CreateStudio Benefits: Grow Business with Video Content in May 2024

Video content has become the latest marketing strategy for marketers and businesses. No doubt about the fact that what the visuals and audio can do, even the most designed words cannot. Moreover, when people are able to see what they want, it builds trust in them and creates a sense of reliability in their minds.

With more businesses and individuals starting to rely on video content, it actually has resulted in the emergence of some outstanding and feature-filled video creation and editing software. CreateStudio is one such name that has outgrown the endless names of software.

Undeniably, your choice for CreateStudio is worthy of your time and effort, but before that let us find out some of the statistics that talk about the rise of video content for marketing.

Create Video Content with CreateStudio

As per research concludes, 76% of marketers say that making use of video content in their promotion aids in better conversion compared to any other content marketing.

  • Businesses can make use of 4 different kinds of videos for marketing on their social media which include entertaining, educational, controversial, and live videos.
  • Contents that can entertain people like that can trigger their emotions are outraging in the market and can create havoc on the promotional technique.

In case you are done trying the other kinds of content for promotion and unable to connect to your customers, start making video content and find out the difference. You can create any type of video for your potential customers and wait for them to react.

It’s certainly going to be overwhelming and less time-consuming than any other marketing procedure.

What is video content?

Perhaps this does not require any introduction as the name says it all, but yet then for all the newbies out there, video content is the format of creating content that includes videos. Some of the most common types of video content comprise animated GIFs, vlogs, and customer testimonials. Live videos, webinars, and recorded presentations.

These are mostly used in video marketing campaigns that start with a proper strategic effort that enables the proper building of the brand identity and educates customers in a way that encourages them to buy your products. However, before you sit and start creating a video for your business, you require to understand the way to produce the content, its importance, and how CreateStudio can be a great choice to create a great video.

CreateStudio can be a fantastic inclusion for video marketers who are willing to set their image in the crowd with amazing information with the use of visuals and audio. So let us have a look at the benefits of using video content.

Importance of video content:

Video contents are the next level of marketing. Marketers who are willing to outgrow the crowd in 2024 certainly require making an extra effort and taking additional steps.

Video contents play an effective role as it has the ability to build a great community and spread brand awareness among the target market. Establishing such a connection between the audience and the company enables growing your business and staying ahead of the competition.

A study made by WowMakers, mentions that including videos on the landing page has a huge influence on making conversions. It can catalyze 80% of the conversions. Moreover, 40% of the customers have this mindset that videos can show exactly what the manufacturers are offering which actually improves the likelihood of buying the product. Even marketers are experiencing improved conversion with more customers checking their video content.

Today when technology is at its peak and most users are using tablets or smartphones, short videos have gained immense popularity in the online world. This is one of the biggest and simplest ways of acquiring the best from the promotion.

As mentioned by Wistia, Videos that are under two minutes get most of the engagement. These short videos have the power to intrigue the public and drag them toward business.

Even the pandemic has improved the global impact of video content.

  • 91% of marketers claim that the pandemic has influenced the improved reliance on videos in brands.
  • 40% of video marketers said their plan to create videos for lat yeast with 74% said were more likely to use video and 26% less likely to use it as a promotional technique.
  • Consumers have said that the pandemic has increased their number of watching videos which are a whopping 96%.

Hopefully, watching the stats has made you realize the importance of video marketing in the current digital scenario.

Benefits of using video content:

Perhaps, by now you have already understood the massive benefits of using video content for businesses. To make it even clearer, let us have a look at the following:

Conversion rate:

First things come first, you want to make some serious money from your business and nothing can be more beneficial and productive than implementing videos on your marketing techniques. Creating mesmerizing video content that educates people about your products or your unique services and embedding it on your landing page has a lot to do with the conversion rate.

What else will you look for other than enjoying a great conversion rate?

Videos can become a route for your customers to become a conversion. Since 74% of the users follow this procedure of watching videos and immediately drop on the page to make a purchase, using it for promotion can become a serious advantage for businesses.

If you are thinking about what makes video content so effective in the marketing approach then you must know that our brain responds the most when there are visuals. Adding audiovisuals can trigger the brain and encourage engagement.

Search Engine Ranking:

When you have video content on your website, you are actually making a positive effort to improve the number of visitors to your website along with improving the time they spend on the website. Therefore, when your visitors are staying on the website for a longer time, it sends a signal to the search engines that your website has valuable content along with helping to build trust among the customers.

As the statistics are given by Moovly, the chances of ranking higher in Google can go higher to 53%, if you have the videos embedded on the website. As YouTube is owned by Google, you can experience a significant rise in the way video affects the search engine ranking.

Therefore, all you need is to optimize the videos for the purpose of SEO on YouTube. You have to add interesting descriptions and titles. After you are done, you have to link it back to the products, services, and website.

You will be amazed to know that internet users spend more than 88% time on a website, especially which include videos. On average, websites that have videos tend to have more visitor dwell time.

