Top Tools to Make A Best Scroll Stopper Videos in May 2024

With the development of marketing techniques and technological upgrades, businesses are ready to follow the trend. The idea is about setting apart from the competition and gaining more attention. Marketings on the other hand have infused the idea of video marketing over static visuals. Enhancement in the video showcasing results in higher returns and development format to the content marketing strategy.

But before you are ready to invest in such a format, you need your homework done right!

In simpler words, just when you are writing a blog, it needs 06 seconds to garner the attention of the audience. Similarly, it takes a period of 08 to 10 seconds to acquire attention through video imagery.

Tools to Make A Best Scroll Stopper Videos

And you have to hit the JACKPOT right on point!

But then how is that feasible? Is it not overly expensive? And just like stated before, the video ads need to be innovative and hit right on the target.

And the answer to this is Scroll Stopper Video.

The use of Scroll Stopper Video Ads will help in the generation of higher traffic and sales.

Let’s take an overview of the same –

What is Scroll Stopper Video?

Mainly a 15-second thumb-stopping video, Scroll Stopper Video helps in curating stunning meaningful content in addition to alluring visual effects. The concept is people are developing stop-scrolling videos for like 15-30 seconds minimum on different social media platforms.

Now, how could you curate this form of video?

There is ample software that you can come across. Some of the famous ones are Offer, VideoCreator, and CreateStudio Pro. As you are well aware of the benefits now, you have got an idea about the functioning of scroll-stopper videos.

Let’s move ahead to know the use and importance of the Scroll Stopper Video.

Why should you need a Scroll Stopper Video?

As of Instagram, more than 40 billion photos and videos are shared every month. Coming to Facebook, users tend to view 1.25 billion videos. Both social media platforms have created hype for marketing through Video Ads. And that has created a win-win strategy.

Video in the reels and short videos have become immensely popular on social media platforms. With the development in algorithm changes and enhancement in technology, influencers and businesses alike are switching to video content, as a better means of communication and engagement.

You need to use Scroll Stoppe Video as it upgrades your audience and customers to understand and have transparency about your brand. Seek the best and potential leads without any loopholes.

In recent days, more than 85% percent of businesses are switching to online marketing. One step closer to longer engagement is scroll-stopping videos. It is not just about the brand but also its reputation management.

Here are some things more, that you should be aware of –

  • Using Scroll Stopper Video Will Increase In Customer Brand Relationship
  • One static post through this scroll-stopper video will increase the view rate
  • If your content is engaging enough, the review rate could transform into multiple views
  • Keep your brand transparent so that your customer could watch closely and interact with you
  • Let the brand speak for you and this could be done through an innovative scroll-stopper video

Now as we have told you so much about the usability of scroll stopper video, you ought to understand the platforms that work the best.

Where can you use scroll-stopper videos?

Whether you are a business or an influencer, you need to connect with your target audience. Conversion is the next process. It is a step-by-step process that needs online marketing.

So, if you are wondering whether you will get restricted to one single platform for scroll-stopper videos; you’re wrong. You may keep going on with the algorithm, just create the innovation. And keep posting on popular social media platforms.

This includes Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. Not only this, if you are opting for a review of a small presentation or forwarding through the online marketing campaign of your products or services, you may easily forward the same via emails as well as Whatsapp messages.

As everything is switching to an online platform, you ought to use every popular platform with sheer usability and aesthetics. The video should talk about your brand and Viola! Online Platforms are the Best Sources To Display!

Keep on engaging to understand the building base and popularity clinging to the use of scroll-stopper videos.

Who should use scroll-stopper videos?

Here is where you cannot get restricted. Regardless of the domain, size, or typography of the business you belong to, there is no restriction.

To engage your target audience, you will have to curate something unique and out of the box. This is where Scroll Stopper Videos come to your rescue.

How to Create a Scroll Stopper Video?

Now, if you are in a dilemma about creating a scroll-stopper video, just know, that you need no professional to develop this.

Yes, You Read That Right!

Look what you mainly have to curate is some form of exclusive video advertisement through reliable and best-supported video-creating software. And there are plenty in the market.

