Doodly Vs Doodleoze: Find the Best Whiteboard Animation Software in May 2024

Being a professional video animator, I have to rely a lot on software. Basically, I need to switch to numerous software at different points in time. Being a techie, I love the exploration to take a dig into the features and review them so that newbies can understand which one to choose. With my long experience in reviewing, today I am going to take a huge challenge.

I have chosen the two most exciting video animation software namely- Doodleoze and Doodly and I am going to compare them to find out the best whiteboard animation software. I am so excited to share every bit of it with you. Are you curious to know which is going to be regarded as best in Doodly vs Doodleoze? So, don’t miss out to be a part of this comparison.

Doodly Vs Doodleoze

What is Doodly?

Doodly is one of the best whiteboard animation software allowing everyone to make realistic and professional whiteboard videos within a few minutes. Interestingly, you don’t have to be a techie like me or a professional animator to make the videos. There is no need to use complex software tools either as glass board animation, chalkboard animation videos, and whiteboard animation videos can be developed easily.

Even due to its expansion on social media platforms, one can reap its numerous features and benefits. It is completely laden with various features to make the videos professional and attractive.

What is Doodleoze?

Doodleoze is one of the alternatives to Doodly. It is a doodle animation video creation software stuffed with resources for making cupboard doodle animation, blackboard and green board, and whiteboard video clips within a few minutes. Over the years, I personally found this as a great option over others available in the market.

Who created Doodly?

Brad Callen and Jimmy Kim are the founders of Doodly. Brad is also the CEO and founder of Snaptactix. He has experience as a digital marketer for 8 long years. Later Brad becomes CEO and founder of Bryxen.

Recently, he is CEO of one of the leading writing service companies with over 250,000 writers from every corner of the world. On the other hand, Jimmy is the CEO of the leading Email Servicing Platform. Also, he is the COO of a fashion lineup based in Las Vegas.

Who created Doodleoze?

Andrew Darius is the person who comes up with a fresh idea named Doodleoze. He is regarded as the best product developer on JVZoo. He has successfully launched numerous products for the sake of the people. He is mainly known for introducing high-end products with simple interfaces.

Doodly vs Doodleoze: Key Features

Let’s compare the software on the basis of the features they individually have.

Doodly: Key features

Why wait to witness the amazing features of Doodly? Let’s see what they are;

A library of custom images

It is coupled with thousands of custom images given by professional graphic designers having 200 characters with 20 poses. Even you can get 20 backgrounds with hundreds of props as well

Royalty-free music tracks

Add sound as per your choice to your video content. It has only 2 soundtrack slots- one for background music and another for voiceover. Also, there is free space to try out the slots of your choice. With the Gold version, there are 20 tracks, and with Platinum and Enterprise, there are 40 and 80 tracks respectively.

Easy video addition

Doodly facilitates easy editing with the help of duplicating, deleting, and reordering. Hand drawing of the video and video style editing both is available with this software. It caters to fast editing with timing given on the right side when you added an element.

Easily customized share and export feature

The video content made through Doodly can be shared with friends and uploaded on various social media platforms. You can customize the destination, quality, and resolution of the content and share it to reach a large target audience on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Easy to use

A short learning curve is what is needed to use this software. But each tool you need to make the video can be found on the screen after you open it for the first time. It eradicates the requirement of experience and technical sounds.

Various hands

Doodly equips with multiple hands to make the job of making whiteboard animation videos easier than ever. Surprisingly, to render the custom effect it has both male and female hands of various skin colors and sizes. It’s quite appealing, Nah?

Doodleoze: Key features

It’s time to have a look at the feature of Doodleoze as we do for Doodly:

Limitless video

No limitations or capping to develop unlimited video content of your choice.

Industrial rights

You can get a commercial license at no additional cost. So, by making video content for your clients you can gain 100% of its revenue for yourself.

No need for technical skills

No need to have any special technical ability to technically sound to use whiteboard animation videos using this software. Just follow the simple 3 steps to get your conversion-boosting and attractive videos.

PC software

You can download and install its desktop software to use both on a PC and MAC. You have permission to access about 500 professional doodle sketch pictures free of cost. Also, you can use 310+ fonts and 250+ Text Animations.

Doodly vs Doodleze: Impeccable Benefits on your Embarking Journey

Have a look at what you are going to receive while stepping into the industry of video marketing with these animation tools.

Benefits of using Doodly

So, after knowing the features of both of the software, it’s time to crack the remarkable benefits of both of them. Let’s start with Doodly!


Doodly is really affordable over hiring an animation expert for making your video. It comes with every paid subscription option- yearly, monthly, and one-time payment for accessing its A to Z features.

Easy usability

No need to have any specific skill or knowledge for use Doodly! It possesses a simple user interface with drag-and-drop navigation.

