DoodleMaker Review – Best Doodle Video Creator with Artificial Intelligence in August 2023

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When it comes to the strategy of online marketing, video marketing is the best! But for this, you have to make intriguing and unique video content and it is a work of hassle! Even some sort of technical knowledge, experience, and skill is needed. Otherwise, you have to hire a professional video content maker.

Now with the introduction of DoodleMaker, shed these worries from your mind. Unique video content can be made within a couple of minutes without any skill or knowledge. This all-in-one video-making tool is empowered by intuitive AI (Artificial Intelligence) so that professional Doodle videos can be made within a short span of time in over 30 languages.

Also, other features are there to make the tool user-friendly. Read on to know in detail.

DoodleMaker Review

DoodleMaker Review: Overview


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Doodle Maker is the fastest animated doodle video maker software that allows you to create doodle videos like a professional video animator without any need for learning complex animation skills.
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DoodleMaker Review Summary

DoodleMaker software is unique and the best doodle animation video editing software that is powered by artificial intelligence video technology. You should have Doodle Maker if you want to grow your online presence. Don’t miss the launch offer, totally risk-free as it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


DoodleMaker Review: What is the Doodle Maker Software?

Doodle Maker is actually unique cloud-based software that allows the creation of videos in about 30 languages. It doesn’t consume any additional time for making professional videos. You can easily design your video content according to your requirements and convenience.

This platform is widely used for making video content within a few minutes attaining the highest level of standards. It comes pre-equipped with 300+ Blackboard & Glassboard Video Templates and Whiteboards from the best of the industry. Any kind of video can be made by using this tool like marketing and promotional videos, training and tutorial videos, and whiteboard animated videos.  

DoodleMaker Review: Creator

This incredible video creation software, DoodleMaker is made and founded by three Award-Winning Tech Entrepreneurs & Marketers namely Ali Chowdhury, Sid Diwar, and Paul Ponna. They are the leading digital entrepreneurs serving this field for over two decades.

Also, these highly talented and experienced tech entrepreneurs have amassed numerous awards to sell outstanding products on digital platforms. They can easily make millions of dollars from a masterpiece every year. Doodle Maker is going to launch on 1st September 2020.   

DoodleMaker Review: Benefits

Now, it’s the time to have a glance at the outstanding benefits of this excellent video-making software from the following:

  • Creation of doodle videos within a few minutes
  • Seamless dashboard
  • Easily manageable due to fully-integrated technologies
  • Beginner-friendly doodle animation software
  • Easily understandable and easily usability
  • AI-infused video animation creator
  • An all-inclusive tool for video content marketing

DoodleMaker Review: Features

In this section of DoodleMaker, we are going to explore some of its remarkable features which will definitely benefit the users. So, let’s check:

DoodleMaker Features
  1. DoodleMaker is the first-ever video-making software powered by Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Use of one App for making glass board, blackboard, and whiteboard doodle videos. It eliminates the necessity for multiple designers or apps
  3. It allows the conversion of existing videos into doodle animation so that it can be used by next-gen users. (Built-in YouTube to Doodle Maker)
  4. The top-class Text-to-Speech engine is there for the creation of studio-quality videos in any of the supported languages. So, no need to record your own voice or come into the spotlight or hire an expensive camera or voice artists
  5. Being professional video animator software; video content can be easily made without any skill or knowledge of complicated animation skills (AI is there with 300+ custom-made images and impressive templates to make use of them)
  6. Any simple content piece, text, or article is enough to get started with the Doodle Maker whiteboard videos within a few minutes, and that too without any extra work
  7. Full access can be obtained to its library of thousands of high-quality content, images, and icons which are easily importable into the app for making HD-quality video content
  8. Access to the library of soundtracks for tailoring unique doodle videos with every sort of sound like whistles and bells
  9. Easy making of the standard quality doodle and whiteboard videos without any knowledge of animation or pricey computer software
  10.  Professional Advertising & Marketing associated soundtracks are provided by the DoodleMaker App to be used as the Video Background music
  11.  About 30+ languages are supported by the Doodle Maker allowing you to create video content in any given languages
  12.  Fully Drag & Drop software thereby diminishing the essentiality of technical expertise for using this software completely
  13.  Step-by-step training videos regarding how to use DoodleMaker are offered by Doodle Maker Team
  14.  Any watermark (logo) of your choice can be added with the use of DoodleMaker so that branding of the video or content becomes possible to offer a professional look
  15.  As DoddleMaker is the cloud Platform thereby the video creation is accepted by Amazon and Google servers making the entire thing much more secure than ever
  16.  24/7 efficient Customer Care support can be obtained with Doodle Maker so that any of your issues (including minors) can be solved instantly

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DoodleMaker Review: Watch the demo

DoodleMaker Review: Who can use it?

It is a video-making tool and is useful for people who are willing to draw the benefits of premium doodle videos for the expansion of their business. Even a video-creating agency can be set up relying on this tool at the same time.

Who Can Use DoodleMaker

So, the professionals who can be greatly benefitted from this tool are mentioned below:

  • Newbies
  • Content Creator
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Videos (VSLs)
  • YouTubers
  • Teachers
  • Online Businesses
  • Consultants
  • Bloggers
  • Increase Engagement
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Lead Generation
  • Educational Video Creators
  • Trainers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Freelancing
  • Facebook Ads
  • And Much More

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DoodleMaker Review: How to use

Any video can be converted along with the in-built Ai transition and voice effortlessly. Automatically this will start attracting more eyeballs and become the most attention-grabbing doodle video in 30+ languages online. 

