FlexClip Review: Best Free Online Video Maker in August 2023

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Nowadays, video content is the trendiest as maximum users look for potential videos prior to believing in anything. Although, there has been always online hunting is going for new brands new products are expected to arrive with appealing video content. The leading entrepreneurs and top businesses harness the power of video content in the brand. Although it renders a significant boost yet most markets fall short in creating quality video content. All of these problems can be solved with the use of FlexClip. It is the real competitor in the world of online video creators. Here we are going to explore some interesting facts about FlexClip from where it can be known how it can do in 2021. So, let’s start.

FlexClip Review

FlexClip Review: What is It?

FlexClip is an online video-creating podium equipped with numerous editing features to make video creation easy. It assists video creators to meet their daily video marketing targets. It enables in developing of storyboards, selecting thumbnails, exporting and importing different video formats, and management of projects. It has loads of features to be used by business owners for presentations. Despite the video content you need, it allows cutting of the large videos into small clips, exporting videos that meet social media standards. Watermark is available for the video for the prevention of copyright infringement.

FlexClip Review: Features

  1. Video Editing tool– It has numerous sections to edit the video content as necessary.
  2. Royalty-Free Library– It enables you to add thousands of music, photos, and videos to its storyboard free of cost. Without any fear of copyright, the user can use it easily. Its specific music catalog seems attractive to Youtubers too to use as background music.
  3. Screen and Voice Recorder– Its tool is ideal to demonstrate instructional videos. Capturing the screen activity will incorporate the videos and scrapes to get added to the storyboard. Add voiceovers that allow you to speak during filming and act accurately as a recorder and editor.
  4. Motion Graphics– For some special effects, FlexClip has its own flavors. It is equipped with video choreography, controls and presets of motion effects, and in-built transition effects for video presentations and slideshows.
  5. Ease of Use– The navigation of this software is modern, intuitive, and slick. Both videos from scratch and readymade templates can be found with them. Even its content library has been classified as per the category.
  6. FlexClip Templates– It has a huge library of pre-made video sequences to choose from for developing unique video content within minutes. Also, the template is categorized for selecting effects, transitions, text compositions, photos, and videos.

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FlexClip Review: Free vs. Paid

The paid and free version is worth looking for while reviewing for FlexClip. Although almost every feature can be accessed free of cost a few advanced features need a subscription. Prior to having a look at that, here are some things in common for both of the plans

  • Cloud-based edit
  • A similar range of templates
  • Similar tools to control special effects
  • Offline edit needs downloading window desktop application

Now, it’s time to see the limitations of the free version. The features for which the paid version compensates are:

  • Branding
  • Video length
  • Stock content availability
  • Project count
  • Quality of output video

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FlexClip Review: Pricing

FlexClip can be accessed fully with 3 different paid plans. They are;

  • Basic- $8.99/month ($4.99/month for a yearly subscription) comprises high resolution, 50 projects, a stock video, a one-minute capped length of the video, custom watermark with and no FlexClip intro
  • Plus- $15.99/month ($7.99/month) comprises basic along with 1080p downloads
  • Business- $29.99/month ($19.99/month)- Includes everything, 1000 projects, unlimited stocked videos, and a 30-minute capping length of the video

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The price might be slightly expensive for you with an affordable annual plan. In case there is any condition for lackluster so it proffers a 7-day money-back guarantee in every premium plan.

FlexClip Review: Discount Coupon

FlexClip offers up to a 10% discount on Online video editors on their all-paid plan. To grab the discount, Click on the button below and use the COUPON CODE “FLEX10” when you purchase.

Use Coupon ‘FLEX10’ to Get up to 10% Discount on FlexClip Paid Plan

FlexClip Review: Pros and Cons

Hey let’s have a glimpse of the perks and potential downlines of FlexClip in this section:

FlexClip Pros (Advantages)

  • Easy and simple interface to use even by the novice video creators
  • It supports multiple video formats like MPEG4, AVI, WMV, OGV, and MP4
  • Line preview is supported by this software for previewing graphics and text immediately without manual previewing
  • Being a cloud-based software, it allows guaranteed accessibility to share a particular project with numerous users
  • It has a huge library of templates and editing tools to choose from and start the video editing or development task

FlexClip Cons (Disadvantages)

  • It never supports 4K VR
  • 480p is the HR of FlexClip free version
  • It deems improvement in text graphics

FlexClip Review: FAQ

Here are some common questions mostly asked by the users. Look at the take of our experts on such queries from you!

Is FlexClip beginner-friendly?

FlexClip can be easily accessed by signing up. By making use of the templates, beginners will be able to develop stunning video content in a few minutes. Due to its easy user interface, embedded texts and the creation of videos become super easy. Novice video creators without any knowledge of video creation can do a fantastic job with the incorporation of this software.

How you can access FlexClip?

Just browse www.flexclip.com on your device to get started. Signup or login is required to use its undulating features.

Does FlexClip help in making HD-quality videos?

FlexClip never allows the development of HD quality videos but once developed the videos can be converted into 1080p Full-HD with Business Version.

What about the updates? How does it perform?

The tools of FlexClip get updated regularly. But, your projects will never get lost. Updates can be found for effects, features of graphic design, and font types (latest).

If any unfinished project comprises of outdated component FlexClip requests the user either to update the feature or to continue with an outdated feature.

FlexClip Review – Verdict

FlexClip is undoubtedly the best video maker you can ever find with tones or pros and sets of cons. Over time, as each piece of software upgrades the facility, it will be no exception to that. Till then, you can access its little library of features for the creation of some superb video content.

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