Here are some things that you make full use of through online video creator software –

  • Scroll Stopper Video Templates
  • Animation Features
  • Background Colours
  • Royalty-free music
  • Interactive Ideas

And there are many more features that you will come across that will further give you the idea for designing your scroll-stopper videos in the best way possible.

To curate the impeccable scroll stopper video, I have delved in deep to find the top 5 tools. Such tools will engage your audience.

Best Tools that allow you to create scroll stopper videos



Best Scroll Stopper Video Maker Software ($67 or $99 – 299/year)

CreateStudio is one of the most popular animation video-making software. Through CreateStudio, you will be able to develop impeccable scroll-stopped videos. You get covered with more than 80 effects, in addition, to drag-and-drop features.

  • No special specification is needed for using the software.
  • Works best on Windows and IOS on the latest models or the ones with less than 5 years of configuration.
  • For using CreateStudio, you ought to acquire a commercial license with a one-time payment of $67 ( works efficiently for influencers or freelancers alike).
  • Coming to video production companies or marketing agencies, there is a yearly payment of either $99/year or $299/year with enhanced specifications.
  • Now that you know about CreateStudio, here is the functionality of using the software to create scroll-stopper videos.

How to create Scroll Stopper Video using CreateStudio (Step by step Scroll Stopper Video creation process)

  • The process is simple. You will just have to use great video templates for your video. It could be in both 2D and 3D.
  • An ample number of scroll-stopper templates are there for you to choose from. So, make your choice!
  • Once you are done with the selection, it will be uploaded to the dashboard.
  • Again, there are many project media. It is mentioned on the left side of the dashboard. Again, select one of your choices, and make the edits per your need.
  • You can easily customize the video size as per the social media requirements. Even there are different resolutions in the correlation of social media platforms.
  • If you are still a little confused related to the outcome, you may anytime change to other effects right from the story panel ( on the left side of the dashboard).
  • Here you will come across different scroll-stopper effects. Click on the UI to fetch free interfaces. Replace the media with the chosen scroll stopper. Just use the drag-and-drop feature.
  • You will now have to opt for the media. Choose the type that meets your needs.
  • You might have to customize the text as per the services or products you are offering as a business. Not only this, you can easily customize the reactions. And thus, your scroll-stopper video is done.

Other videos you can create with CreateStudio

CreateStudio is a functional video maker. It gives you a platform to curate different forms of video. This includes explainer videos. both 2D and 3D animation videos, tutorial videos, doodle videos, and multiple other forms of video.

Here are some of the types of videos that you can create through CreateStudio.

Create Doodle Video with CreateStudio

This form of video is a form of animated, training, explainer, and marketing videos. These all are developed on whiteboard class boards and other types of boards as well.

People these days are more inclined towards animated and Doole videos. Such videos give in information about the brand in the best way possible in a unique way. You can easily create Doodle videos with CreateStudio, customize them, put them in voice-over, and whatnot.

Benefits Of Doodle Videos

Videos increase the chances of the target audience understanding the next hand which helps in increasing engagement.

Hand helps in drawing a pattern on the video. Thus, viewers are way more inclined to know what is to be drawn. It further pushes the viewers and the audience to go to your video and stick in for a longer time.

Attention-seeking videos create a bigger base for a long-term relationship with the buyer. And they would want to stick to your service in the near future as well.

Stomp Teasers

The name showcases what it means. It does come along with alluring background music. The power sound could be easily used for the launch of new products or services. Mainly a teaser video that we are looking for. CreateStudio develops stomp videos easily through easier transitions and skilled animated text.

Benefits of Stomp Teasers

The stomp teaser is about creating hype among people. It is highly creative and has the addition of a powerful animation context.

Apt for a business venture, corporate presentation, trailer, teaser, and product intro in addition to dynamic music.


Scroll Stopper Video with Offeo

Powerful Scroll Stopping Video Maker for Marketers ($98)

Offeo is another video creator software that helps in developing a video. It has got ready-made templates and graphical representations.