Basically, it works in the form of 3 steps:-

All you have to do is to paste the YouTube URL or upload the video. The AI-empowered software will work on it magically within a few minutes. Then you can obtain high-quality HD doodle video with little effort. Even AI will allow you to create either a female or male voice for use in the content.

Interestingly, 100 voices can be used to utilize the compatibility of 30+ languages according to the demand. At last, this will be the game changer for you as your Doodle video content starts reaching millions of people out there so that you can earn huge profits.   

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DoodleMaker Review: Pros and Cons

So, as every component possesses advantages and disadvantages, Doodle Maker is not exceptional in that. Therefore, it is always advised to check the pros and cons of this software and in this section, we will exactly deal with that-

Pros (Merits)

  • Built-in Style Transitions
  • Affordable
  • Add your own watermark
  • Unlimited Usage
  • AI Video Translation Engine
  • Easy to use

Cons (Demerits)

  • Attributions are restricted for personal and front-end license

DoodleMaker Review: Pricing and OTOs

  • Doodle Maker Software – $69 one time
  • Doodle Maker Whitelabel Unlimited – $497 one time
  • Doodle Maker Deluxe Upgrade – $49 one time
  • Toon Video Maker App – $39 one time
  • Client Engine App – $29 one time

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DoodleMaker Review: Bonuses

DoodleMaker Bonuses

Get Instant Access to DoodleMaker with Exclusive Bonuses

DoodleMaker Review: Alternatives

Having a detailed look at this magnificent video creator software, we should know about some of its fine alternatives too. These are given in the following:

DoodleMaker Alternative 1:  Doodly

Doodly is the finest alternative to Doodle Maker! It allows for making video content by uploading your choice of images and providing them a personalized touch with its patent templates.

It comes with Smart Draw Technology that enables you to select the hand of a male or female along with its type for a perfect Doodle video. You can use your own voice for syncing it with the created video with a custom voiceover.

Doodle Maker Alternative 2:  Doodleoze

Doodleoze is one of the Doodle Maker alternatives. If you want to craft splendid eye-catching videos for expanding your business then, Doodleoze is the right choice for you! In just 3 steps, you can get your video content prepared to be used and shared.

It eliminates the necessity of using any specific software set, or technical experience, consuming much time, and spending plenty of money. It lets you gain 100% profit on conversion rate and lead generation. It is usable for numerous online marketing platforms! 

Doodle Maker Alternative 3:  Renderforest

Renderforest is actually a 4-in-1 software tool assisting designers and marketers to accomplish their job accurately. Whether it is mockup designing, animation video, or logo you can do it easily without any sort of experience. Even this tool provides a touch of professionalism in your video content. Furthermore, there is no need for coding knowledge or technical skill to make the video content as well.

DoodleMaker Alternative 4:  Explaindio

Explaindio is a reliable drag-and-drop video-creating software with which video content can be made within a few minutes. Although it comes at a reasonable price yet it allows for making the video content without any technical experience or training.

The 3D elements and pre-made text animations along with other features are there to make the job much easier for you! Even you can make 2D video content to be the player of your game! With this, numerous traffics can be obtained despite the business type and niche.

DoodleMaker Review: How to generate more revenue?

More revenue or money can be earned by making use of DoodleMaker. Open an advertising agency or become a freelancer to create various Doodle videos and start selling them to your clients. Even take some contracts to make the video content perfectly matched to their business type and size.

Make sure that you have tailored the content according to the demand of the clients. Even you can earn extra incentives of DoodleMaker bonuses if the product is purchased from your link. But certainly, there is much more to learn to make the experience of video marketing worthy and seamless. 

DoodleMaker Review: FAQs

Can Doodle Maker be used for content marketing purposes?

Of course, DoodleMaker can be used for the creation of videos according to the content so that more eyeballs can be achieved.

Is it a cloud-based app?

Yes, it is a cloud-based app that stores all content you make for a lifetime safely. Even you can obtain its access from anywhere and anytime.

Does it support iOS and Windows?

Yes, as the cloud-based solution, it fully supports every operating system including iOS and Windows. No update and no installation, just an uninterrupted Internet connection is what you need.

Does any training videos available with it?

Yes! Step-by-step training videos are included with it to let you know about the whole procedure and the ways to sell the videos at a high price.

Does it need any kind of technical expertise?

No, certainly not! It is equipped with tutorial videos so that you can understand and use this video-making software easily.

Is DoodleMaker offering any money-back policy?

Yes, in case the product can’t fulfill your needs you can claim a refund! However, it is only applicable for the first 30 days of purchase.

Can it be used for unlimited?

Only DoodleMaker Commercial allows the creation and selling of a number of video content as you want for almost every possible niche.

Does any discount offer by DoodleMaker?

Yes, many times it comes with exciting discounts so that people can opt for it easily.

Final words

It is sure that DoodleMaker is unique and innovative and assists in the rapid creation of doodle videos. Being powered by AI (artificial intelligence) the software becomes much easy to use with a wider array of attributes.

It is the only affordable and ideal video marketing tool that can accompany you to reach thousands of people by using your outstanding creativity. Hence, it can be the ultimate software companion for the video creation of the next generation.


Doodle Maker is the fastest animated doodle video maker software that allows you to create doodle videos like a professional video animator without any need for learning complex animation skills.

Price: 69

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Online

Application Category: Software

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