5+ Best Tools to Create Doodle Videos Easily in August 2023

Want to create doodle videos?

Videos are the new need for the age and nothing like the Doodle videos can be more beneficial than people looking forward to getting more engagement.

Studies also have shown that engaging videos are able to generate a huge number of leads and encourage conversion. Doodle videos, upon that, have a significant impact on educating clients.

I, personally, have been using the Doodle videos to improve engagement and the results are really overwhelming. Somehow, these videos double the opportunity to get visibility.

Perhaps, you are here to acquire detailed information about the Doddle Videos and Software that can be beneficial for you. Well, let’s not waste any more time and have a look into the details.

First comes first,

What is Doodle Video & Best Tool to Create Doodle Video

What is Doodle Video?

Doddle Videos are the new-age video needs for viewers. These are a kind of training or marketing videos. These are also popular as Whiteboard Animation Videos.

If you go back to 2009 before the advent of Doodle videos, Whiteboard animation software was not available. These are popular ways of creating videos especially if you want to create marketing campaigns.

This became a revolutionary move for the explainer video creators. This is another extremely unique form of creating animation videos where a hand draws to explain the marketing message.

It is a combination of both watching the hand draw and explaining the message along with listening to the message. Since viewers can easily engulf the messages and information using Doodle videos, these days marketers are mostly into following this approach to generate more customers.

Why do you need Doodle Video?

As mentioned earlier, this is perhaps the simplest tool to generate a huge number of customers in the easiest way.

Doodle videos make use of cartoon figures to convey a message or story – as studies show that stories are the simplest ways to draw the attention of people. It can tell people about crucial facts like the benefits and features.

When a viewer is watching the handwriting, they wait for a second, and gradually their brain starts figuring out the world. The curiosity builds engagement and they keep watching.

Besides, not only do businesses want viewers but they would want to retain them and doodle videos are most likely to retain the eyes. This makes sure customers get to know about you and reduces the bounce rate as well.

This can eventually build trust in the business and convert them into loyal customers. Doodle videos ensure to stay longer on the website.

Who should use Doodle Videos?

In the digital world and when marketing is in its full form, people from different walks of life can use the doodle videos for their marketing requirements.

Whilst there are several people who can use it, here are some of them who can especially find a great improvement in their professional career using the Doodle videos.

Some of them are:

  • YouTube Marketers
  • Teaching and training
  • Facebook advertisers
  • Content Creators

Anyone who is willing to convey their story to the world can make use of the Doodle videos.

Best Tools That Allow You To Create Doodle Videos:

Just as mentioned above, Doodle Videos has unimaginable growth in the market, and hence when used for your purpose, it can proffer unmatched results.

But the biggest question is again, which is the best tool to use to create enticing Doodle videos with ease? Even when the market will offer you unlimited options, here we will find out some of the best choices that you can use to create engaging doodle videos.

CreateStudio Pro:


No doubt, CreateStudio is obviously the first and indispensable choice when it comes to creating fantastic Doodle videos with ease. This is one of those very few tools that have the ability to let you create fantastic videos in the simplest of ways.

With the multiple choices of hands available in this tool, you can use the cartoon format to convey your business message to the audience. All you need is to type your text and the hand will work accordingly.

This tool has some amazing features that let you create whatever you wish for your video. Starting from being compatible with both MAC and Windows, everyone has the freedom to use it. Next to this, the Animation creator, Emojis, Green Screen, motion builder, and a lot more are some of the features included in the tool. One of the best Whiteboard animations with text-to-speech features.

No denying that CreateStudio is an easy whiteboard animation software but to make it even clearer to you, let us have a look at the steps to create a fantastic Doodle video.

How to Create Doodle Video with CreateStudio?

Creating Professional videos has become simpler with the advent of CreateStudio even when you are not a professional videographer. This Doodle video maker lets you create a video within a few simple steps.

Let’s check the steps that let you create a fantastic result.

  1. After you have downloaded and installed the software on your system, you need to open the software.
  2. In the Dashboard, you will find “Create New Project” and type the details required. After you have made the input, you have to then click on the “Create Project Now” button.
  3. In the next step, you will find a new dashboard where you can make videos. The right side contains the Project settings which you can use for any kind of adjustments required.
  4. You can change the background. You can simply import a paper image and just drag and drop the image to the canvas to manage the background.
  5. On the left corner, you will find the “Doodle Effect.” Simply click on the + sign to add the Doodle effects.
  6. You can simply choose any hand to make a fantastic video or can simply create without a hand.
  7. On the bottom, you can drag to adjust the duration of the transition.
  8. Now you can add an image to the video by simply clicking on the Image available on the dashboard.
  9. Next, you can click on the “Menu” and then “Edit path” to draw the points on the image. Simply hold the Shift and Click the points to create the path you want.
  10. After you are done, you can click on “Finish” and then preview. Besides, if you want to adjust the duration, you can do it by changing the hand type.
  11. You can include characters and draw them in a similar way as mentioned. However, if you find some missing points in the characters, you can simply “Unmask” and make it perfect with a click.
  12. You can add text and add the doodle effect of Text as well. Now you can also hold Shift and drag horizontally or vertically to get the perfect animated video.

