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In this hi-tech era, who wants to devote much time to making a video? Even, after spending so much time you can’t guarantee its relevancy and perfection! As per the latest niche, video content or video marketing is what dominates the world right now and so, numerous as well as unique videos are essential for the success of a business. In such a context, what you should do?

Well, nothing but to switch to VideoCreator- the ultimate option for unlimited videos. Before you start, it’s my urge to you to get to know about this amazing software a bit. Hence, here we are…..

VideoCreator Review

VideoCreator Review: Overview


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VideoCreator logo
VideoCreator is an online video animation software. With Video Creator you can create animation videos in all shapes and all topics for all industries in all languages. Also, you can render unlimited videos.
All shapes and dimensions video for all topics
Multi-lingual support
Easy to use
Step by step training
Friendly support team
Reasonable price

VideoCreator Review Summary

Video Creator is the most advanced web-based video animation software. With this software, you can easily create HD videos for all marketing goals in different languages with their 100+ Ready-To-Use templates and Copyright-free video, image & music library.

Your investment in Video Creator is 100% risk-free as they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. You’ve got nothing to lose with Video Creator. Try It Now.


What is VideoCreator?

VideoCreator is like an answer to those heavily stuffed video and animation software where making the most advanced form of videos is now at your fingertips. It brings immeasurable tools just to incorporate the marketers who are looking at the current scenario of the market to develop some uniquely and beautifully crafted masterpieces.

It is a valuable companion for developing videos beyond your imagination- social media videos, video ads, explainer videos, whiteboard animations, video mockups, and logo animations. Its huge library of customizable libraries is enough to give the kick-start that your profession or startup deems for.

You can expect a massive collection of superb features and high-quality templates under the roof with this software. With its launch, it begins to offer touch competition to a number of existing video apps and software in the market. Some of them also find it challenging to dominate in terms of resources and time.

See the VideoCreator Software Demo video

VideoCreator Review: Introduction of Creators

Sid Diwar and Paul Ponna put on their tremendous effort and experience in developing this amazing non-professional video maker a really exemplary example in this field. It helps people to build fantastic videos in minutes or even on the go.

VideoCreator Review: Why Choose VideoCreator as Your Video Creation Software?

The top reasons to choose VideoCreator software are mentioned below:

  • Work online– No need for installation as you just need to sign up and get the license for accessing the specific dashboard.
  • Easy user interface– It is uniquely woven keeping in mind the easy navigation ability for the non-professional, newcomer, and highly-experienced ones.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows– It greatly works in coordination with both Mac and Windows operating systems. But you have to get a power-packed computer to obtain seamless and rapid performance.
  • Reasonable price– In contrast to its competitors and alternatives, it is quite reasonable. The commercial license can be purchased for just $67 only.
  • Requirement of zero technical skills– Hundreds of templates are there to make your job easier than ever. So, to use it you don’t need the experience of a video creator.
  • Free updates for every software feature– As it is available at a one-time price, you will get regular updates for its features absolutely free of charge.
  • Premium customer support– Step-by-step training guide is available for new users. You can get in touch with the customer support team whenever you need to.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee– On evaluating the full software, if it seems irrelevant or unrealistic to you then the price will be back within a month.
  • Make money online by using VideoCreator– It can help a YouTuber to earn money online by making intriguing and eye-treating videos and posting or sharing them. Also being a freelancer, you can sell product adverts like logo animation and graphics to numerous clients.

VideoCreator Review: Top 5 Feature’s Benefits

Extensive quality video template collection

The software comes with 600 readymade video templates for its users. Each one of them can be customized as per the requirement for backgrounds, music, logos, and texts.

Revolutionary tracking of the logo motion

This software enables the users to input motioned objects in logo branding. It will make the entire look so subtle and natural.

Trendy videos like scroll stopper

You can use scroll-stopper videos to catch the eyeball of the visitors who are going to enhance the traffic. This software allows you to develop some amazing samples for your own business with no necessity for technical experience.

Real actors in human-featured text messaging live-action videos

Make a perfect message conveying video using real actors in life with the dress code of your specification. This will add some extra leads to the business.

