analytics

Being one of the top video hosting platforms available in the market, it can improve the opportunity for businesses to increase their sales and leads by using videos. Besides, keeping the pricing very low now can become affordable even for startups to enjoy the features and benefits of this exclusive platform.

4. Vidyard

Vidyard is the next one in the row that is a great video platform that has been designed exclusively for businesses to create, manage, share and host their videos on this platform. Some of the key features of this platform include security, analytics link sharing, and being a great video hosting platform.

This platform gives you the freedom to record the screen or videos by making use of a browser or iPhone and then attach a message with it. You can later compile all the videos together to create one single informational video for your users.

Besides, there is a range of features included in this platform that makes this a great platform. Even the video-sharing capabilities, embedding videos, or adding emails are some of the most unique features that can be only witnessed on this platform.

Benefits of using Vidyard:

  • You can embed your email or website in the video
  • You can upload in batch
  • You can easily manage the thumbnail
  • You can create a video plat and change its color and do much more with it
  • you can take advantage of using the analytics
  • Integrated with marketing and social media

So now that you have known the immersive features and benefits of Vidyard, you can choose the video hosting platform and enjoy hosting a great quality video. With the easy pricing that became easy on your pocket, it would be beneficial for businesses to choose Vidyard and enjoy generating revenue by creating and hosting quality videos.

Social media strategy for Video Marketing

There is no doubt that video marketing has been taking the market in a blink of an eye but all you need is to market them properly. Now that you have created a great video that can be a good choice for your business promotion along with having thought about the Video hosting platform, what about next?

You might get a lot of views from the video hosting platforms but you should also know that you have to take some extra steps for the best results. Social media are some of the most popular platforms that have thousands of active users in a day. Leveraging the huge number of active users on this platform, you can actually enjoy good visibility on your website. Thus creating a robust social media strategy plays a huge role in video content marketing.

There are many social media platforms that you can use for your purpose, but always remember that a food strategy would always win. So here we will talk about some of the most common platforms and also their strategy that will help you in achieving your particular goals.

1. Twitter:

Twitter is one of those very few social media platforms that can be used by marketers to reach the desired market. Since 2006 its emergence, this social media platform has become one of the most popular choices among businesses to reach a mass audience.

It has been studied that 65% of businesses are making use of this platform to advertise their business and acquire a huge audience base. Coming to the audience count, this platform boasts a huge 300 million users on a single platform that produces over 500 million tweets every day.

Benefits of Using Twitter:

  • You can make direct messaging to create genuine connections
  • You can use tags to improve engagements
  • You can post multiple times in a day
  • You can create a brand voice
  • You can monitor the performance without paying anything
  • You can get follower insights

How To Use?

No denying that you initially need to complete your profile and make sure that your customers are able to get information about you. But coming to the way to use it for video marketing, then you have to follow a few steps.

  • You have to initially show the video to your viewers. Now that you have hosted it on your website or maybe on a video hosting site, it is time to show the video to a much more popular place on Twitter.
  • If you have a short video, you can transport the video on Twitter or if it is a long video, you can create a teaser for your social media and give a link to the original website on the video. this will redirect them to the main website and acquire complete detail.
  • Since you have created a video, it does not mean that you have done it all. you have to explain your video with a tagline or a description for the video. Since people want to know what they are going to see, when you mention it in the very first place, they tend to get more eager to know it.
  • Once you have gathered the viewers on your Twitter and people start liking it, you must ask your loyal viewers to share it with their connections. The more they share your videos, the more it spreads and improves your connections.

2. Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular names in the world of social media that have been buzzing among people. Whether it is an individual or a business, these two platforms can do wonders when following the rules properly and precisely.

