Doodly Review: Best Doodle Whiteboard Video Creator in May 2024

In the 21st century, people get totally relied on Google to look for any information. Actually, the business owners also want that their customers get an impression about their business online. It will clear all their doubts and confusion regarding any brand to opt for their services or products.

Whereas numerous types of content are there to catch the attention of the visitors, video is leading the list these days. Obviously, you have to make relevant, informative, and intriguing video content to keep the visitors engaged so that it can directly impact the site.

Doodly Review: Best Whiteboard Video Creator

With a number of video creation software, Doodly can be your ultimate choice as you don’t have to learn video editing or creating additionally to use it. Moreover, it is a complete package that enables the creation of video without any knowledge and in a couple of minutes. Before using this software know more about it from this blog.

Doodly Review: Overview


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Doodly is an efficient drag-and-drop video animation software allowing everyone to create various video content without any sort of technical knowledge. Finally, the product will be amazing and seamless as well as informative videos.
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Doodly Review Summary

Doodly is an efficient doodle video creation software to create a whiteboard, blackboard animation video, and marketing video creation software with complete drag and drop options. Overall doodle is good enough for doodle video creation software.


Doodly is efficient drag-and-drop video animation software allowing everyone to create various video content without any sort of technical knowledge. Finally, the product will be amazing and seamless as well as an informative video.

It will seem that it is made by any professional video maker. Loads of features are there to use in your video to make it perfect for promotion at the same time in no time.

Doodly Review: Creator

The CEO and founder of Bryxen, a software company, Brad Callen was asked by her daughter every night whether she could create Doodle videos or not! Astonishingly it strikes the mind of Brad and he developed Doodly with the collaboration of Jimmy Kim, CEO, and Founder of Snaptacix.

Brad Callen is popular for his outstanding knowledge of SEO whereas Jimmy is an experienced Digital Marketer. They have founded other software as well but separately.

Doodly Review: Features

The superb range of features of Doodly which make it the ideal video-creating software is mentioned below:

  • Templates
  • Reporting
  • Social Sharing
  • Image Library
  • Customer Support
  • Training and Support
  • Export/Import Database

Doodly Review: Benefits of features

The ways feature benefit the user are discussed in this section. Let’s have a glimpse of it from here.

Video creations with Props, Characters, Scenes, and Texts- For making an explainer video several elements are essential to stuff in the video. All these make the video content more informative, illustrative, and easy to understand. It possesses a huge library of professional props and characters to be used in the content. Even varied text styles and font options are available to make the video more appealing.

Professional Video Editing Features- Actually editing a video is the most daunting job ever. The syncing of visuals, voiceover, and sound is to be checked frequently. Accordingly reordering is to be done. Doodly allows easy drag and drop facility for so. Even duplicating or deletion is easy as well. Change can be made to graphic style and scene transition at the same time.

Exporting the Movie as MP4 files- Sometimes a clip of an animated video becomes necessary to be cropped in MP4 file form. Doodly allows this facility in normal, 1080p, or Full HD quality. However, rendering and exporting consume much time is its only setback. But when it caters too much a bit of wait is tolerable, right?

Supported by Step-by-Step Instructions- Doodly is stuffed with numerous video illustrations for assisting novice creators in making video content. By following you can come to know about technical terms and proper usage of every available as well.

Uploading facility of respective Sounds and Images- If needed, you can upload some selective images and sounds on your own for the personalization of the video. Training content can be also made in multiple languages to promote the brand. But relevancy is a must which you have to consider!

Doodly Review: Who can use it?

Doodly is an excellent doodle video-creating software for any person who wants to make videos without any skills or knowledge in this regard. It helps in making professional and realistic videos within a couple of minutes by the following people:

  • YouTube Marketers
  • Teaching and Training Experts
  • Facebook Advertisers
  • Sales Videos (VSLs)
  • Animation video creators
  • And others

Doodly Review: How it works

This full-fledged video-creating software allows both professionals and newbies in creating explainer videos. The exclusive and astonishing features of the software enable customizing the images, sound, and media according to your need. Even video can be exported in multiple resolution options ranging from 360-1080p at an interval of frame seconds of 24-60.

