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In this digital era, I believe most of us depend upon the online audience nowadays. Hence, good content creation, as well as upbeat marketing strategies, are a must to gain a huge number of traffic which will further generate sales.

CreateStudio Review

For creating good content, a high-quality video or animation is a must as it helps the buyer to understand the product better and it also simplifies the product as it has both videos as well as audio.

Create incredible videos in just minutes

All thanks to CreateStudio, as it has simplified the new creation of videos along with many other features. Now, let me explain a few things about the advanced software.

CreateStudio Review: Overview


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CreateStudio is the most advanced video animation software created by Vidello Company. This animation software is made for experienced and complete newbie video creators to create attention-grabbing explainer videos, video ads, and social content all inside in one simple interface. It takes a breathtaking time to create an animation video.
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CreateStudio Review Summary

CreateStudio is overall a wonderful video animation software for its features, customer service, and easiness of the software. They know the value of money.


What is CreateStudio?

CreateStudio launched in May 2020 and has been the most advanced video animation software for both experienced and newbie video creators.

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CreateStudio review: It has a range of features where the user can create:

CreateStudio Features
  • Explainer videos with 2D and 3D characters
  • Doodle sketch videos
  • Various Logo Designs
  • YouTube Content
  • Sales and promotional videos
  • eCommerce advertisings
  • Custom animation
  • Motion Presets and templates
  • Green Screen Editing
  • Adjust Resolution
  • Instagram Stories
  • Udemy Sales Videos
  • Video Wrappers
  • Kinetic Typography
  • Mobile stories and many others with vast features attached.

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CreateStudio review: What’s new inside CreateStudio

CreateStudio Features Updates for April 2021

UPDATE #1: Share Projects

With CreateStudio you can now save projects as a backup or share projects across your license. All-access pass members can share projects with other all-access pass members. And agency members can share projects with their team.

UPDATE #2: Change the Speed of Video or Audio Tracks

With CreateStudio now you can decrease or increase the speed of your videos and audio tracks to create slow-motion or fast pace clips.

UPDATE #3: Spotlight

CreateStudio newly added spotlight feature can make your videos look like a piece from Hollywood.You can also easily create Vignettes and animate the spotlight.

Bug Fixes Improvements

New icons are added to the canvas menu.
Added scrollbar to the “Mask with” list
Fixed a bug that improperly allowed to remove of media files used in a project
Fixed a bug preventing the selection of multiple tracks by using CTRL

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CreateStudio Features Updates for March 2021

Update #1: Apply the doodle effect to any element

Now you can create entire doodle sketch videos by applying doodle sketch effects to videos, text, images, and even characters!

Update #2: Create custom doodle paths

Now you can also choose a doodle draw path manually, for price doodling.

Update #3: New hands

CreateStudio also added 7x new doodle hands to create more variety with your doodle sketch videos.

Update #4: New keyboard shortcuts added

With the holding “SHIFT” key, you can drag exact elements on the X & Y-axis.

CreateStudio Bug Fixes March 2021

  • Image replacing bug was fixed
  • Not moving the out animation when adding/removing sprite actions bug was fixed
  • Fixed a bug causing the preview not to play when using an invisible element as a mask
  • We’ve improved the up/down scaling features to avoid pixelation of images and videos in the rendered videos

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CreateStudio review: Who can benefit from CreateStudio?

People prefer to watch videos than just to read blogs or content on the web now, thus for the business to survive a video has become mandatory. It is a must-have software for any kind of marketer (beginner or experienced), Agency Business Owner, people who want quality videos rather than auto-generated videos, and any kind of people dealing with video content creation. Apart from Adobe After Effects, CreateStudio is the most inspiring software which includes both advanced and beginner features.

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CreateStudio review: Features Benefit

Let’s have a look at a few of the features along with their benefits of the advanced software CreateStudio:

Import of video, audio, images, and also SVG:

Import media from Pexel's with one click
into your video project

It provides a feature to import every type of file such as MP4, WAV, MP3, SVG. The colors in SVG can be anytime changed and you can also retain different vector shapes along with adding animations.

Custom animation:

Animate SVG Images

With the help of CreateStudio, you can anytime animate anything by simply selecting the media or text. The features offer you the benefit of animating the size, the text, position, opacity, color, borders, and many more.

