How to Make a Successful Sales Video in May 2024

I am a die-hard fan of McCAFFEINE products (founded by Tarun Sharma and Vikas Lacchwani in 2005). I got introduced to them because of their sales video on Instagram. I love how beautifully they showcase their products, pitching the benefits and customer reviews in a short video. I am a coffee freak and love self-pampering, so it helps them as I enter their target audience.

Do you know what keeps me engaged in a sales video? It’s a good story. A story that I can relate to my life. A tale of success describing the journey someone followed to achieve something that I want to achieve—a story where I get the solutions to my hurdles. A story is full of struggles, inspiration, motivation, and success.

Are you an Entrepreneur trying to work out your start-up? Do you have your product, an e-book, or a youtube channel you want to make money from? Well, this article is for you. I’ll cover some interesting points to help you make your sales video go viral. It will take your business to another level.

Making a sales video is crucial to grabbing your audience’s attention. It should be short and catchy. It is essential to know the basics behind making a sales video. Making a beautiful sales video is not rocket science. It’s a simple yet effective skill anyone can learn quickly. You should cue specific points to make a video that can go viral.

Tips To Make A Successful Sales Video

What is A Sales Video?

A sales video is a crucial marketing strategy to show your brand’s potential audience. You pitch them about your product and the benefits of using it. A sales video is a very creative and exciting approach to grabbing the attention of your brand and advertising. It covers all the necessary advertising information a viewer needs to know. The intention is to get into the head of your target audience.

There are Mainly Four Types of Sale Videos:-

  • The Screen share video is good for explanations.
  • The webcam video, also known as a selfie video, is usually made for introductions.
  • The personalized marketing video showcases your sales and engagement.
  • The video playlist for advertising pre-recorded videos.

Why Sales Video is Important?

In my opinion, a sales video can be a game-changer for your brand. Most of the younger generation today is active on social media. They love spending time watching videos and movies. I spend most of my leisure time on YouTube.

  • One-third of online activity is spent watching videos.
  • 82% of Twitter users are seen in the video section. (Mobile Users are mostly seen on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram)
  • Viewers catch 95% of video content, whereas they retain 1/% of text content.
  • By making a sales video, you’ll be able to attract a much higher audience rate.
  • It can build strong trust in less amount of time and effort.
  • This idea can be an effective and creative promotional toolbox. Also, you can earn money by getting more views on your video.

Who Should Use Sales Videos?

Well, if you are an Entrepreneur, a member of a sales and marketing team, a businessman, or a YouTuber, I don’t see any reason why you should not make your sales video. It can be a breaking point for your business. People would know you, admire you, thank you, and cherish you.

  • If you’re an online teacher and want to get more students and subscribers, making a screen share video of a brief demo will get you more audience.
  • A webcam video for a newly launched video can be great to showcase your brand. In addition, you can introduce yourself to the market.
  • If you’re a businessman and want to increase the number of consumers, you can showcase the sales in a personalized marketing video. You can boast your testimonials and reviews to them and attract them.
  • A YouTuber can upload a part of their video as trailers by making a video playlist. If you’re a dancer or an artist, this can be helpful. They go viral within a short period.

A Successful Sales Video Creation Tips:

Now, making a sales video for the first time can be pretty confusing. Technology itself is a bit mysterious, I guess. You must be flooded with so many doubts and queries right now. How to make a video? Where to start? Do I need to learn some skills? Where to find the resources?

And many more Right? But I’ll be clearing all your doubts and queries through this blog. So stay tuned to make a stunning sales video rather than a stale one.

Stop Selling

The viewers might get disappointed by another sales video. So instead of selling your product, you should try preaching the features and benefits they will get. Stop selling, start teaching.

Keep videos short

Make sure the video is not lengthy and tedious. It should be short, informative, and engaging. An ideal video is of around 30 seconds. It produces better results. The more you’ll make them curious, the more likely they will visit your site. And once they visit the page, you know how to make sales.

The promise

Will you ever buy a product that serves you nothing? No right? Be authentic in the video and say promising statements that touch the viewers’ hearts. People will indeed be involved in listening then. Begin with the possibilities you have to offer. Promise the outcomes or results. Make them dream life with your product.

