Filmora Review: Best Video Editing Software in 2022

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Filmora is one of the easy and popular video editing software for Vloggers. Less complicating editing tools are very helpful to edit videos hassle-free and it also boosts up the workflow as well. Both the free plan and subscription are available; so that the users can experience deeply of its features. Including fine blending, image stabilization, the continuous updates of the software are making a huge number of beginning users.

Filmora Review

If you have a small budget for editing a good quality video then Filmora can be your first choice. Besides HD and Ultra HD quality, it can bestow even the 4K video editing option; this is a really great point to get impressed with.

Filmora can help you out, as the Filmora review can show you a picture of its demand. The increasing craze of digital marketing strategy encouraged the company to upgrade the software free and premium by adding modern, easy handling, and clean editing tools as well.

The latest version of Filmora is available for Mac and Windows both. Like other thousands of satisfied users, I personally can recommend Filmora video editor is reasonable, under budget, and safe to use. Let’s check out the details of Filmora.

Filmora Review: Overview

Wondershare Filmora

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Filmora is one of the most uses video editing software created by Wondershare company. This video editing software is made for experienced and complete newbie video editors and creators to create and edit videos easily for their business, YouTube channel, social media posts, and various purposes.
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Fast rendering
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Filmora video editor review Summary

Filmora is an easy-to-use video editing software for both beginners and professionals. It has lots of effects and overlays to use in your editing and also you can record your screen easily. Overall this software is worth its value.


Filmora Review: The Catching Features of Filmora

Features of software play a very delicate job to impress its users to use and stick to it in the long run. The easy handling, as well as useful features, define the workability of software. If you take the example of the latest version of Filmora, it can easily clear out the doubts of editing the music videos, short films, documentary films very well. There are a number of tutorials available on Youtube which can guide you to use the video editing software slowly. Then what! You need to practice it frequently to be a pro in editing. So, without wasting any time. Let’s see the exciting and profitable features of Filmora.

  1. Preloaded effects and BGM (Background Music) – The capacity of adding above 100 music audios and video clips at a go works really very helpful to its users. Over 200 video effects and overlayers, period filters can be done exclusively. Preloaded 50 music provides a good option for background music. Only the users need to know about the handling of the ‘magnetic timeline’.
  2. Audio balance – The audio editing tools are also very good. The tools for removing disturbing background sounds, increasing the voice pitch, equalizing the sound balance of the individual instruments works perfectly.
  3. Effective editing – The availability of zoom in/out adds an extra point to filmora. The simple long-press and drag function helps to add the detailing in the video or audio as well. The simple process of cutting, deleting, and merging tools work efficiently to make the audio and the video satisfying.
  4. Add extra flavor – Inserting the animation, subtitles with exciting effects can be done with the help of huge preloaded effects and transitions. Not only this, but you can also add your personal writing or tags even to add an extra tasty flavor to the content.
  5. Get classified service – If you are working online then you will get a wave of latest features to make your project more exciting and effective as well. You are able to add on more classified effects. The premium plan of the video editor is also there to provide the chance of using additional stock media.
  6. Stabilization – When you are editing a video, the performance of stabilization tools really should be up to the mark, or else it can ruin all the effort. But, thankfully the latest edition of Filmora has not disappointed its users. If you are using it in the correct way, the tools will not create any trouble.
  7. Format of saving the video and audio – Last but not least, one of the great features of Filmora is the storing flexibility. The video can be saved as all the popular formats including MP4, AVI, WEBM, MPEG-2, MOV, TS, F4V, MKV, WMV, HEVC, GIF. The audio is saved as MP3.

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Filmora Review: The quick view of the features of Filmora

  • Text and titles
  • Motion Elements
  • Music
  • Effects and Transitions
  • Time-lapse
  • Blending mode
  • Colour correction tools
  • Split screen
  • Chroma key
  • Auto Enhance
  • Lens correction
  • Media library sharing option
  • Auto Ripple edit option
  • Image stabilizer
  • Smart preview

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Filmora Review: What are the Technical overviews of Filmora

The overall technical view can help you to sort out positive points to download and use it.

  • Devices that support the software- Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, Web-based.
  • Collecting data- Open API and Cloud Hosted.
  • Language support provide- English
  • Subscription format- Free, One-time, annual.

Pros (Advantages)

There are numerous pros that can be enjoyed by working with Filmora video editing software. It not only helps to reach many users but also encourages innovation.

