Renderforest Review: One-Stop Solution for Boosting Up your Online Business in May 2024

Welcome to my Renderforest review!

You are here it means you are also thinking if Renderforest can help you in creating your professional website or not.

You must be in search of an easy device with which you can make your promo videos, slideshows, professional logos, and animations. If you already have a website then you know the importance of presenting your products as a brand and also the importance of product videos.

Renderforest Review

I am here today to give you a review of the most popular online editing platform, Renderforest. This product is gaining many positive reviews from various websites and also social networks are giving good reviews about this platform. So, I know the following are running in your mind:

  • If you can use this without any experience?
  • If this tool gives you the best values for your online projects?
  • How does the site builder compare the market to establish the brands?
  • Selection of pricing plans you need in Renderforest.
  • Why do people like this tool?

I am writing this review that will help you to know about different features in Renderforest. This will give you an idea of whether you need to use RF for your online project or not.

Renderforest Review: Overview


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Renderforest is a 4-in-1 online branding tool for every individual and company for all types of businesses. You can create a logo for an animation video, and a mockup design for a professional website building within a few clicks without any technical skill or coding knowledge.
Animation Video Creator
Logo Maker
Mockup Designing
Website Builder
Value of Money

Renderforest Review Summary

Renderforest is a suitable option for all kinds of businesses and marketers who looking for an online branding toolkit at an affordable price.


Renderforest Review: What is it?

Renderforest is a tool that helps you in making your professional logos, video animations, slideshows, intro videos, and infographics on a single platform this is totally a browser-based tool, and need not subscribe to anything before starting it.

So, the idea of RF is entitling an individual to make their own quality media which will help in business without any hard effort. You need very shallow learning than you need for Photoshop or Pinnacle. This tool is user-friendly and even novices can use it without any professional training.

The most important feature that makes this tool different from others in the market is its unique and erect choices of templates. You can start working immediately on it with the existing samples.

This tool is cloud-based so the entire process of editing took place online and does not use your PC storage. Though there are many cloud-based tools for editing these days.

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So, to understand Renderforest, you need to analyze its tool kits thoroughly:

Renderforest Review: Logo Wizardry

A logo is a unique image that represents your brand and gives you recognition. If your logo is well-crafted then your first impression will be strong and will drag your customer’s attention. A strong logo denotes that your brand is professional, offers its customers quality service, and most importantly is trustworthy.

We may find a lot of tools now online to make a catchy logo but you will definitely find this tool user-friendly and also helps you make a quality logo.

Renderforest, claims that it helps you in creating a professional logo though in just a few minutes. This tool uses machine-learned algorithms that help them to deliver the best design for their customers.

Renderforest Review: how it works

You can create your professional logo with simple steps and that is too easy to do. Check the steps out:

  1. Go to Logo Maker, write your brand name, and click the “Create My Logo” button.
  2. The second step is where you need to write a line or two to describe your brand. This will add more life to your mockups and imagery.
  3. The third step is to choose the fittest one among the six stylistics for the logo. You have to choose between “flat”, “watercolor” or “minimalist’.
  4. In the fourth step, we can edit different things in our logo, we can change the icon, the font, and also the layout. We can even create the new one by clicking “Create from blank” if you don’t like your logo.
  5. The final step is to select the download option. The downloaded version can be of low quality in the free version but will still work in a better way. For the logo, a better plan is recommended to get high- a definition logo.

I think the process is very smooth to learn for anyone and it looks almost like wizardry and this is really a wizard for logo making. Technically it is as it takes very little time and works like magic.

These tools are especially for those who can’t afford expensive tools like Adobe and can’t pay heavy amounts to graphics designers.

If you may have a question that if these videos will reach the standard or not, for that read the following section.

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Renderforest Review: Videos with Renderforest

With RF you can easily make high-quality videos without any prior training. You can make quality videos like professionals by paying them high with this professional editing tool.

Before starting there are many free video templates that will help you to create your introductory video and also the video to explain your product.

If you like giving your video an exclusive touch then you must try the 3D explainer toolkit which includes approximately thousands of animated scenes. You can sort those scenes with options like “Trending”, “Newest” and “Most Popular”.

Video making is as easy and similar to logo making, you can just create your professional videos in just a few easy steps. You just need to select a template, edit the project online, then download it and finally click the publish button and just see your high-quality professional video ready to attract customers.

Renderforest contains a huge stock of commercial videos that easily edit and remix your video without any complications. Apart from being easy, this tool consists of more than 195.000 high-definition free footage stock with which you can make your video more appealing and professional. This provides you with a sound library that gives your video an excellent finishing touch, but with the allow option you can upload your own music in it too.

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Renderforest Review: As a Site Builder

After the above-mentioned stages, you may now have your exciting logo and mind-satisfying videos, you need to know something more important than this.

This tool supports you to create a well-built website with the “page builder” icon. So, along with the logos and professional videos, this tool helps you in making a website too.

This tool mainly focused on landing the pages, and you can also create a complete website with its help if you want. You can create your website without any professional skills and even without any coding.