However, it can be changed as per the preferences. With this software, the video app can be created on the basis of 4 options- Glassboard, Chalkboard, Greenboard, and Whiteboard. On selecting the background, video editing features will be popped up in the 3-column interface.

The canvas will be there in the center with the left appearance of the text. The right one is stuffed with varied media items with varied scenes. A number of props and character options are there to create professional explainer videos in the shortest time possible.

Doodly Review: Price and OTOs

Doodly hasn’t any trial version. You have to pay minimal rent to use it. However, two different packages are there to opt for Enterprise and Standard which can be availed at either an annual or monthly rate.

  • Monthly for Standard- $39
  • Monthly for Enterprise- $69
  • Annual for Standard- $20/month per month
  • Annual for Enterprise- $40/month per month

Doodly Review: Pros and Cons

As with other software, Doodle also comprises numerous pros and cons. We shall discuss this in the below section:

Pros (Advantages)

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Availability of numerous scene transitions, props, and characters
  • Easy customization and editing facility for videos
  • Top and professional quality videos
  • Can be included several fonts, audio files, and other JPEG, and PNG files

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • Voiceovers can be recorded individually
  • Slow videos rendering
  • Quite expensive
  • Editing is not possible for specific items like props and characters

Why do you buy from us?

With us, you can rest assured of:

  • Obtaining quality Doodly software
  • Full customer support team to contact whenever needed
  • Let you know the varied available pricing structure
  • Offer discounts if available and possible
  • Free software updates
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

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Doodly Review: Alternatives

There are numerous alternatives to Doodly that can be found in the market. The leading and most useful ones are discussed below for your reference:


Doodlemaker is an advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that assists in the automated transformation of any content or text in vibrant colored doodle videos within a few minutes. Transformation is possible for any language at the same time.


  • 300 ready-made templates
  • Photo to sketch converter
  • Full HD 1080P videos
  • Single-click language translation
  • Drag-n-drop video editor


  • Click rates and online traffic get drastically increased
  • Captures the attention of the viewers
  • Sales and conversions boost naturally
  • Seamless business extension


Renderforest is an all-in-one tool for branding and promoting your business online. It mainly assists in acquiring positive reviews from different social networks and websites. So, a website gets much-needed attention from visitors through video animations, professional logos, slideshows, and infographics.


  • Media Library
  • Customizable Branding
  • Animations
  • Templates
  • Drag-n-drop


  • Cloud-based
  • User-friendly
  • A wide collection of templates


If you want to create amazing and attractive doodle sketch videos then Doodleoze is your right companion. You can create as many videos as you want in just 3 steps. Every type of video content can be created with the help of this software.


  • Unlimited Videos
  • Commercial Rights
  • Desktop Software
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials
  • No necessity for Technical Skills


  • Special Pricing
  • Free Lifetime V1 Updates
  • 245+ Text Animations with Different Effects
  • Available for every OS
  • Creation of unlimited Doodle videos

Doodly Review: FAQs

What is the minimum time to create simple video content on Doodly?

The minimum time required for making simple video content on Doodly is 60 seconds.

In which device it is compatible?

It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Is it downloadable and usable free of cost?

It can be downloaded for free but can’t be used free of cost. In fact, it has no trial version for a short span of time. So, on installing it you have to choose any of the available plans. Check out the pricing section for purchase.

Is it safe to order?

It is completely safe to order. In case you have a doubt regarding its benefits then, send the receipt as the courteous refunded money will be issued promptly. But this facility is not applicable after 30 days of purchase. So aware of that!

Are Step-by-Step instructions given to us?

Obviously, it is loaded with numerous video tutorials stating a step-by-step guide so that you can use it properly and perfectly. It is highly beneficial for the newbies and inexperienced ones in this field.


Doodly is no doubt outstanding whiteboard animation software making the entire task easier for novice creators. With the help of regularly explained video content, the task can be finished easily by utilizing numerous options easily. It may be expensive for the irregular user, otherwise, it’s a great investment for daily users to gain huge traffic and conversion rates for your website.

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