With a huge 2.9 billion monthly users on Facebook and 1.3 billion users on Instagram, these are the two most common names in the market that can bring huge traffic to your website. A huge 300 hours of video gets uploaded to Facebook every minute due to the amazing number of viewers that the platform has.

leverage the high visibility that these platforms have with the endless features that they offer to their customers, it can eventually become a lot better for marketers to achieve their marketing goals. However, strategies are a major need and thus, you have to follow a correct strategy to be in the eyes of viewers.

Benefits of Using Facebook:

  • Helps you to grab attention instantly but keep short videos
  • Increase user engagement
  • A huge 2.7 billion active users help to improve brand awareness
  • Improve the ad conversion by using the analytics
  • Create an informational profit and educate your viewers about your expertise

Benefits of Using Instagram:

  • You will get discovered by spending 20% of your time
  • People love Instagram reels
  • Instagram feed is apt for video content marketing
  • The stories offer your opportunity to connect with users and convert
  • Instagram video receives 21% more interactions that can drive engagement

How To Use?

Now that you have known the immense benefits of these two social platforms and the know-how leveraging these sites can offer better help, it is now time that you should know the way to start. Creating a proper strategy is a must.

  • If you are planning to show your videos to the viewers, you have to share the link from your website or the hosting site where you have uploaded them. This will help you to showcase the video in front of a huge audience on Instagram and Facebook.
  • The next very important step is to transport your viewers to your main site. Since you are doing all of these to let people know about your existence, you have to be very good at your actions. Since both platforms love short videos, creating teasers with a CTA for your main website can be beneficial.
  • You need to teach your audience about the videos. You can write a few lines before you want them to check. Remember to keep the lines very catchy as this is something that would compel them to check in detail. Do not forget to use relevant hashtags on the videos.
  • Next comes the most important thing is to share it. When you have loyal customers or viewers, you can always request them to keep sharing. The more they keep sharing the videos the more your brand gets the eyes of a huge audience.

3. YouTube

As we have already seen above the huge importance of YouTube. This is not only a great video hosting platform but also a social media channel that can draw a huge number of viewers to your videos. This is the reason why YouTube is being widely used as a marketing platform.

With a huge 2.3 billion users in the YouTube family, it can be largely beneficial for marketers to gain a huge amount of attention without spending much time and effort. Being a hosting platform, even if you are not using it for hosting, you can always use it for marketing.

You can put your video on YouTube and keep a link that will take your users back to your main website page where you would like to get the users’ attention. However, you have to make sure that you are following the right approach and technique for doing so.

How To Use?

With the immersive benefits that we have already discussed before, here we will talk about the ways you can use it as a marketing platform, if not hosting. Make sure you are following this process to be able to achieve your marketing goals.

  • Use your YouTube profile to showcase your videos. If you have uploaded your video on your website, you can use YouTube to post and leverage the large number of active users that it has.
  • You can transport your videos on this platform. It is always advised to keep a short video as viewers are looking for more information in a short time. Keep a link that redirects them to your main website to enjoy better conversions.
  • You then need to teach your viewers or your potential customers about your video and what it is going to be about. You have to provide information in a way that would keep them tangled with your video.
  • Eventually, it is always a need for marketers to make a request to loyal viewers or customers about sharing the videos if they liked them. This will improve the chances of getting more attention and conversions.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another social media channel that is known for being a professional sport for people. This only draws attention for professional reasons. Thus, if you are willing to market your video to the right audience who are professionals, this is absolutely a productive choice for your business.

This single social media platform has more than 800 million members that come from a range of countries. This is therefore said to be one of the most effective ways to market a professional message to a vast group of professionals.

Benefits of Using LinkedIn:

  • This is a great choice for businesses to improve engagement
  • You will be able to convey your brand message to a wide range of professionals
  • It improves relationships and trust
  • It is a great way to improve visibility thereby increasing revenue through video
  • This is a great platform to educate your audience about you

How To Use?

If you wish to enjoy a range of advantages of using this platform then you have to make sure that you are following the proper approach.