It is as simple as that!

Now that you have known the way to create a Doodle Video, you must be thinking about the types of videos that can be created.

Videos that can be created with CreateStudio:

CreateStudio is the one-stop solution for creating any sort of video that you need to outshine the competitors.

Explainer Videos:

Explainer videos are short-form videos that are mostly used for the purpose of marketing and sales where the company highlights services or products that are shown in a compelling manner. Using doodles to create explainer videos can become valuable for businesses to improve engagement.

Scroll Stopper Videos:

When it comes to scroll-stopper videos which are an amazing way to grab the attention of the audience, CreateStudio is undeniably the very best choice. The content can be created in the finest way that compels viewers to stop scrolling and have a look at the offerings. This is one of the best ways to grab attention.

Promotional Videos:

Promotional videos are another kind of video that is created for promotion. If you are willing to promote something or initiate specific marketing or event, promos can be a great way to promote. These are available in various styles which are highly effective in drawing customer attention.

Stomp teasers:

These are again other kinds of videos like teasers that you can use to create for a brand or business to show upcoming events. These are teasers that generate curiosity thereby compelling viewers to stick to your brand.

Text Animations:

These are again a kind of video that enables you to create moving letters or paragraphs or words. These are put in animation format with motions, backgrounds, music, and patterns to grab the attention of viewers. When it comes to conveying some message, it can become a great way to put it in front of customers.

Intros & Outros:

Just as we all know the first impression is the last impression, similarly with a booming intro you can dazzle your viewers. CreateStudio makes it happen for both intros and outros.

YouTube Motion Graphics:

If you are a YouTuber or you are willing to promote your business through YouTube, trust me the YouTube Motion graphics that you can do with CreateStudio let you create some jaw-dropping videos. Even a dull video can look interesting with the elements in this software.



DoodleMaker is another mind-blowing software for people who are willing to create some engaging Doodle videos. This easy whiteboard animation software comes with AI integration that lets you create the videos that you want.

With some of the unmatched features included in the animation video creation software not only you will be able to create doodle videos but also you can have an unmatched experience. Even when you are inexperienced, this software lets you create anything and everything with ease.

Not only will you be able to create whiteboard videos, but there are also options for making black and glass board videos with this software. Besides, the human-like voice-overs available within the software give a human touch to every video that you are creating. With the least learning curves now anybody can create a video just the way they want.

We know the features are truly unmatchable but let us have a look at the way to create fantastic videos with the DoodleMaker software.

How to Create Doodle Video with DoodleMaker

  • Once you have registered, you will be watching the dashboard with a few options. Start with my click on “Start from Scratch”. Click on the “New Project From Scratch”.
  • Provide a “Project Title” and just below you have to put the slide. You can either choose the voiceover or write the script to create the slides. . For more than 1 slide, you need to click on “Add a New Slide” and keep adding.
  • On the right side, you will find the settings that you can use for customizing your videos. Starting from Soundtrack to Language to Scene Background to Icon Type to Hand Style. Once you are done with the customization, you can click on “Save”
  • The next page will appear with the icons and images that have been scanned by the AI as per the words you have entered in the script. You can use them, delete them, or add new ones. For each slide, the AI will find the icons.
  • You can make the changes in the videos from this step as well with the settings available on the right side. Once you are done and happy, you can Preview it or simply click on Create.

In case you don’t want to waste time on creating your template, you can easily click on Use Ready-Made Template and create your video within a few minutes.

So it will take hardly any minutes to create a compelling video for your business. Let us now have a look at the type of videos that you can make.

Videos that can be created with DoodleMaker:

Sales Videos:

Sales videos are one of the most common types of videos used by businesses to promote their business or products to potential customers. These are totally made with the intention to improve sales by keeping the video simple and personalized.

YouTube Videos:

If you are looking forward to creating a great YouTube channel with some amazing videos that can engage customers, DoodleMaker can be an ideal software to start.

Sketch Logo Openers:

This is one of the most unique ways to create visually appealing logos for a brand. With the help of the DoodleMaker now you can add Sketch logo openers in the videos with motions and backgrounds to create that wow effect in the viewers.

With so many kinds of videos that DoodleMaker allows you to make, you can definitely bet on the software to create an engaging and outstanding video for businesses.



