Movavi Video Editor Plus Review: Intuitive Video Editing Software in May 2024

Only a video content creator like me knows how difficult it is to develop a proper video. We have to use a lot of software and I personally experienced many just to develop proper and intriguing content.

When I heard about Movavi Video Editor Plus I felt interested and start using it for a long time now. My experience so far with this software is amazing. Interestingly, one-time payment can lead you free accessibility for the rest of your life with updates from time to time.

It was the brainchild idea of a random start-up which is launched in 2004. But over the course of time, the abilities of the software have increased and become prominent. Soon, it started getting eyeballs from video creators all over the world.

Movavi Video Editor Plus Review

With such fantastic features, I feel it is not fair if I don’t share a detailed review with you. So, I come up with this. Rather than endorsing the software, I am just sharing my personal experience of using it. Let’s start…..

What is Movavi Video Editor Plus?

Movavi Video Editor Plus is the advanced version of the standard Movavi Video Editor which stuffs with cool unique features and functionality. It lets the users in creating stylish video movies from photos and videos by offering special effects, transitions, filters, and titles.

Animation can be used for giving a moving effect to the videos all over the screen. It has a huge library full of ready-made templates for music tracks, stickers, and video clips to make the video content much more intriguing. There are a lot more you can do which I am going to tell you in the next section.

Who can use Movavi Video Editor Plus?

Regardless of your option, I am glad to let you know that Movavi has everything in store to provide you! It boosts the usage of video content for communicating with the audience. Movavi is really hard to compete whilst because it is about support, performance, stability, features, and interface. Now, I would like to let you know how it assists various content creators. Don’t skip reading….

  • YouTube Channel- For any tutorial and gaming videos for your YouTube channel you can use it. It has everything needed for editing the footage for professional and high-quality video content in the end.
  • Video Ads- Most of the time, I see creating video ads that don’t fit within the budget. But with Movavi Video Editor Plus it is. Make your ads in a simple, efficient, convenient, and reasonable way.
  • Product Demo Videos- You can develop a product demo or guide video step-by-step with the help of this tool. It fully incorporates developing efficient explainers for the customers.
  • Travel Blogger- Are you a travel vlogger who loves to share videos of your tour experience? Then Movavi can help you to do it in the most stunning ways giving a professional touch to it.
  • Others- It is a wonderful tool to be used by photographers, videographers, video marketers, and freelancers who want to develop and serve others with their astonishing talent for video creation. It assists in finishing the work hassle-free and within deadlines.

You can understand it in a much better way once I discuss the amazing features it possesses.

Features of Movavi Video Editor Plus

Here, comes the most interesting part of my review of using this amazing video editing tool. So, let’s see what is in store for us…

Object Animation

This tool is stuffed with keyframes and sticker tools for better video creation. Not only you can change the angle of objects but also opacity can be changed as well.

Scene Detection

It is equipped with the advanced feature of detecting the scene and cutting it into small clips for better understanding.


No matter how bad you are at capturing, it will make your video stabilized. If the captured video is hazy due to minor movement and shakes then the Shaking and Accuracy level can be adjusted. However, too much expectation is not good; I hope you all know that.


Overlaying videos over one another allows you to visualize a particular video from various angles for better depth and contrast.

Highlight and Conceal

This feature works vice-versa! While highlighting any special part of the video, you can conceal other parts as well. Such easy to do Nah?

Chroma Key

Another interesting feature of this tool to me is the advanced technique for replacing the object or changing the background of the video. Just the bright-colored captured video will be replaced with other backgrounds simply and hassle-free.

Pan and Zoom

Any area of the video can be highlighted as per your choice by zooming in and out. Also, zoom duration can be adjusted as well.

Audio Editing Tool

You can use it as an audio editing tool because of its Noise Removal feature and Beat Detection tool. It also comprises audio effects, equalizer, and synchronization.

Merits and Demerits of Movavi Video Editor Plus

Look, it will be genuinely unfair if I do not disclose the potential benefits of using this software along with its working limitations. Then, only you will be working with it in a much better way Nah? So, here we are….


