Top 7 Doodleoze Alternatives (Updated): Choose the Best Whiteboard Animation Software in May 2024

With more viewers showing interest in videos, Doodle videos have become one of the most powerful ways to appeal to customers. However, you must know that creating doodle videos need hiring some quality designers.

Since more people are involved in this, you know that it might take a lot of time to create, approve and finalize the videos. Thankfully now you have the Doodleoze that can help you create compelling videos in minutes.

This is an intuitive tool that enables users to create great videos in a few minutes. It also has a drag and drops editing features that make it accessible to everyone. Using this tool makes it easy for you to create professional-quality engaging doodle videos in a few simple steps. The entire task gets much easier.

With this amazing application now you get the freedom to create whiteboard, glassboard, blackboard, and green board doodle videos. One of the most amazing things about this tool is that you will not need any technical knowledge to use this tool and access its features.

Doodleoze Alternatives

The amazing features and the ultimate range of benefits make this software a great choice. So here we will have a look into the details of Doodleoze.

What is Doodleoze?

Doodleoze is an amazing user-friendly video-creating tool available in the market just a few times now. However, yet then this software is able to win many hearts.

This software has been included with a range of features like different designs that can be selected, options for creating videos, and many fonts. This all-rounder platform can help you to create some of the best quality doodle videos that you can use in your business to impress your clients.

Instead of wasting money on hiring video designers, it can be a great choice to consider this tool to create videos and save both money and time. Most commonly when it comes to video editing and creation by teams, it can consume a lot of money and time. Spending time on approvals and spending money can be eliminated with the use of this tool.

Doodleoze Pros & Cons:

Ease to use softwareCompared to others, it is limited
The range of features includedThis is not based on Saas
Availability of different boards
Room for making customization
A drag & drop builder
It is an affordable software
It is can download

Why should you go for the Doodleoze alternatives?

No doubt that you have the freedom to use Doodleoze for your respective purposes but if you wish, you can check some of the major alternatives of this. This will help you to make improved videos for your businesses.

Despite no such bad reviews that have been witnessed from the Doodleoze customers, keeping an idea of the alternatives can be a valuable choice. Therefore just to make sure that you will be able to create amazing videos, having knowledge of the alternatives can be a lot valuable.

So to help you find the right alternatives for Doodleoze, let us have a look at some of the most common alternatives that can offer valuable results.

Top 7 Alternatives To Doodleoze

You might be able to find a lot of names available in the market that can become a good choice for you. This Doodle maker or the whiteboard animation software is presented in tons which can make the process very hard. Therefore just to make sure that you can find the right tools, here are some of the major ones.


This whiteboard animation software is known to offer exceptional quality results. The Drag and Drop interface included in the software enables making sketches easily. While there will be a lot of software available for you in the option, Doodly is a name to stand out from the rest as it ensures ease of use even when it is a beginner. Irrespective of the type, Doodly can be a valuable voice to create any video type.

Doodly has a huge library of images that lets you choose any images that you wish and then drop them on the canvas. Rest, this software will sketch the entire thing for you. Besides custom images, you will also be able to upload the images. Post sketching, Doodly offers you the choice to add sound through their free library.


  • The monthly subscriptions are relatively lower considered to others
  • Doodly enables making quality videos without the need for undergoing a thorough learning procedure
  • For the users subscribed with the enterprise plan, they can get access to the huge library consisting of characters, soundtracks, photos, and props
  • This is a versatile tool that can be a good voice for a wide range of purposes


  • It consists of a huge library that includes the custom image and which is one of the most common reasons people love this software over others
  • This software has more than 20 poses and 200 different characters available
  • This software has nearly 20 backgrounds available and a range of props
  • Doodly offers you two sound slots, where the first one includes background music and another for the voiceover
  • This editor offers you the choice to tweak a range of things like deleting scenes, timelines, duplicating scenes, and a lot more
  • Sharing on different social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is compatible with Doodly. You can also share the videos with personal websites
  • You will be able to take benefit of the different styles of animation by making use of the range of boards like Chalkboard, Glassboard, Greenboard, Whiteboard, Custom board
  • There are 13 cartoonish hand styles and 15 various styles of real hand
  • You can take the benefit of making customized draw paths on any images that are imported into the software
  • Doodly also allows you to import and add SVG images to the software
  • You will find a range of tutorials on the official website to find knowledge along with taking advantage of the support desk