We cannot forget Doodly when it comes to Whiteboard Animation Software. This is one of those tools that enable the creation of professional and realistic whiteboard animation within minutes. No more will you have to rush to the professionals to create a video, as Doodly is here to serve.

Whether you are technically skilled or now, Doodly enables creating doodle sketches even with the least technical knowledge. In fact, the best part about this Whiteboard sketch animation software is that you will not require months to create a video but just a few minutes.

With this feature-rich software, creating doodle videos becomes simpler. Doodly lets you create videos and cuts the limitations that come in between. Not only whiteboard animations are there to impress, but also you have the freedom to use black, green, and glass board for your videos.

Indeed Doodly is one of the best whiteboard animation software that lets you create doodle videos. But if you are thinking about how to create animated doodle videos, the go-ahead with the steps.

How to Create Doodle Videos Using Doodly?

  • After you have downloaded and installed it, you need to open the software where you will be redirected to the dashboard.
  • To start creating your videos, you need to click on the + sign available on the top. Upon clicking, you will be provided with four options for boards Whiteboard, Chalkboard, Glassboard, and Custom. You can choose any.
  • Suppose we choose a whiteboard and proceed ahead. Immediately, you will be taken to the new dashboard.
  • On the left side, you will be provided with uncountable options that you can choose to use in your video. From scenes to characters to props to text to Royalty-free music, everything is available on one screen. You can also upload your own images, props, and music if you wish.
  • All you need is to choose the characters or props and put them together by doing minimal adjustments. Layer it to make it look real and you have your character ready.
  • You can use the range of hands available and also the screen transition to offering a realistic feel to the videos.
  • The easy and intuitive timeline enables you to drag and drop the scenes wherever you wish to create a story that you want.
  • When you are uploading your own image, make sure you draw the paths to guide the hand movement and make it feel like a realistic drawing movement.
  • Once you have completed including texts, props, and other elements, you can click on the Export video in a variety of sizes and qualities.

Doodly is one of the easiest Doodle animation software for making Doodle videos. In some simple steps, you will be able to create some of the most compelling videos of any type within minutes.

But what are those types of videos?

Videos that you Can Create Using Doodly:

  • YouTube Videos
Sales Videos

Presentations: This is one of the types of videos that can be used in different sectors, especially in the areas where training and teaching are required. Doodle presentations can be a great way to teach because it is visual and audio at the same time.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook has an immense capacity to draw the attention of customers and when you make Doodle videos for Facebook ads, you will be able to draw double the attention of viewers.

Entertainment Videos:

Not only can Doodly become a groundbreaking professional video tool but also it can be used for personal reasons to create entertaining videos. You can surprise your dear ones on their birthdays and anniversaries with the doodle videos.

Doodly is one of the amazing Doodle video makers available in the market to create Doodle videos. So just download it today and impress the audience with the fantastic doodle sketches.


VideoCreator Review

VideoCreator is another comprehensive and advanced video animation software that has included outstanding features. With the use of this tool, now you will be able to create different kinds of videos that can help you reach varied marketing goals.

This is one of those very few software that can meet the different marketing requirements. You can create next-gen animations, use 3D elements and create transitions that are enough to create some compelling videos.

In the era where short videos are able to attract massive attention, VideoCreator can be a valuable addition for marketers when it comes to creating different types of videos. In the world of video marketing, why stay behind or pay a hefty amount to the videographer when you can do it?

Indeed this is a great choice for creating Doodle videos, but do you know the steps?

How to create Doodle Video in the VideoCreator?

You can create videos in just a few seconds and in just a few steps with this amazing Doodle video maker.

  1. Click on the template that you wish to choose for your video.
  2. After that, you can import the image that you wish to use for the video.
  3. Next to these, you can add text to the video and choose a desirable font and language for your video
  4. Next to this you can customize the video and add your personal touch to it.
  5. Once you are done personalizing, you are one to proceed and your video is ready.
  6. You can create any type of video like this. Besides the explainer video, you have the add-on voiceover feature that enables you to add your voice and make the video even more interesting.

Now that you have learned the basic ways to create amazing videos, you must know the kind of videos that you can create from this video editing software.

Other Videos You Can Create With VideoCreator:

  • Explainer Videos
  • Promo videos
  • Intros & Outros
  • Animation video
Scroll Stopper Videos:

One of the most powerful ways to attract video attention and engagement. Scroll-stopper videos are incredible for social media for any purpose.

Motion Tracking Videos:

This is again another incredible way to promote something or convey a message to the viewers. These videos make use of real live people and can be a great promotion. The best thing about it is even when it looks like a real video, every element is customizable. Apart from the logo, the background picture can also be changed.