  • The first is to show the videos to your group that you have in your profile. You have to bring the video to this platform so that it becomes easy for your audiences to view your video. This way they will be able to know about you.
  • The next important thing is to transport your video on this platform and let them understand your business. You can choose to create a brief video rather than a long one here and then create a CTA that would redirect the professionals to your main website.
  • You then need to teach them about the video and what they are going to learn from it. However, you need to keep in mind that the words should be in a way that keeps the quest of knowing more alive.
  • Eventually, you along with your connections need to share the video so that it can get the visibility of the larger group. The more you start sharing, the better the chances of getting visibility among the potential group audience.

So now that you have known some of the most common social media platforms that can be beneficial for your video content marketing, it is time to find out some more effective tips. This will later become helpful for you in your marketing approach.

Tips to market videos on social media platforms:

1. Live video: Facebook and Instagram

There is a range of ways that you can follow to make sure that you are able to reach a wide range of audiences. As you might have seen on Facebook and Instagram, live videos are in larger demand. Thus, if you are willing to reach more clients, you can start a live session.

Don’t worry about the video that you have made. It can be a great choice to use your video and live videos to make a mark in the market. Remember that this is one of the most common ways to reach a large group audience in real time.

This can be a great way to make them understand your video and what you want to convey. You can choose to do anything or say anything in the live videos.

2. Consider timing

The next most important thing about video content marketing is timing. You should always do some research about the audience that you are going to target. Since there are a huge number of analytics offered by social media channels, you can use them for your marketing needs and find out the details about your customers.

Thus, when you are checking the analytics and making a thorough analysis, apart from just the gender and age, you should also consider the peak time when they remain active. This is the time that you will need to utilize for your posts.

You can either choose to post your videos on social media every day or may have a specific number of days in a week, which depends on you. But make sure that you are posting the videos at the peak times. This will improve the reach of the audience and ensure better engagement which can result in a conversion.

3. Spend time coming up with a compelling title

The next most important thing that is largely undermined by marketers is the title of the video. Remember that the video title will initially give an idea to your viewers about the video. By reading the title, they will get to know what they are going to see or what they can expect from the video.

You have to take time to come up with a compelling title. For each video, you have to aim for the research work to find out in detail. You can check what and how your competitors are marketing and take some ideas from them combined with your own, coming up with great titles can be helpful for your marketing.

  • Straight-Forward: The very first thing about writing a title is to keep it simple. DO NOT use hard words that people cannot understand. You need to first research the audience type for your video and then create a title that is simple and compelling.
  • Exclusive: The next most important thing is to create an exclusive title. This should be in a way that your viewers can immediately understand your video and what you want to convey.
  • Unique: Last but never least is that you will need to include a unique title. The title should be in a way that not only shows your video message but also needs to be completely unique that nobody has ever used. This will help your audience

4. Respond to comments live

Maintaining a reputation is one of the most important things about business. Marketers who are capable of doing it are able to retain their customers while others who cannot suffer from a massive loss.

Besides, if you are performing live videos, you should always pay attention to the comments offered by your customers or viewers. You should never ignore the comments. Trying to react to every comment is the most important thing about the video. This will make your audience feel that you value them.

If you are not doing a live video, you must keep a habit of checking the comments offered by the audience. Try to address as many comments as you can as this will eventually give a view to your audience that you care for them.

5. Experiment with use cases

The last and one of the most crucial aspects of video content marketing is using your own experience in your video. If you have previously promoted any video, you must have created a strategy and followed it to get results.

Depending on the results that you have gained in your previous cases, you must start trying to do even better. Whether it was a bad experience or a good one, optimizing the previous experience into your new marketing approach can be beneficial for your promotion.

Besides, you should also do some research work to check about the latest strategy followed by your competitors. Also, don’t forget to check if there is any update made on the hosting site or social media before posting. It will eventually help you to make a better promotion and enjoy better visibility.

How to use video throughout the flywheel?