This animation software is available in two different pricing options named Enterprise and Standard

Enterprise: $40 (Annual Billing) and $69 (Monthly billing)
Standard: $20 (Annual Billing) and $39 (Monthly billing)

Doodly Annual Plan
Doodly Monthly Plan

Doodly Pros and Cons

Doodly ProsDoodly Cons
It becomes easy to create animations are a lot easierThere are fewer options for color images in the Standard plan
Even if you are not a pro at drawing, the huge library with images will make the work a lot of fun and easier. Doodly makes it possibleYou will not be able to use the software without an active internet connection
In case you are not able to find the right image for your need, you can easily import it from anywhere and use itThe voiceover is basic
It has been included with most of the things that are required to create a whiteboard animationThe cost of this software can away from the customers
It offers the best support to its softwareA 5 mins animation video can take almost 40 minutes to export
A lot of updates are available

Why You Should Go For Doodly Over Doodleoze?

Doodly has taken the market with ease because of the range of features that have been integrated into it. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, this software is able to compensate for the need of everyone without problems.

Doodly makes it easy to create Doodle videos on the different styles of boards available in this software. Offering the drag-and-drop feature makes it easier to use it without the need for having any professional backup. However, if the company decides to include more editing options in this software, it could become even easier for the customers with the least knowledge.


CreateStudio is another name for great video animation software for desktops compatible with both Mac OS and Windows can be a great choice for video creators. This fantastic video animation software offers the freedom to the creators to make optimum quality video contents that can be great for landing pages, social media, and much more.

This software is a good choice for people who own an agency or an individual who are in search of customized animation software for creating unique motion videos in a range of formats. Some of them are promotional videos, explainer videos in 2D and 3D formats, video ads for social media like logo strings and scroll stoppers, and doodle videos for your clients or for your YouTube channel.

Honestly, this is a great video animation software that can improve your social media engagement. It can actually save a lot of your time creating great animated videos for social media platforms.


  • This is a beginner-friendly software
  • Anyone can create quality animated videos with ease
  • Simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • You can create videos of any size


  • CreateStudio offers a quick downloading feature that comes with the starter guide for the different both Mac and Windows.
  • The inclusion of the easy drag-and-drop feature in CreateStudio enables you to make any edits easy for the beginners
  • Once you have successfully made the project, with CreateStudio you have the freedom to export them in a range of formats
  • Animation presets available in Create Studio enable you to animate anything and everything in just a few clicks
  • Making use of the motion builder features in CreateStudio, creating cool videos becomes much easier
  • The huge range of animated elements enables you to create and export a huge range of videos
  • The availability of the premade characters helps you to create any kind of video much easier than ever
  • You can improve the appeal of the videos with the use of amazing emoticons
  • Editing in greenscreen has never been this simple until the use of this software as it enables easy removal of colors and footage in just a few clicks
  • You can easily develop the animation and adjust the elements included in the videos
  • You will be able to add special effects to your videos and customize them immediately without facing the hassles


Front End$67Includes all the features required for creating
All-Access Pass$37/MonthsIncludes access to all of the assets, hundreds of premade templates, templates, and characters with 50 new characters, assets, and templates getting added every month
Pro Media Upgrade$47 to $97Includes the millions of audio, videos, and images and direct integration with Giphy, Pixabay, Unsplash, and hundreds of tracks
Agency License$197Include facilities that can be used by the team members

CreateStudio Pros and Cons

CreateStudio ProsCreateStudio Cons
A great choice for both advanced users and newbies due to its user-friendly interfaceNothing as such has been encountered yet
Create amazing quality videos in just a few minutes
A great choice for freelancers with is looking for an easier and more effective solution
Readymade quality animation templates are available to save your valuable time
Availability of animated scenes and characters
Money-back guarantee

Why should you go for CreateStudio over Doodleoze?