How to create Scroll Stopper Video using Offeo (Step by step Scroll Stopper Video creation process)

Here is the easier guide to developing scroll-stopping video in Offeo –

  • Upload the service image. Remove the background. Fetch the transparent image.
  • For colorful pictures, you will find photo videos there on the software.
  • You can either make the video on a white background or choose a colorful one. Place the image above the background.
  • Next is placing the logo. Select the shape. Place the logo as per your requirement.
  • Select the layer. Select the text situated in the left corner.
  • You may even choose animations (along with speech and effects) which is present on the top line of the dashboard.
  • Once done, save the project and download it in video format.

Other videos you can create with Offeo

Offeo is open to all forms so video creation is. Here are some that you may even look at –

Product Teaser

It is about creating a promotional video for a particular product.

Benefits of Product Teaser

Promo videos are best for higher engagement and gaining an audience

Videos are alluring to help in potential conversion

Future customers tend to have the extra mile to go for believing in your product and that is what a promo video does to your brand

Through these videos, you could create coupons and discounts for gaining more conversions.

Logo Animation

Mainly the transition pattern of a static logo into animation with eye-catchy effects. The animation is curated with background effects, music, and much more.

Benefits of Logo Animation

The animation logo attracts everyone.

Visual effects and motion are the real attention grabber.

Stunning images and user-friendly content are easier to remember and worth a blog.

Other videos that you can curate on Offeo are – brand design videos, Youtube videos, short video ads, social media video ads, and much more. Seal the deal with monthly pricing of $19/month or a lifetime membership of $98.


Scroll Stopper Video with VideoCreator

New Scroll Stopping Video Ads Creation Tool ($49)

VideoCreator is an all-in-one video-creating software. Mainly a multipurpose video-creating software, you will get outstanding templates for your branding. So basically, you can create whatever video you are looking forward to with VideoCreator. The best is the interrupt scroll stoppers.

How to create Scroll Stopper Video using VideoCreator (Step-by-step Scroll Stopper Video creation process)

Here is something that you need to look for creating scroll-stopper videos –

  • Log in to the Dashboard. Select the scroll-stopper video.
  • Click on the quick preview to look at the video
  • Commence on creating video. Customize the text. Change font style and images.
  • Save and download the video in the needed size and format.

The process is not that easy, especially with VideoCreator. VideoCreate is much more than just creating such videos. There are so many things that you can do with the video.

Other videos you can create with VideoCreator

3D Animation Videos

3D Animation videos are mainly 3-dimensional moving objects. It helps in explaining the products and services in the most innovative way. 3D animated videos are highly engaging and alluring. The illusion created is what people find more to delve into. 3D videos are easier to understand and the viewer will have a clearer definition of the product.

Benefits of 3D Animation Videos
  • Animated videos help in more promotion of products and higher engagement
  • Outstanding visuals to portray a brand’s product
  • Videos create higher brand exposure keeping consumers stagnant to the profile
  • Even if you are unskilled, you can create 3D videos in minutes.
Explainer Videos

These are mainly short explanatory videos about any products or services. Thus, people will be able to find solutions right on point. This is information best used with VideoCreator.

Benefits of Explainer Videos
  • Directly attains the attention of viewers looking for solutions
  • Potential conversions through explanatory videos
  • Stand out of the crowd with the position reputation of the brand and products/services

Not just these, you may even create 3D video flipbooks, motion tracking videos, neon videos, live-action videos, and much more. You won’t be tired of searching. Grab your deal with a one-time charge of $67.


Scroll Stopper Video Creator InVideo

It is one of the best and most versatile video editing tools that mainly emphasizes video marketing and goes the best for developing scroll-stopper videos. Comes with ample images, stickers, and text boxes and you will be able to curate amazing engaging video content for your brand. There is a great scope for creating how-to videos here for your

How to create Scroll Stopper Video using InVideo (Step by step creation process)

First things first, you will have to create your signup. Login to the software.

Head to the “Quick Videos” section. Review through the wide range of understanding and keep up with the how-to video templates. There are several ways of picking up a template or you may easily make videos right from scratch.

The next step that you need to lean forward to is uploading and adding the videos or the images that are needed for creating the scroll-stopper videos. As a user, you may easily opt-in for different forms of videos, images, and even additional sounds which are stored and already mentioned in InVideo’s vast library.

Creating an exclusive video with the addition of text. There are loads of changing fronts, adjusting colors, or modifications in any which way that you are looking.

Once all the factors are done for video editing, move ahead to export it, down the same, and share it on various platforms.