Get the attention of viewers quickly.

Start in such a way that the viewers feel the need to stay. For example, you may start with a question that can stop their heartbeat. Be as playful as you can. The viewers should strive to listen to you. Catch their weak points. You can also use some famous quotes.

Talk about your audience’s problems.

Highlight the significant problems that the potential customers are facing. Make them feel the need to research your brand. Mention the obstacles they are facing to lead their dream. They should feel the urge to think. Give a spotlight to their pain points. They will get the impulse to stay.

Share your expertise

Tell them the reasons you can relate to their problem. Let them know that you’ve faced them as well. Share your struggle with them and assure them that you have researched thoroughly to find the solution.

Introduce your solution.

Cue the procedures they can follow or the necessary steps to achieve the goal you already did. Then, show them how the solution gadget to their problems exists and is available to you.

Demonstrate your solution

Explain to them the steps you followed and got the results. You can direct them to your demonstration video or solution links or workbook that you have. Don’t sell your product here. Instead, teach them the benefits and procedures. Make it seem easy and accessible.

Talk about features

Describe the features you have that helped you. They should feel like they would have been in a better place if they had the awareness. They would then admire you and your life and would be more interested than ever to stay with you.

Price juxtaposition

Don’t mention the price in the video. They should focus on the benefits first. They may get demotivated by the mention of price.

The bonus

You can mention the offers they can avail of if they purchase your product or service. So put exciting deals and offers on their plates.

Present social proof

Lead them to your website, Facebook page, emails, and contact details. You should present yourself as authentic. Give testimonials, feedback, and reviews to build trust. If you have just launched in the market and nobody knows you yet, ask your friends and acquaintances to write them for you before making the video. It gives an authentic look.

Present a call for action

Direct your audience to the link you want them to visit. Use a persuasive tone. You can use “if” and “then” statements while addressing the solution. Follow CTA strategy. Visit for more information on this.

The surprise

Mention some unexpected rewards you can provide them. It can be any offer or something complementary or some cash back. It will excite the viewers. They will love to grab the opportunity.

The humor wisely and with caution

You can use humor to keep their attention. But use it wisely as it shouldn’t break the flow or the significant points of your proceedings. Also, make sure you’re not offending anyone by your humor. It may lead to a loss. So take good care of it.

The guarantee

It is imperative to bring loyal customers. So, first, check the quality of your product and accordingly mention the guarantee and warranty details. Also, mention return policies.

Communicate clearly in ways viewers will understand.

Use a calm, gentle, and soft tone. Don’t rush your video. It can go off. Using proper communication is important for your video to be engaging. Don’t rush, and go too slow. Maintain a standard pace.

Best Sales Video Creation Software, Tools, and Sources

Now that you know the strategy that needs to be followed to make an awestruck sales video, you must be having doubts about the software you should use to make them. Well, no worries at all. I got your back.

Best sales video creation software, tools, and sources

Now that you know the strategy that needs to be followed to make a shocking sales video, you must be having doubts about the software you should use to make them. Well, no worries at all. I got your back.

I mention the best video creation software with its features to make your work hurdle-free and get you started.

Let’s jump in.


FlexClip Review

It is the best video-making platform you can find. And it is entirely free. Google rates this app 4.6 stars so that you can trust this platform.

You can use it for the creation of your video and screen recording.

  • Flex Clip has a wide range of templates you can choose from, and then select any animated element you like. You can choose text, widgets, and logos for your video and make it as creative as you like. They have millions of collections. The editing menu gives you numerous features like trimming, watermarking, voiceover, etc. It is easy to use, and you’ll get a grip quickly.
  • Flex clip is easy, and creative, and gives you a perfect platform to create a professional video. Let’s have a look at the benefits of using it:
    • Not to mention that it is completely free. So it doesn’t charge you anything for the extremely good service.
    • You can trim your video without worrying about the quality.
    • You can add multiple videos to make a Collab.
    • It supports all the popular document formats that you may need.
    • It has many features to serve you the best.
    • Not to mention that it is completely free. So it doesn’t charge you anything for the extremely good service.
    • You can trim your video without worrying about the quality.
    • You can add multiple videos to make a Collab.
    • It supports all the popular document formats that you may need.
    • It has many features to serve you the best.