CreateStudio is a great software that allows you to use the software just by making a one-time investment. The range of features can be available just by paying a minimal amount. From my opinion and personal experience, I would definitely recommend this amazing software to everyone.

This will help you to take your online marketing to a whole different level without reaching out to your designers. Instead of investing time in hiring people, you can simply use the tool and create successful videos in just a few clicks.


DoodleMaker can be a good choice for people as this has complete control over video creation. Moreover, the software has been created in a way that the users do not face any restrictions in customization when it comes to making doodle videos. Moreover, the software has been created to ensure a smooth online activity.

Keeping everything in mind, Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar have made an amazing contribution to the video creation field with this fantastic software. Keeping in mind the need for people, this amazing doodle animation software ensures a great creation.

This doodle-making software can be an amazing choice to create doodle videos on a range of boards like a blackboard, glass board, and whiteboard.


While making use of DoodleMaker, the first thing that you will do is you will enjoy the range of advantages that enables making amazing quality videos for your business:

  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • All-rounder content marketing for videos
  • Integrated with a powerful AI
  • Ease of usability and understanding is again seamless
  • The software is beginner-friendly that ensures the easy creation of Doodle videos
  • Manageability is seamless due to the integration of technologies
  • Only in a matter of few minutes, you can create a videos


DoodleMaker has been specially created to ensure that you have complete control over the video creation. Moreover, this software has made sure that there is no restriction when it comes to customization of the doodle video content. Therefore it ensures you perform seamless activities.

Irrespective of whether you are making use of video animation software for your personal or professional use, the following are some of the features that can be thoroughly enjoyed by the users.

  • The software has been designed in a way that the users can enjoy being powered by AI
  • Mitigate the need of using more than one application and enable creating doodle videos for blackboard, whiteboard, and glass board within a matter of few minutes
  • If you have any existing videos, you can convert them into doodle animation videos seamlessly making sure about it become used for the coming generation especially the YouTubers
  • It has been engineered with a notable text-to-speech engine to improve the quality of the videos without the need for recording your voice.
  • No more need to hire a person who can talk in a specific language as the software has the facility inbuilt.
  • The videos that will eventually be created will seem like professional work by video animators.
  • The 300+ premade templates that you can select do not need any complicated skill to create a fantastic quality video.
  • Within seconds you can create videos with text, content pieces, or maybe a simple article on the whiteboard
  • Users are given access to the quality icons, images, and content so that they can create HD-quality videos
  • The prerecorded soundtracks available in the software can be used which include bells and whistles too
  • The videos will be stored in the cloud to meet the needs of the enterprises


Making use of the range of features included, you will be able to create doodle videos within a matter of a few minutes.

Doodle Maker Software License$49
Doodle Maker White Label Unlimited License$497
DoodleMaker Deluxe Upgrade License$49
Toon Video Maker App$59
Client Engine App$29

DoodleMaker Pros and Cons

DoodleMaker ProsDoodleMaker Cons
User friendlyThe huge number of options can become confusing for some
Does not take much timeWill need you to have the fundamental knowledge of video editing
Users can create unlimited videos
Different styles of videos can be created
Premade templates
Royal Free Music
Can be used by any businesses

Why you should go for DoodleMaker over Doodleoze?

DoodleMaker is known for being the simplest of apps that users can use to create some of the best quality doodle videos for their businesses. The amazing inbuilt tools that come with this software enable juicers to create an infinite number of quality videos. The outstanding features ensure making a minimum effort but acquiring the best results without facing any hassle. Irrespective of the business type and profession, this software is capable of offering impressive outcomes. It is an all-in-one video maker for users.

This budget-friendly and user-friendly software will become a lot beneficial for anyone. Since there are users of all ages and types, the software keeps in mind the need for being friendly. One who starts making use of this app gets accustomed to the ease it offers.