Flip Books Videos:

This is probably one of the rare ways to promote. This means that now you can create brochures like videos which makes it convertible. The conversions achieved are absolutely great. You can change the styles of such videos.

Conversational Videos:

Now with VideoCreator, you can create conversational videos. This is something that seems like live texting and communication. As proven, these have the ability to grab the attention of viewers and thereby enable high conversion rates.

Local Business Videos:

Now you can create your local business videos using the template that the Doodle animation software has. All you need is to change the logo and text, and do some customization to achieve the looks and feel that you are looking forward to for a great local business video.

FB cover videos:

If all these days you were thinking that you have to put so much time and money into creating cover videos for Facebook, then VideoCreator is the right choice of animation video creation software.



Animaker is another amazing inclusion when it comes to creating DIY animation videos. This Doodle animation software enables the creation of different types of videos for marketing, business, personal, and education purposes with ease. You can do anything in a range of styles with this fantastic software.

This is a web-based software that does not have high learning curves. You can easily get started with it and use several elements to create engaging videos. The simple drag-and-drop functionality enables easy creation and the making of a video just the way you like.

The extensive library available in this enables you to include audio, video, characters, and much more for your video. Trying this fantastic Doodle animation software can transform anyone into a videographer.

Now that you have known a bit about Animaker, let us have a look at the way to create videos on Animaker.

How To Create Doodle Video In Animaker?

Creating Doodle videos in Animaker is perhaps the simplest. It does not require one to have extensive knowledge of using such high-end tools. In five simple steps, this Doodle video maker can create a compelling Doodle video that is ready to create a buzz.

  1. Choose a template: Once you log in to your account, the very first thing that you need is to choose a template or you can also start from scratch.
  2. Select board type: You are offered different types of boards for creating videos namely blackboard, notepad, whiteboard, glass board, and stitch board. So in this step, you have to choose the type of board you want to use.
  3. Add elements: Next to this comes the step where you have to add the text, characters, props, and multiple other elements to make the video stand out.
  4. Add music: Now just to make the video even more engaging, use a piece of music in the background
  5. Export and download: Once you are done with personalizing and adjusting, you can either choose to export the videos directly to YouTube and Facebook or you can just download them.

Now that you have got the basic idea of video creation, we will have a quick look at the type of videos that you can create on Animaker.

Videos you can create with Animaker:

No denying that the tool offers multiple choices for you when it comes to creating videos. Some of the different video types include:

  • Explainer videos
  • Intro Video
  • Outro Video
  • Text Animation
  • Logo Animation
  • Promo Video
Slideshow video:

This is another kind of video that keeps flipping through the images with music in its background. This is one of the most effective ways to showcase business products or services. The Unique selling points become much more prominent this way.

Resume Video:

This is a unique way to convey your efficiency and impress the interviewers. These are crisp and brief and you can use story format to create a great resume.

Now that you have checked the different types of software for creating Doodle videos, which tool do you think is the best to serve the purpose?

Which tool should you consider for your Doodle Video creator?

All the tools mentioned above are some of the best ones in the market. Each and everyone is known to enjoy great ratings and user experience. However, if you ask me for my suggestions, I would always prefer CreateStudio over others.

Due to the endless benefits of CreateStudio, I personally believe it gives you endless opportunities to create.

Let us have a quick look at the benefits of CreateStudio and why is it preferable.

  1. You can import images, audio, videos, and also SVG
  2. You can animate anything
  3. One-click animation
  4. You get a variety of resolution
  5. Green screen video editing
  6. Easy-to-use User interface
  7. It is compatible with Windows and MAC OS

Now that we have got a full-fledged idea for creating Doodle videos, let us have a look at the tips that you need to keep in mind while creating Stop Scrolling Doodle Videos.

By now, you have gathered ample ideas about how effective these videos can be especially for social media to draw user engagement. So the next time when you think of creating stop-scrolling doodle videos, check out this information.

Tips for creating a stop-scrolling doodle video

When it comes to social media videos, you need to create videos that are both engaging and tell a story. Therefore, when you are looking forward to creating stop-scrolling doodle videos have a look a these few tips.

  • Look for characters that would easily tell you a story
  • Include captions to engage the audience
  • Quick movements
  • Don’t use any text
  • Create the shocking visual effect
  • Only include bold graphics

These are some of the tips but in order to include the best visual effects, make sure you choose the best software to create awesome stop-scrolling videos.

Final words:

So now that you have got a complete idea of Doodle videos and the best Doodle animation software that you can use to create such videos, what are you waiting for?

Download and install to start making compelling videos that can improve engagement.

I hope it was not boring because it is too long, but I hope I was able to give you the information that you were looking for.

Thank you once again for making this much and supporting me. Please feel free to comment and let me know if you have any suggestions.

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