3D product mockup and eCommerce profit-making videos

3D mockup videos are offered to use for displaying the products in an explicit manner if own an eCommerce or e-retail store

VideoCreator Review: Features

VideoCreator Features
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Videos in every shape and dimension
  • Videos for every marketing niche and goal
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Unlimited rendering of videos
  • Copyright-free music, image, and video library
  • 720P HD video

VideoCreator Review: Benefits

VideoCreator Benefits
  • Money-saving
  • No need for experience
  • Saves plenty of time
  • Automation
  • No burden of the monthly fee, restriction, and limit

Who can use VideoCreator software?

Who Can Use VideoCreator Software

This software is ready to serve any industry and any niche. Hence it is completely user-friendly to be used by both professional and beginner video creators. The prime motto of this software is to expand the business empire by using video advertisements. Video developers, influencers, teachers, animators, and any business person can take help from this cloud-based software.

Marketing managers and agencies use this platform to boost traffic in their respective platforms. Graphic designers and freelancers are welcome to enjoy the accessibility and perks of using this platform as well. Tutors and teachers can create some easily understandable tutorials and YouTubers and bloggers can develop amazing intro videos with the help of this platform.

What Types of videos you can create with VideoCreator?

Videos You Can Create With VideoCreator Software

VideoCreator can be used for making a wide range of videos. It includes;

  1. Product promos
  2. Video ads
  3. E-commerce videos
  4. Hyper-realistic dynamic scenes
  5. Motion tracking videos
  6. 3D visual effects
  7. Explainer animated videos
  8. Live-action videos
  9. Whiteboard videos
  10. Logo reveals
  11. Social media videos along with other types as per your requirement

VideoCreator Review: Pros and Cons

Every software or probably any other item found on Earth comes with certain perks and downsides. Similarly in this context, we are trying to unveil some such pros and cons of the video creator.

Pros (Advantages)

  • Free bonuses
  • Easy usability
  • Real human-featured live-action videos
  • Revolutionary tracking of logo motion
  • Pro-quality collection of video templates under a roof

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • It can’t be used without having a proper Internet connection
  • Sometimes, the license has to be upgraded for unlocking features

VideoCreator Review: Pricing

VideoCreator Pricing

Get the Commercial license only for $67. If you use Coupon Code “VIDEO” on checkout, you will get $20 off.

VideoCreator Review: Bonuses worth $1000+

VideoCreator Bonuses

VideoCreator Review: FAQs

In this part, we are going to answer some of the questions most asked by our customers. So, let’s start….

Is the system needed for VideoCreator?

Being cloud-oriented software it completely performs online on both Mac and Windows operating systems. So, it is clear that any device with sufficient Internet connectivity will be compatible with VideoCreator. A powerful device is required for accelerating the speed of making a video, especially at the time of previewing and rendering. Otherwise, it will be dragged and delayed.

Does software come for a single-time purchase?

Definitely yes! Once you purchase the license you are free to access every feature as you wish with no further yearly or monthly license renewal.

How to get VideoCreator Support?

VideoCreator creates the finest customer support system to help you whenever you feel the need! Just write to to let the team answer your question. Even you can follow the founder on Skype and Facebook using their IDs mentioned on the website. Also, a YouTube channel has been made for answering all your queries in a much more explicit and illustrated manner. Subscribe to the channel now!

Is a free plan available in VideoCreator?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any free plan. You have to be a licensed purchaser to use this platform. However, it does come up with a 30-day money-back policy.

Who developed VideoCreator?

The great duo of software development- Sid Diwar and Paul Ponna come up with another wonderful creation called VideoCreator. Previously, they are responsible to reward us DoodleMaker and AvatarBuilder. Both of them are award-winning top tech entrepreneurs who contributed to the development of numerous world-class software like VideoRobot and VideoAppSuit.

VideoCreator Review Verdict

So, it is clear that VideoCreator is top-notch software absolutely friendly to both highly experienced and newcomers to this dreamy world of video making! Also, in comparison to its alternatives and competitors, this software is far better not only in terms of money but also in a number of features. You can’t talk about its functional ability. Just use it and say how much you like it!

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