  • Sleek, modern, and easy-to-use user interface
  • Transitions gallery, effects, and attractive tiles at your fingertips
  • Advanced options (only meant to be inexpensive professional software)
  • Huge exporting options ranging from professional to basic
  • Power and features can be tested with a free trial version for 7 non-stop days


  • No support for LUT
  • The color grading option is limited for professional and advanced use
  • Lack of audio meters
  • Not so high-end to use as an editing tool


You will be surprised to know that Movavi Video Editor Plus is available in 3 versions- a lifetime license, 1-year subscription, and a free trial version.

Movavi Pricing

Free trial

Just download the Movavi Video Editor Plus from the official website and enjoy the free trial version non-stop for 7 days.

1-year subscription

1-year subscription plan for Movavi Video Editor Plus can be obtained for only $54.95. You will have full access to the software for a year and then renewal is needed every year.

Lifetime license

By paying $74.95 you can have free access to this software for the rest of your life. There is no need to pay yearly or monthly dues anymore to use it on your PC.


Now it’s time to answer some of the common questions asked by its users. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start…….

Is Movavi Video Editor Plus good?

It is excellent software for video editing and content creation. Mainly, the Plus version is truly exceptional. The user-friendly interfaced software contains numerous astonishing features. These are enough to have a long-lasting impact on the prosumer to novice users. You can use its 7 days free trial version to check it out.

Is Movavi Video Editor Plus safe to use?

The software is totally safe to use. A renowned multimedia software company developed this amazing software. Whilst remaining safety conscious; you will be asked for permission for sending anonymous statistics of usage to Movavi. Even after disagreeing with it, safety won’t be affected at all

Is Movavi Video Editor Plus available free of cost?

Although, it needs a subscription you can test the program by using its full-fledged function free of cost for 7 days. During this time, you will have a watermark on the created video content. Above half the audio file, the export will not be possible. Once, you switch to a paid subscription you can use it with no restrictions further. Check the subscription options available for you!

Is Movavi Video Editor Plus a virus?

It is not a virus, this software is a video animation and editing tool like Movavi Video Editor. However, they can be used for virus detection by numerous anti-virus conglomerates.

Best Alternatives of Movavi Video Editor Plus

The outstanding features and minimal drawbacks never mean that Movavi Video Editor Plus is leading overhead! A few names in this digital industry are there which can give tough competition in this rat race of being the ultimate and core video editor. Let’s have a look at each of them.

Thanks, to the impeccable user-friendly features of Movavi Video Editor Plus which end the list only with 3 names. Now we’ll see what they are …..

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

Being the 24th version of Pinnacle Studio, you already know what I mean! It’s magic in terms of assisting the content creators, makers, editors, and marketers to give a touch to professionalism, integrity, and visual relaxation to the videos. The similar interface with some magnificent strikes of features makes the work much easier to conduct and maintain the flow!


Widely preferred in educational sectors, this video editing software possesses great ability in the creation of flipped classroom clips. Even it accomplishes the students in the creation of student video assignments. Later in the 21st century, it received much attention due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. However, this browser and the cloud-based app can assist any other content creators and marketers by giving its competitors a tough challenge!


Filmora is a range of ultimate video editing software amusing users with astonishing video content creation abilities. It delights marketers and content creators with the laden of powerful editing features. Due to such intuitiveness in designing, it still dominates the industry as a wonderful video editor.

Movavi Video Editor Plus: Verdict

Talking about the features, pros, and cons and of course the price I expect you to come to know that it is really good video editing software. Even though it has much to offer to various content creators but surely you can’t overlook the potential cons of it as well.

We expect over time, it will definitely upgrade the version addressing the problems as well. Even the videos captured on smartphones can be edited with Movavi as well.

Numerous things you can do with it like wrong fitters, settings, darkness, brightness, and so on. Switch to it today and enjoy the amazing experience of Movavi Video Editor Plus.

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