Therefore the bottom line is, that if you are willing to rank higher, you definitely need to work on creating educational videos.

Brand Awareness:

When you create videos that have the appeal to engage people towards it, you can stay assured that once it starts attracting people. This way when your video starts getting the eyes of the viewers

Even when you use your social media profiles for spreading the video content, it can actually draw the attention of viewers to your website and business. This way you are actually creating awareness among your targeted audiences about your brand.

Therefore, the more you keep posting on social media and use them to drag people to your business, not only you are converting them into sales, and you are boosting brand awareness among them.

Customer connection:

Creating engaging and informational videos about your business services and products becomes a way to connect with potential customers. As you know that promotional videos are able to foster trust among people, the more you make such videos, you are actually taking positive steps to connect with customers.

Therefore, start creating videos that can ignite emotions among people, as you must know that trust is the prime factor that improves sales and conversion.

Customers will think twice when they find a website that does not look trustworthy, but when you are constantly working to stay connected with your customers, it delivers signals in their brains that you are reliable, and this way you can connect with your customers in a better way.


Videos are certainly one of the finest and simplest tools for learning along with being super easy for people to consume. These days life is extremely busy and truly people have no time to read the product description and keep making research to find out the details of the services or products. In modern times, people want something that is not time-taking while helping them to get comprehensive knowledge. Video preference has become a driving force to improve engagement.

This has the ability to capture the attention of a wide audience and it definitely works on a range of levels. Even you can stay assured that the laziest of buyers will find the energy to check the videos only if you have great content and a promising storyline.

You can’t even imagine the power of video content marketing when it comes to improving customer engagement.


Let’s get you even more excited,

Do you that 83% of businesses have claimed that videos have offered great ROI?

Despite the fact that neither video creation is easy nor cheap, the result paid off it is certainly worth the effort and time, however, you can definitely make it easy by having a script and using the video editing tools like the CreateStudio that has the feature to make video editing easier than ever.

All you need to know is that not every time is a mandatory thing that the video need to be made perfect – all you need is to create unique and appealing content, Do not use poor quality design as it matters. So make sure you use the best video editing tool like CreateStudio to witness the growth in ROI.

How to create video content with CreateStudio?

No doubt that after reading the information provided above, especially the features and benefits, you must be looking for a way to get started with video editing. In case it seems harder for you, check the following section where I mentioned the step-by-step guide to starting with CreateStudio.

Step-by-step video content creation guide

First, you need to create your account and login into your account where you will see the welcome page saying, “Welcome to CreateStudio”

Open CreateStudio Software

Next to this, you need to click on “Create new project”, give it the name and resolution that you want, and then create the project.

Step 1

You can add “Templates” that are already created by CreateStudio for your project

Step 2

Suppose you take the first template. Hover and click on the template to use it. If case you don’t want the sound, you can hit the “Mute” and then proceed. So to use the template, click on “Use Template”

Step 3

Next, you will check the downloading bar showing that shows the download status. This will download the assets and the template to your account so that you can use them for your project.

Step 4

Just after downloading which is pretty fast, you can find the template on your account that is ready to use. You can hit the play button to check the template.

Step 5

You will find the Scenes on the template and once you click on a particular scene, it takes you to that particular scene and gives you the chance to edit the elements present on the scene. Suppose you click on Scene 1.

Step 6

Double-click on Scene 1 and it will bring you to that particular Scene.

Step 7

You can zoom in and double-click on the texts to edit and make it the way you want for the promotion. You can adjust the size of the texts, add color, font style, and much more from the “Advanced” section. You can do fun things with the elements.

Step 8

You can change the color of the box as well from the range of color options available in the software.

Step 9

Now you can click on the “Main Project” to find the changes that you have made to your project.

Step 10

Apart from the Texts, You can change the Character. You can change anything about the character when you click on it. Like in this project, to change the character, you need to click on the text “Tom” available on the bottom left.

Step 11

You can just click on the drop-down present beside “Add Action” to change the post of the character. You can also change the background color and the other elements present in the scene to make it the way you want.

Step 12

You can change the Agency name, Add a logo, adjust the size, and color, and make the project as per your requirements.

Step 13

To add a logo, you need to click on “Import” browse the logo from your system, and get it imported into the video.

Step 14

All you need is to “Replace” and Click on your logo that comes on the Dashboard and instantly it is inside the video.

Step 15

This way you can go to any scene, adjust the elements and create a fantastic video.

Once your video is ready to publish, You can click on “Publish”, and check the file type and the destination.

Step 16

…and you are ready to publish the video.

Trust me! In just a few clicks, your video is ready and can be used.

And that’s all for today!

Thank you for making up for this and I hope I was able to gain knowledge from this blog that I intend to.

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Bottom Line

You can simply trust CreateStudio and start making your business blogs that can be implemented for promotion.

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