Other videos you can create with InVideo

InVideo goes the best for curating all forms of video, both in short-form as well as in long-form. Not only this, there are ample pre-made templates that are highly feasible for creating fast, efficient, and effortless videos.

Here are the benefits of using InVideo for other forms of video –

  • You get access to a library of more than a million stock video clips, images as well as music. Furthermore, there are stickers, filters, and even animation images to add to.
  • Regardless of the type of video, you want to create, you are the in-charge of the development of eye-catchy videos. Just feel the project and meet the demand of your brand reputation.
  • The best thing is, for a brand, either a freelancer or a company, one can easily highlight words on every content. Further includes highlighting to script and searching for content.
  • Also, it acts so well for Instagram reels and even for Twitter short videos. It will help in curating engaging content with the proper incorporation of details.

Not only this, there is a tutorial on YouTube giving further instructions on the development of different forms of video with the proper interface, as mentioned in the support section. Also, you can record audio in the software itself.


Scroll Stopper Video Creator Viddyoze

The best cloud-based tool, as a user, you will not have to download or install this expensive software. All you have to do is use the same software in the form of a website. Curated with ALPHA technology, an exclusive tool, the outstanding technology is well-built. This will further entitle you to develop top-notch videos for your brand. Furthermore, there are compelling intros, as well as high-defined functionality. There are ample tools and features that will help in the development of impeccable scroll-stopper videos.

How to create Scroll Stopper Video using Viddyoze (Step by step creation process)

The first and most important factor in creating scroll-stopper videos. Viddyoze has pricing but it is all worth it. Now, it depends on the purpose. Either for a commercial one or on a freelance basis. The entire thing comes with a one-time fee of $97.

Commence with choosing a template. Complete with setting up your account. Herein, you’ll acquire 170 professional templates sorely implemented for video editing and animation. Just choose for all live-action, outros, and whatever form of video format you want to opt for.

Easily customize your video just through the selection of the template to work on. There is a template gallery, create the one that will suit your needs and customize it as per the brand’s needs. Easily add in the title, change the background, color scheme, and much more. Create a satisfying outlook, and push on the “Preview” button to review what it looks like.

Once all the editing of the video is done, just hit the “download” button. Choose the file format for you to download the button. Copy the HTML code or the link to embed your video right to the website or the landing page.

Other videos you can create with Viddyoze

Viddyoze offers loads of features for the development of all forms of video creation on different platforms. There is no restriction. Comes with amazing loads of valuable features. Comes with user-friendly navigation, training videos, and resources helping beginners to use the basic features.

When it comes to Seminar users, there is everything available needed for creating stunning videos, call-to-actions, animation, social actions, and many more valuable features. There are even factors and functionality for the enhancement of your website, blog, landing pages, registration, webinar bonus, and thank you pages.

Tips to Remember while you creating Scroll Stopper Videos for social media ads

Going by the latest trends

Once you are curating the right form of video, you will have to abide by the trending content. And that is Scroll Stopping Videos and the likewise. Use the right form of templates that is easily available in the above-mentioned tools.

Try Answering Audience Queries

Acquire attention by focusing on the QnAs. Incorporate the right form of content for the development of the video that will connect right very easily, educate and make them aware.

Staying Focused

Video Ads are pretty short. And that is where the entire description of the marketing form should be emphasized without any glitches. Stay static to the topic. Curate a video strategy with the right form of an object.

Script your video

Create a proper script for the social media video ads. The idea has to be straightforward. Thus, the right choice of words is important. It saves time and helps in doing efficient work.

Don’t overlook graphics

Make use of attractive visuals. Offer discount codes, newsletters, and promotional offers, and likewise stay put to the viewer’s attention.


So, you will have to understand the market today. Content is king. Both audio and visual. Whether small or large, regardless of the typography, using the right form of tool for marketing is extremely important for brand reputation and management. Ease out on the simplification of the development of scroll-stopping videos for different platforms. Let the video speak for your brand. Scroll Stopping Videos are a blessing in disguise for the ones who are trying to impress the audience with all forms of functionality concluded in a single format. And these could all be conducted through the choice of initiating and leveling through the right way of using the tools.

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