Renderforest is an all-rounder tool that has been designed to help users get the best from one tool. This amazing tool gives you the power to create logos, videos, slideshows, animations, intro videos, and much more. The best part is, everything happens on the same platform without the need for any subscription.

This fantastic tool was created with the agenda to empower people to create any type of media to ensure they make the best of their businesses without needing too much help. Even if you have the least knowledge, this tool makes it easy.

RenderForest has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes even the amateur use it and create flawless designs that can be effective for their businesses. A lot of things have been included in this platform that makes it a great choice for users to achieve their goals.


  • You can create professional-quality videos effortlessly
  • It has a simple and easy-to-understand user interface which is perfect for novices to create videos
  • The process happens in the cloud which includes storage hence no longer would you need to invest in new hardware to store your work
  • You will be benefited from a huge range of video templates
  • You can do quite a lot of things like uploading your images and videos and playing with colors
  • You can create videos for both personal or commercial use


  • You get hands-on with some serious audio tools
  • The media library is worth appreciating
  • You can get easy access to the social platform with the social sharing buttons
  • It supports HD resolution to make your videos even better
  • You can access the text overlay option
  • The impressive 3D elements included in the software make it worth the choice
  • You can use transitions and animation to improve your video
  • The amazing range of templates that offer the ability to customize helps you to create something best for the business
  • Included with the drag and drop editing mechanism makes it a great choice
  • You can find many privacy options
  • If you wish to include voice, you have the voice-over option


SD quality Videos Lite$6.99 billed monthly
Amateur$9.99 billed monthly
Pro$19.99 billed monthly
Agency$49.99 billed monthly

Renderforest Pros and Cons

Renderforest ProsRenderforest Cons
Very user-friendly to usePay-per-product pricing is on the higher side
Engineered with unlimited featuresLogo maker might not satisfy you
Can be used by anyoneSometimes rendering can delay
A great choice for influencers, YouTubers, and bloggersThere is no preview of 720p/1080p
800+ libraries for video templates
Smooth in use
Basic features are available in the free version
Get access to more than 500k stock videos
You can build amazing landing pages and websites
Can export a video of 30 minutes
Color customization is available
Templates are professionally designed
Nearly 40GB of storage
Custom fonts and great music tracks
Affordable pricing structure
Rendering is fast
Great customer support

Why you should go for RenderForest over Doodleoze?

If you want to know the reason that should compel you to choose RenderForest is that it offers limitless features. This is probably the reason why this software can become beneficial for businesses to create fantastic intros, animations, whiteboard videos, mockups, and a lot more in just a matter of a few minutes.

Besides this can be beneficial to create landing pages, ebook covers, visuals for social media, and a lot more. This is an all-rounder tool that mitigates the need for professional help. If you don’t have enough time or money to invest, you just have to pay attention to RenderForest and the rest will be taken care of pretty easily.


Animaker is a great tool that is known for being fantastic DIY animation software. This is mostly used for education, businesses, and marketing or for creating personal videos in a range of styles. This is a web-based software which means even when you don’t have to install anything you can still use it and enjoy the outcomes.

The simple format of the drag-and-drop interface enables it to edit or add elements along with the other templates which you can use to create an amazing video. Besides, the huge library holding characters, audio, images, and much more can be used for creating videos. This freemium software makes use of a subscription-based pricing structure.