Huge library

The enterprise plan comes with a spectrum of props like soundtracks, photos, and characters. Software is daily updated by the creator giving you access to more content every day! It changes the image into an animated form.


It is quite versatile as you can use it for any presentation type, book reviews, ads and instruction, and tutorial videos. In this way, you can get more views for your channel on YouTube.

Support custom images

It has custom images for making animated videos for statistical information, symbols, and mathematical images. It can’t support mathematical images and other symbols hence you need to import them from other sources.

Benefits of using Doodleoze

Why not look at some astonishing benefits of using Doodleoze? Let’s get started then:

Attractive pricing

It can be purchased only for $29 for the whole year making it an almost unbeatable aspect.

Simple process

It relies on 3 easy steps- create, customize and export. So any technical skill is not important at all.

No restrictions

You can make unlimited videos without any restrictions after getting the plan.

Commercial and personal use

You can use it for both personal and commercial purposes and its usage is completely your private choice and decision.

Compatible with all devices

It is available in downloadable desktop software and compatible with all operating systems like Mac and Windows.

Now, we’ll see who is going to the most benefit from using this video animation software below.

Who should use Doodly?

There is no necessity to buy each tool that will launch and come your way. Instead of that invest your money in such a tool which is rare. Doodly is the right one to be used for the people of every sector. Even freelancers and graphic designers can use it too for commercial purposes or to meet the demand for relevant marketing videos.

In this way, you can get more projects along with clients. With the incorporation of Doodly, you will be able to create unique videos for displaying your portfolio and skills. Doodly is better to use for the blogger as well.

You can send messages to the audience in a more convenient way. It helps in creating animated videos to promote user engagement and awareness. Use the videos for Videoscribe, Dropbox, and YouTube channels for better outcomes.

Who should use Doodleoze?

Any person who keeps interested in video marketing can use Doodleoze. It incorporates them to create and manage tailor-made videos. Being coupled with a drag-and-drop feature, it offers excellent characteristics.

With several formats, massive ready-to-go assets massive storage, and 4 video types it is a straightforward and powerful video maker. So, lots of marketers are getting inclined to it on a daily basis to finish the job accurately in less time period!

Doodleoze Vs Doodly: Pricing

When it comes to price, most video marketer prefers the one which gives more features at an affordable price range.

The Doodleoze pricing is very straightforward. Today, this video creation application offers two types of license prices for their doodle video animation software.

  1. Doodleoze personal license for $47 only. This is a one-time payment with a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Doodleoze commercial license for $67 only. This is a one-time payment with a 14-day money-back guarantee.
Doodleoze Pricing

Doodly comes with a monthly payment option. Originally, it takes $39/month and $69/month for the Standard and Enterprise versions respectively.

Doodly monthly Plan

Occasionally, you can get the Doodly Facebook promo at a one-time fee which does not remain available. But when you give an annual fee, the software will really cost $20/month and $40/month for Standard and Enterprise versions respectively.

Doodly Annual Plan

On the other hand, Doodleoze’s pricing structure is quite simple with just $29/year for video creation along with the commercial license. Now say, which one do you choose?

Doodly vs Doodleoze: Pros and Cons

Don’t miss out to check the pros and cons as these are key concerns.

Pros and Cons

Now, we will take a dig at the pros and cons of Dooly vs. Doodleoze to choose the better option.

Doodly: Pros

  • You can find thousands of free custom images to use and personalize them as per your choice
  • The videos made using this software can be used for many purposes ranging from book reviews, ad making, instruction videos, and much more
  • It has a massive library comprising readymade customizable props, soundtracks, photos, and other characters for easy curation of video content
  • It had to drag-n-drop features for keeping the usability simple and easy
  • The plans are available at different rates and you can make it through an annual, monthly, or one-time payment

Doodly: Cons

  • You can’t find any colored images in the Standard version
  • It is completely cloud-based and so you must have a seamless internet connection to use the software in its best form
  • A separate tool is needed for recording voiceover and using it in the video you are making at present

To know more details about Doodly, Read our Doodly Review Post

Doodleoze: Pros

  • Create easy and fast doodle videos
  • Save money while making the videos for self-usage or to cater to marketing projects
  • You are access to animations including everything comprising of various effects
  • Free updates to v1 without spending any money at full license length
  • Complete support from the software support center
  • Risk-free ordering with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Doodleoze: Cons

  • The learning curve is somewhat extra large
  • It is not possible to install it on multiple devices with a license

To know more details about Doodleoze, Read our Doodleoze Review Post

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, I must say that both of these software are incredible in their own prospect. Doodleoze is better as it has loads of features with just a one-time payment. On the other hand, Doodly is unique not only with its plan but also with its world of distinct features.

Video marketers with a little budget can prefer Doodleoze and if you have projects to finish with various unique animations then Doodly can be your perfect choice for its different plans to cater to your needs individually. So, I prefer Doodleoze, what about yours? Let me know!

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