  • Renderforest has approximately 100 ready-made templates for your every purpose to serve. You will find templates to serve beauty, marketing, business, and even photography.
  • The editor is minimalist and simple, and it is focusing on the necessity of the user. With this, you can make your website livelier within seconds and that is without any professional assistance.
  • The templates are responsive enough to function properly on laptops, desktops, and mobile too.
  • You can make many pages and bind them together in the navigation to get a complete website. The features are quite common and you will require different contents.

As you complete the above-mentioned steps, your website is ready to publish on the RF subdomain free of cost. You can choose the paid plans to get the custom domain name, more storage, ad-free, and a branded email.

Renderforest offers a simple visual site builder that works too easily and also publishes your website within a few minutes though without any professional coding and experience.

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Renderforest Review: Plans and Their Pricing

Renderforest comes with different offers with different types of products. You will have a huge option to select from them as per your requirements. You will find the options at the top of the official pricing page.

Renderforest has 2 subscription plans (monthly and yearly) and Pay per product plan.

Renderforest Review: Monthly subscription packages.

Free foreverMonthlyMonthlyMonthly
300 MB storage10 GB storage20 GB storage40 GB storage
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Renderforest Review: Yearly subscription packages

0$9.99/ month$24.99/ month$39.99/ month
Free foreverBilled annuallyBilled annuallyBilled annually
300 MB storage10 GB storage20 GB storage40 GB storage
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Agency license for $49.99/ month

Billed annually with
>80 GB storage
>Reseller license
>Branding guidelines
>Unlimited high-quality mockups
>3premium websites
>Advanced marketing tools

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Renderforest Review: Pay per product plan


Web quality rendering on Renderforest is forever free, without any editing limitations.

Videomaker Pay Per Product Plan

Logo Maker

Create an unlimited number of logos and export them in different file formats.

Logomaker Pay Per Product Plan
Mockup maker Pay Per Product Plan
Website maker Pay Per Product Plan
Website maker Pay Per Product Plan

The free plans give you unlimited editing and download of videos and logos in low quality. The pro and popular plans have many things in them and give high-quality display and also the website builder.

There is product-wise pricing for those who will use this tool only once or twice. It has more lucrative offers as I mentioned above which you can subscribe to easily.

Both the logo and video creation tools have 4 plans in a free version where you will get a watermark on your logo or video. In paid packs, you can ascend the quality of the video or logo as per your need and also can remove the watermark from it.

In website making, the paid plans give more storage than the free ones. Most importantly, they allow you to publish your site on the custom domain if you are a paid member and if you are a free user your site will be published under its subdomain.

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Renderforest Review: Satisfaction of users

The user always searches for software, where they can fulfill needs as per their requirements. They also want support from the software team, if any problem arises then they should get support from the team.

The team supports you completely, you can contact them by email, through the contact form given on the website, and in an emergency, you can reach them via phone calls. They do not have a live chat process but you will definitely reach them in a problem with the mentioned process.

Their response time is really short and friendly, they try their best to satisfy their customers in every possible way.

Renderforest boasts one of the best parts in G2’s list for satisfying more than 10 million logos and videos. It is one of the most famous software for making logos and videos among the top 100 software companies in the world. Being in the top 100’s club means their users have preferred them and take it further.

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Renderforest Review: Why use it?

Okay as the climax arrived so, few things I want to mention in short. If this is helpful for you or not? Who should buy this software? And finally, if it will be a wide selection to choose this software among so many?

RF gives you the opportunity to make your videos for audiences over your YouTube channel, different presentations, branded media, music visualization, and corporate slideshows through freemium.

The foremost pros of RF are its simplicity with cost-saving mode. They provide you with complete free space to create something by yourself without any training and any subscription fees.

Renderforest is convenient for everyone but mostly bootstrappers will find this more useful as it works within minutes to give you a good result.

Renderforest Review: FAQ

Is there any app in the Play Store of Renderforest?

No, there is no official app available in Play Store for Renderforest.

Can we publish the videos created by Renderforest directly on YouTube?

No. You can’t publish the videos directly on YouTube. Renderforest gives you the option to publish it on YouTube, but it’s not working. You can share this video directly on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

How do I remove the Renderforest watermark from my computer?

If you are a free member of Renderforest then they provide a watermark. If you are a registered member or you pay for the product, they will remove the watermark. Otherwise, you have to go to edit it with other video editing software.

How do I download a video from Renderforest?

Renderforest gives you the option to download free videos with a watermark for 360p videos. If you want high-quality videos you need to pay for them and this video you get without a watermark. To download any video from Renderforest first you need to register an account on Renderforest or you can directly log in with your Google account. After login, you can create your own video and download it from preview or you can download other Renderforest videos that you need.

How to download Renderforest on a desktop?

Renderforest is not downloadable software this is an online tool. So you can’t download Renderforest on your desktop. You can use it on the Renderforest website. Don’t worry you can create videos, logos, graphic design, and website mockups on this online platform. It is a free platform but if you need high-quality work then you have to pay for it.

Can I download videos on my desktop from Renderforest?

Yes, you can download videos on your desktop from Renderforest. If you are a free member then your video will be with a watermark of Renderforest, if you want to remove it you have to pay for it. Otherwise, after downloading, you have to edit with other video editing software.


All over this software is a one-stop fast solution for your logos, videos, or your website, mostly more cost-saving than others in the market and a user-friendly one. So, as per my solution if your looking for these kinds of software then this will be one of the wisest choices for you.

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