  • It has an easy-to-use interface
  • Designed to use by both amateurs and pro
  • All the elements can be easily accessible
  • You can insert the royal free pictures
  • You have access to many icons, forms, texts, and other multimedia files
  • You have the freedom to download it
  • The social sharing buttons enable easy and fast sharing


  • There are 6 popular styles of video in one software
  • You can get benefitted from the huge range of character sets that are designed for fun, businesses, kids, teens, sports, teachers, and a lot more
  • The video infographic tool can be beneficial for marketing
  • You can enjoy the availability of five different styles of boards to create your video
  • The special effects are included for animation along with screen effects and props
  • The animation tools enable animating pretty easily


Free$0You have permission to create videos that last for two minutes. The limit is 5 exports can be made per day included with the watermark.
Personal$9/month (when you sign up for a year)
$12/ month (when paid monthly)
You can create videos up to 15 minutes in length and download them in HD and SD quality.
Startup$19/ month (when you sign up for a year)
$25/month (when paid monthly)
You can create videos up to 15 minutes in length included with other features and download them in HD and SD quality.
Business$39/ month (when you sign up for a year)
$49/month (when paid monthly)
You can create videos of up to 30 minutes in length and then download them in FHD, HD, and SD quality. This subscription model has some exclusive materials.

Animaker Pros and Cons

Animaker ProsAnimaker Cons
This is a very simple tool that does not need any learning curvesThe interface can be problematic
You can obtain great quality outcomesThe timeline does not have many options
Huge range of diversity in terms of templates, backgrounds, and characters
You have the freedom to upload images of your own
You will be able to mark the keyframes for every object in the timeline
More than a single person can work with this at a time
The tutorials make it a lot easier and improve the creation process
Customized the business packages

Why you should go for Animaker over Doodleoze?

Only with this software, Animaker will help you to let the enterprise teams create and collaborate on stunning and animated presentations by using the simple drag-and-drop option. Such an easy user interface can be valuable for amateurs to enjoy.

Getting access to the eight different visual tools, the biggest animated library and the amazing collection features for multi-users makes it the best choice to suit content creation.


VideoScribe is another amazing tool that enables creating the explainer videos and whiteboard animations. You will be able to create amazing videos that look exceptionally professional even when you don’t have any knowledge of creating animations.

This is the best style which is popular as “explainer” videos have recently become a lot popular for both education and marketing purposes. Upon testing the software, it has been witnessed that creating short videos can be beneficial for children these days. With all the features included with it, people with no experience can make use of VideoScribe to enjoy.

If you have an interest in creating animations for a web page for business, a video for educational purposes, an advertisement, and a lot more can be done using the software.


  • Easy-to-use and learn software
  • Range of pens and hands to use from
  • A clear user interface that lets anyone use the tool
  • A huge number of royalty-free sound library
  • Enables importing custom media
  • Different range of export options
  • A fantastic choice for non-profit organizations and freelancers


  • There are 9 different textures for the background
  • More than 13 different hands
  • Enables image customization
  • More than 7300 images
  • More than 13 different hands are available
  • Ability to create the 3 different charts
  • More than 250 audio tracks that are royalty-free
  • Export HD-quality videos
  • Record voice-overs for videos


VideoScribe’s pricing model has been differentiated into single and individual licenses. The variety of single licenses can easily suit most budgets.

Monthly Plan$35 per month which is billed monthly
Yearly Plan$14 per month when billed annually
One-Off$800 when, made a one-time payment

VideoScribe Pros and Cons:

VideoScribe ProsVideoScribe Cons
It has a very uncluttered and clean user-interfaceThe voiceover functionality can be a big trouble
The program is easy to use and learnThere are some graphics that will need an additional fee to use
Basic images are comprehensive
The sound library is royalty-free
Will be the ability to import media in different formats
There are a range of export options

Why you should go for VideoScribe over Doodleoze?

VideoScribe is one of the best whiteboard video creation software that can become beneficial for your purpose. It can be a great partner for creating some of the best video marketing content and explainer videos even when you are just starting with the video animation journey.

This can be recommended for anyone who is looking for software within a budget that can deliver outstanding quality videos. The easy-to-use functionality makes the software used easily a breeze. The video software is created for everyone from the novice to the experienced who wants to enjoy videos


Explaindio is video software that has been included with some of the top features and functionalities. The cheap and user-friendly software can be beneficial for everyone willing to enjoy a great video editing time.