Filmora Review

For editing purposes, you can use Filmora. It is simple yet very powerful software.

  • Filmora is best for video editing at a professional level. It is not free, but it provides a free trial for one video. After that, you can make the best use of it. Wondershare developed it. Filmora is an application compatible with your Windows and macOS computers.
  • It has a large variety of features you would love to use.
  • A simple and beautiful editing interface.
  • It has an awesome Screen Recording facility. So you can explain the demonstrations well.
  • Noise cancellation feature.
  • Encoding and exporting.
  • Split-screen function.
  • The review has an advanced text editing function. For example, you can lower the clip audio wherever you want the audience to focus on the text.


You definitely don’t want to go for music subscription websites and pay every month for songs. You’re making a sales video that is a one-time investment. So AudioJungle would work best for you. It is a royalty-free one-time purchase.

  • AudioJungle is a part of the Envato market and was created in 2008. It has a wide range of songs to choose from. It also has a list of audio sound effects of industries, domestic, etc. It has more than 1.3 million music tracks and sound collections. It also gives a platform to artists who want to sell their songs. The legal structure will be taken care of by Envato.
  • The benefits of using AudioJungle are :
  • AudioJungle has the most prominent music library among all the royal free music systems.
  • You can rely on the search function. It gives accurate song length and price.
  • You can filter the music tempo.
  • It is at a reasonable price.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

HD video converter factory pro is a convenient tool for the conversion of HD videos into various formats suitable for different devices.

  • Every device supports a different format, and it becomes a tough job to maintain the flow. HD video converter factory pro makes it easier for you. You can comfortably change your multimedia file formats using this tool. It is excellent for screen recording as well.
  • Reasons you should have thought about this tool:
  • 500+ formats and devices are convertible.
  • So you get high-quality content. Compression doesn’t affect the quality.
  • Great for screen recording and video downloading.
  • You can download videos from 300+ websites.
  • It has a smooth video editing feature that is easy to use.
  • The users highly recommend it.

Envato Market

Another go-to site is Envato Market. It is one of the best sites for stock footage.

  • Envato is an online library where you can find millions of stock videos, clips, stock footage, templates, graphics, etc., at a very reasonable price. Envato is a huge community spread worldwide and is known for its innovative features. It is a great platform to showcase your talent. You can visit their site and buy or sell creative assets. Millions of people are already subscribed. You can hire freelancers and even learn new skills from their site. Visit their site to know more.
  • Some attractive points about Envato:
  • It is a Single-use commercial license.
  • You’ll get it at an affordable price.
  • You get an unlimited download subscription at a one-time payment.
  • It saves a lot of time so you can focus on other marketing strategies.
  • You get tons of facilities and features, including several templates, logos, videos, photos, audio, and many more.
  • It reaches 2+ million customers every year.
  • Envato is used by many recognized brands like Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Walmart, etc.

Now, you’re all set to make your own sales video. I believe I have covered all your anxieties here.

Let us have a look at the prospects that your viewers will get.

The audience would get emotional as they relate to your story and struggle. Then, they would forward the video to their close ones, and they’ll take relief to know that a solution to their problem exists. They’ll visit your page to know more about the product and be satisfied by the answer. Then, they would proceed and do business with you.

By making this sales video, you will humanize your brand. People would see, listen to and talk to your brand. And when they do so, they will make a personal connection with the brand. They’ll relate, feel, and love the product. And when people love something, they build trust and compassion. They create a long-lasting bond. This trust would lead to high demand and sales in the market.


You got all your answers to what, why, and how. I wish you the best of luck in implementing this strategy. Just make sure you know your target audience. It is an important note. Make the video according to their needs and thought processes. Keep your focus in the right direction, and you may succeed. Then, upload the video to all your social networks and send them via email as well.

Try to keep all the above points in mind while making the video. It will lead to a stunning creation. Remember to be unique in your work. Walk on a path that no one has ever traveled. Be unique. Be presentable. Be successful.

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