  • This video editor is easy to handle and perfect for beginners. I just need to follow simple steps to create good quality video and audio content.
  • The rendering capacity is very fast. The processing takes less time to render content, even if it has numerous overlayers and effects.
  • The smoothness of the lens correction is absolutely up to the mark.
  • The preloaded or present effects and filters help to create innovative content. It helps to produce a good output.
  • The process of trimming, editing, and uploading work quickly without creating any hassle.
  • As the software has online and offline service, it becomes very easy to access numerous formats, transitions, titles.
  • Fiora9 is available with and without subscriptions. The premium version is loaded with all the Pro editing features and the price is very reasonable

Cons (Disadvantages)

Every latest version of Filmora software gifts a number of new editing options to make good content. As it is based on experimental ground and works on different kinds of editing sometimes it may give a little disappointment, which is quite normal in any software. Filmora review can provide a clear idea about the usefulness of the software very well. But all over Fimora9 can be considered as wonderful editing software. So let see what are the minimum cons that possibly raise edge challenges at the time of editing.

  • Sometimes it works slow when it comes to editing a long content. The absence of a fast processor and quantity of RAM may be the reason.
  • Among the 200 filters, few filters are quite not up to the level.
  • Sometimes it’s very hard to find the exact filter if you are unaware of the tools.
  • Some navigation and shortcut keys are absent. But surely it will be added to the next version.
  • The collection of background audio is less in the online platform compared to the existing offline platform.

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Filmora Review: Why should the latest version of Filmora be considered as one of the best video editors?

Thousands of users have reviewed that Filmora is one of the easy, affordable, and smooth editors. But why? Many of the beginners have faced a lot of problems in using several ultra-technical editing software. They get confused and the content becomes useless.

Filmora is made for the initial editing works and for the expertise also. So, unprofessional users can find it easy to handle it. All of the required features are available even on online and offline platforms. The best part is you can work as per your choice. You can easily use the watermark to make a signature for your content. This is very important for having authentication in the works. The step-by-step tutorial has made it super easy to use for YouTubers, Vloggers, and media employees as well.

So don’t waste time, download the Wondershare Filmora, and have a great experience in creating excellent content for the future.

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Filmora Review: Pricing

Filmora video editor is one of the best products of Wondershare. They offer various packages for the video editing software Filmora. Packages are Individual plans, Business plans, and Educational plans.

Individual Plan

Monthly Plan

  • All features
  • Free updates
  • No Watermark
  • Free Tech Support



Billed Monthly

Buy Now

Annually Plan

  • All features
  • Free updates
  • No Watermark
  • Free Tech Support



Billed Annually

Buy Now

Perpetual Plan

  • All features
  • Free updates
  • No Watermark
  • Free Tech Support



One-time fee

Buy Now

Business Plan

In this Filmora video editor business plan, they have shared only one Filmora price structure for one user only. To know the detailed pricing structure for the Filmora video editor, please contact them using the form they have provided on the Filmora Business Plan page.

Steps for going to the business plan page

Step 1: Click Here
Step 2: Click on Buy Now Button
Step 3: Click on the Business tab
Step 4: Click on the View Pricing button.

Business Plan

  • All Filmora’s Editing Features
  • Free Updates
  • Free Tech Support
  • Permission for Company Use
  • Access to Filmstocks *Free Library
  • No Attribution Required
  • Multi-User Control
  • Volume Discount



Billed Annually

Buy Now

Educational Plan

Student Plan

Buy Wondershare Filmora X starting from US$19.99! Students save up to 37%.

Whether you teach 5th grade, give lectures at a university, or create video workshops, you could qualify for Filmora X’s educator discount!

To get this discount, you have to fill up a form for contact with them.

To get this form, please follow the below steps.

1st Step: Click here
2nd Step: Click on Buy Now button
3rd Step: Click on Educational Tab and you will see the form.


Nothing is perfect in this world. We all know, no software to date works perfectly as per the users’ choice, it’s not possible either. The pros and cons will run simultaneously. Our credit should work with our efficiency to make the software more effective and exciting as well. Filmora video editing software is one of the editing software which is improving on its every latest version. The valuable reviews of its users are encouraging them to think more and develop faster. Being a regular user of the software I can say that Filmora is a very handy and smooth video editor.

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