This software has been initially advertised as a tool for internet marketers who have some knowledge of video creation. For the nonbusiness groups and educators, you will be able to enjoy the best with the use of Explaindio. This is another amazing whiteboard animation tool that can be used easily even when it can be expensive in use.


  • This animation software makes it easy to create professional sketching videos pretty much easy like the hand drawing on the whiteboard animation
  • You can easily create how-to animated videos which include HD video clips and whiteboard sketches
  • This whiteboard animation software helps you to include HD video clips and whiteboard sketches pretty easily
  • You can import the video clips inserted into the slides along with activating the sounds without the need for any external programs
  • This software lets you the freedom to create Tv commercial designs with an FHD background which you can overlay with characters, texts, images, and a lot more
  • This software has the ability to move and resize the animated elements on the videos just the way you want


  • You can create great video animations and then use your effort to sell the merchandise in 3D or 2D, full-motion, doodle, or explainer clips
  • You can create fantastic projects with animations and images
  • You will be able to use the many video creation wizards along with creating the projects making use of the instructions provided on the screen
  • You can load the slides or animation, animated GIFs, 3D objects, videos, sketch photos, bitmap images, and texts very easily
  • You can get access to amazing video effects like morph, erase, sketch, uncover, fly, animation, fade, text by letter, and presets
  • You can get the freedom to use the amazing inbuilt transitions for your video
  • Using frame by frame approach, you will be able to create the animations
  • Configure the video, texts, images, animations, and other outline settings
  • Offers you the freedom to put the contents and then check it entirely on the presets
  • You can play the clips using voice-over or music and can disable or enable the loop
  • Download the royalty-free images and footage available on Pixabay
  • You have the freedom to import the videos in different formats like AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, and MP4
  • You can easily switch to a different language interface
  • Instantly preview the ongoing work and then make the required adjustment before you produce the final product


Monthly Plan$37 per month
Yearly Plan$67 Per Year

Explaindio Pros and Cons:

Explaindio ProsExplaindio Cons
You will find a huge library with amazing premade scenesIt can become challenging for the beginners
User-Friendly timelineThe free media library is limited
You can use the elements pretty much easier with the precision controlAudio functionality needs improvement
You can improve your files from 3D creations to fonts

Why you should go for Explaindio over Doodleoze?

If you are willing to create animated videos for the purpose of marketing, Explaindio can be the right partner for you with a range of options available to get you to the finish line easily. You would not require the help of professionals as the software will do it for you.

Even when there are some shortcomings, the tool can still program daily and can let you create the type of video that you wish. With the editing features, you can now create high-quality videos without spending a huge amount of money on professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I have to download the software? Does Doodleoze work on Mac?

Yes. You can find the download link for the product. You have to directly install it on your computer and start creating your Doodle videos. The best part is, you can use this amazing software on both Windows and Mac.

What are the monthly charges of Doodleoze?

At the present time, this software is available in a single payment scheme. However, the founders intend to shift to monthly memberships in the coming time.

How many doodle videos do I have permission to create?

The best part of using this animation software is that you are not limited to creating videos. You can create as many doodle videos as you wish.

Can I install it on more than one computer?

No. With one license, you will be able to use the software on one computer. However, if you wish to use it on more than one computer, you can check the agency license. Even when it can add additional expense, it can give you access to the software from different software.

How much do I need to pay for the updates?

The updates are included by them without the need for paying extra irrespective of the license length.

Up To You:

In my opinion, I would not take a step back to say that I simply love the software. This is one of those very few software that allows you to create video content very easily. You can combine a lot of things like drawing images, full-motion videos, doodle animations, and all-rounder software and make some of the best attention-grabbing videos.

According to me, Doodleoze is one of the easiest software but there are many other alternatives as well that offer similar features. No wonder Doodleoze is fantastic, but in case you are not willing to go for this software, the many alternatives that I have mentioned will let you do similar jobs and even more.

No doubt that doodle videos have a huge demand. Hopefully, by now you have got a complete idea about the alternatives. All you need is to choose as per your requirements and enjoy creating fantastic videos.

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