If you are creating a video and you are looking forward to improving the reach then here are some of the most common ways to do it. Flywheel has been made by HubSpot which they have created after a thorough brainstorming to help businesses enjoy a better promotion and create awareness.

1. What is Flywheel?

Flywheel has been originated from Hubspot. It is actually a whole new way of thinking about the cycle of customers. Most businesses need to attract their customers, engage with them, convert them into customers, try to close the leads, and turn them into happy customers. This can be said as the common approach to driving sales and achieving the business goals within the desired time.

The entire process of the customer lifecycle can be divided into four segments. When a business is able to maintain every step, they are able to enjoy a better revenue model. So these steps include:

2. Attract: Invoke Curiosity!

The first very important aspect of video content marketing is to attract. You have to make sure that you are thinking about content that will be relevant to your industry and something that will compel your customers to think about it.

The more they are inquisitive about the video, the more that will come for you. Thus, you have to think about good content along with including a great title to attract your valuable customers.

3. Convert: Educate your customers!

The next step is to try to convert them. you must know that your video should offer the value that they are looking for. You can create a video that will eventually come to a verdict on buying your product.

When you are able to offer the right knowledge to your customers even before they ask for it, you can stay assured of an improved conversion rate. This will eventually have a better impact on the revenue model

4. Close: Closing the cycle!

The next most crucial step is to try to close the cycle. This would be done only when your video has something that they need. Besides, using CTA in your video is one of the most crucial things.

Once they have earned the knowledge, they would like to proceed. At that point, if you are able to give them the route, they would become your customer. Thus, do not forget to use an appealing CTA at the right place.

5. Delight: Happy & Informed Customer Makes A Brand!

Now that you have given them the place from where they can find the products or services along with information through your video, you can stay assured that you will be able to get delighted customers.

Remember that informed and happy customers are a great need for brands. They will be your final players who will never fail you to get your ball on the court. So never undermine the power of happy and informed customers.

Defining your goal and analyzing results

Now that you’ve got a complete idea about the video editing software available and the process of creating a video, you are simply looking forward to understanding the way to measure. Every business or marketer has a goal that they need to achieve and therefore you have to set the goals set from the very first stage to be able to take steps to achieve and surpass them.

However, if you are a novice and you don’t know the parameters to measure success then here are some of the metrics that you need to keep in mind. Since it is about video content marketing, your goals would be directly associated with video, and therefore the goals bead to be set accordingly.

  1. View count: This is the parameter that determines the number of views on the video. Therefore when you have a goal to achieve, you have to make sure that you keep a goal of the number of views, and upon achieving it, you can proceed to more. the more customers or viewers view your video, the more will be its view count which is absolutely great for your video content marketing.
  2. Play rate: These are the parameters that analyze the number of people who have played the video. When your video has more play rates, it actually becomes helpful in promoting your videos and reaching more customers. if you don’t find increased playmates, you might need to use more engaging content.
  3. Social sharing and comment: this is the parameter that shows how many people have shared your video with their connection and how many have commented on your video. Remember, more the social shares and comments, the more your video will reach a wider market within less time.
  4. Video completions: This is the number of times your viewers have watched the video till the end. This is a necessary thing that you need to check as you want your viewers to get complete information. Increasing the count is better for your purpose.
  5. Click-through rate: Click-through rate or CTR means the number of clicks that your video ad has got to the number of times it has been viewed. Like if you have 5 clicks in 100 views it means that you have 5% CTR.
  6. Conversion rate: This is the rate that shows the total number of conversions that actually happened from the clicks. Thus, when the clicks are high, the rate of conversion also increases.
  7. Bounce rate and time on page: Bounce rate is the parameter that shows the number of visitors who are coming to your page but somehow they are leaving the page without completing the journey. Time on page analyzes the time they have spent on a single page. try to reduce the bounce rate and improve the time on the page.

So now that you have got complete video marketing ideas, it is time for you to start taking action.

Ready, set, action!

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