One-click motion picture:

Effortless animation in one click

CreateStudio provides you with one-click motion presets where you just need one click to preview and one click to add or adjust the settings and duration of the video. Along with this, you also get a “My Favourite” folder where you can have easy access to your favorite files. You can also preview your already made videos with the help of motion presets.

Resolution variety:

You get simply no restriction in terms of resolution adjustment which is pretty beneficial. You can make any size of videos be it square, vertical, and even 16×9 standard with 4k resolution.

Studio Builder:

With studio builder, you are able to drag and drop any pre-made animated texts or characters, titles, and many more.

Auto-update feature:

With this feature, you can make updates and there is no need for you to re-download the application every time there is an update.

Green screen:

Green screen editing

This feature enables you to remove the background color and edit the green screen with just a simple click.

Unlimited emojis:

Emojis have definitely become a big part of our life to explain our message, thus with unlimited emojis, it becomes much easier to send the message all around.

Create Doodle sketch videos:

In CreateStudio you can make doodle videos easily. Just type your text and choose a hand from the option. That’s it. Your doodle video is ready.

The above is just a small list that I have mentioned regarding the features along with their benefits of CreateStudio, you have many more to go with the purchase.

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CreateStudio review: Benefits of CreateStudio

Drag & Drop Video Creation 
designed for speed!

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30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

With so much in hand from just one video animated software, I can say it is a solution to all the needs of the marketers, digital marketing entrepreneurs (like me), content marketers, and any kind of business. It is time-saving as it can create so many things with just one click.

CreateStudio review: The pros and cons

Pros (Advantages):

  • A very flexible and handy platform for both experienced and beginners.
  • Create doodle sketch videos easily.
  • Other platforms can be used to upload templates.
  • Creates rich animated videos for your blogs and business as per your requirements.
  • Piled up with easy-to-use tools.
  • Can be accessed by one or more.
  • Create any kind of videos with just one click.
  • Compatible for both MAC and Windows operating systems.

Cons (Disadvantages):

  • I couldn’t find any cons for this incredible software. So don’t miss out on CreativeStudio. It is a must-have for sure.

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CreateStudio review: The pricing

Every software and products have their upsells and CreateStudio not being any different. The choice of purchasing is always in your favor. I will be diving into the funnels accordingly for your better understanding.

The CreateStudio Desktop Software (MAC and Windows OS) has different pricing for the launch day and after the launch. The pricing for launch day is $47 and after the launch, it is $199.

It consists of two packages:

  • One-time payment for Commercial Use License of $197.
  • One-time investment of $247 where you get a license along with Pro Media.
Choose the right license for your needs

Final chance to get CreateStudio for just $197, ONLY $67!

CreateStudio Pricing

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All access pass including –

  • Every month 30 new character will be added
  • 500 templates
  • 1000’s of animated elements inside Motion Builder
  • 40 characters
  • 100+ extra animation presets.

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Media upgrade including –

Pixabay, Audio library, Giphy, Sound effects library, text to speech creator.

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CreateStudio Bonuses

Why Should You Buy CreateStudio From Us?

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CreateStudio Review: Trusted by Entrepreneur and experts

I was really impressed with the impressive CreateStudio reviews received from market experts and entrepreneurs.

Trusted by Entrepreneur and experts

CreateStudio Review: FAQ

Here is a list of the FAQ I am providing for better understanding before you purchase the software:

What is the operating system needed for the software?

CreateStudio works both on MAC and Windows OS. The best part being, it also works offline even if you are out of the internet – you can still make and edit videos.

On how many machines can CreateStudio be installed?

After purchasing the CreateStudio software, you can access it to install it on up to 3 different computers. You can anytime contact their sales team if you opt for more licenses.

Is there any refund policy?

Once you purchase the software, CreateStudio offers you a 30-day guarantee. So if within 30 days span you change your mind and ask for a refund, they will send you a 100% refund within 30 days of your purchase.

How much space do I need to install the software and are there any limitations?

The software installer file is 185MB (for Windows) and the version is 64 bit and 215MB (for MAC). There are no limitations as such, as it is a desktop application and you get unlimited options available with the purchase.

Are there tutorials included within the software?

Yes, definitely. You get a member area where you will be able to go through the step-by-step video training anytime you feel like it.

Coming to the Conclusion:

I can assure you that after a long time CreateStudio coming into the digital world is really helpful as well as easy to use for both the advanced and newbie. This will help any business gain audience with its video content with its wide range of dynamic features. Definitely a must-have software for the video makers. This is my complete CreativeStudio Review.

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