Top 5 Alternatives to Viddyoze: Best Video Animation Software in August 2023

If you are not comfortable with Viddyoze or just searching for Viddyoze alternatives to find out the best video animation software, then you are in the right place.

In this Viddyoze alternatives post, I have picked the only top 5 animation software which is really an alternative to Viddyoze.

Let’s have a look at the quick introduction of the top 3 Viddyoze alternatives.

Viddyoze AlternativesQuick Introduction
CreateStudioCreate Studio is one of the best attention-grabbing 2D and 3D animation video creation software. It is suitable for newbies and professionals.
OffeoOffeo is best for short (up to 3 minutes) marketing video creation. It is easy to use web-based animation video creation software for a promo video and any type of marketing video.
VideoReelVideoReel is a web-based animation video creation software. It helps to create jaw-dropping videos for social media and ads in just 3 clicks.

Undoubtedly Viddyoze itself is a good video animation software.

If you are well-known for Viddyoze, then you can go directly to the Viddyoze alternatives.

Let’s start with a short Viddyoze Review.

Viddyoze is an auto video animation software that allows you to create animation videos and use a variety of range of video effects.

Viddyoze stands different from some other animation creation software as it’s designed to be very simple and user-friendly, therefore, making it easier to learn for an individual, and one can start using it, with just a little effort of practice.

It’s cloud-based which will help you not to lose your work, and hence, it can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

Viddyoze also lets you for an incredibly wide range of beautiful, crisp professional effects. It is suitable for creating 3D animation, logo animation (or intro), action teasers, outro animation, etc.

Benefits of auto video animation software Viddyoze

  • Helps you to get very prominent studio-quality animations and next-gen live-action animations for a video in just 3 clicks.
  • You can make pro videos of the highest qualities to enhance your sales.
  • You can raise your prices and establish yourself as a highly professional.
  • Viddyoze can also give the already existing videos a new charter of life with just a single animation.
  • You can add an additional revenue stream by selling your animations.
  • It is completely cloud-based which means you can access it anywhere irrespective of the location even with the help of your cellular device.
  • It is very simple as the point-and-click system refers anybody can create introductions that can actually challenge the top studios.
  • The animation software is completely automated.
  • There is a huge pool of designer template libraries.
  • Audio Support is custom.
  • 100% compatible.
  • It has a place for training.
  • It also comes with a commercial license, which helps you to keep all the proceedings.
Video Animation Software Viddyoze

Viddyoze packages

Packages for Viddyoze are classified into two parts. They are:-

Viddyoze is the future of video animation. To know the detail about Viddyoze, visit Viddyoze Review

Top 5 alternatives to Viddyoze: auto video animation software


One of the best Createstudio alternatives is Viddyoze.

Create studio is the most advanced and revolutionary video animation software. It is so easy to create incredible animation videos for any purpose in just minutes. This video animation software is made for experienced and newbie video creators.

Features & Benefits of Createstudio

  • CreateStudio: Download & install CreateStudio on Mac & Windows operating systems.
  • Timeline Editor: Easily edit videos with our drag & drop timeline editor.
  • Unlimited Exports: Create & export unlimited videos in any resolution even 4k!
  • Text Typography: Create kinetic text typography videos and more.
  • Animation Presets: Easily animate anything with incredible 1-click animation presets.
  • Motion Builder: Quickly build videos with drag & drop scenes & assets.
  • Animated Elements: Create & export unlimited videos in any resolution even 4k!
  • 20 Characters: Create explainer-styled videos with incredible animated characters.
  • Emojis: Make great social videos with animated emojis.
  • Green Screen: Easily remove colors and edit green screen footage in just a click.
  • SVG Compatible: Import and animate SVG images and even adjust colors.
  • Create Masks: Add masks and animate elements inside and outside mask layers.
  • 50 Done for You Templates: Kickstart your video creation with 50 pre-made video templates.
  • 40+ Training Videos: Easily remove colors and edit green screen footage in just a click.
  • Custom Animations & Easing: Easily create custom animations & adjust easing on any element.
  • Special Effects: Add special effects onto elements and customize them quickly.

CreateStudio Packages

Packages for Createstudio have only one license. The license is as follows:-

  • Commercial Use License only for $67 (One-time payment only)
  • CreateStudio Yearly package with all-access-pass $349/Year.


Viddyoze is one of the best alternatives to Renderforest.

Renderforest Video Maker is a video maker platform that is cloud-based and helps you to produce beautiful, powerful, and professional animation videos quickly and without any effort. You can make videos for different purposes within no time, varying from slideshows, infographics, commercials, etc. What you imagine is what you have as a limit.

The process is very simple and doesn’t feel very complicated even for beginners. Renderforest Video Maker has a huge variety of video template catalogs from which you choose your template according to your choice and initiate your work from there.

The platform is cloud-based, hence, the editing process as a whole is performed online. The software delivers all the essential tools and you can even upload images and videos and can customize them with color and palette according to your choice and feel of what you are aiming for.

Once it is completed, you can save your video in Renderforest’s cloud storage.

Benefits of Renderforest

  1. User-friendly
  2. Cloud-based
  3. Has a huge video templates library
  4. Provides real results
  5. It is effective and used more widely.
  6. Saves a lot of time because there are a lot of templates to choose from.

Renderforest packages

Packages for Renderforest have been classified into four parts. They are as follows:-

a) Amateur Package– Here an individual would get storage of 10GB per month,7 HD720 videos one could make, each video can be up to 5 minutes,30+ commercial music tracks, and will be charged with an amount of $9.99 per month.

b) Pro Package – Here an individual would get storage of 20GB per month, 20 HD720 videos one could make, each video can be up to 15 minutes,60+ commercial music tracks, and will be charged an amount of $24.99 per month.

c) Popular Package – Here an individual would get storage of 40GB per month,60 HD720 videos one could make, each video can be up to 30 minutes,100+ commercial music tracks, and will be charged an amount of $39.99 per month.

d) Agency Package– Here an individual would get storage of 80GB per month, unlimited HD1080 videos one could make, each video can be up to 60 minutes, 150+ commercial music tracks, and will be charged an amount of $49.99 per month.


Viddyoze video animation software is one of the best alternatives to Doodly doodle video creation software.

Doodly is one of the best doodle animated video creation software. It’s can make quick and easy whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board videos in minutes. You can create professional, realistic doodle animation videos in minutes with this software. It is compatible with Windows, MAC, and iOS.

Using Doodly you can draw really cool things to entertain, engage, and affect your visitors in a positive way. It can be used for sales and /or social media videos, special occasions, or just for the fun of drawing. New Doodly smart draw technology allows you to draw any image in seconds.

Features and benefits of Doodly

  • Thousands of custom images: these are not stock images. Your videos will be unique.
  • Easy to use and learn: you don’t need any design or tech skills.
  • Install on as many computers as you like: no restrictions. I have this on my laptop and computer.
  • Easy to save and export: share your video to Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. Or publish it on your website.
  • Regular updates: I’ve been using Doodly for a number of months and it’s already been updated multiple times. They keep adding more features making the product even better.

Doodly Pricing Plan

Doodly have been classified into two plan. One is a monthly plan and another is an annual plan.

Monthly Plan:

Doodly monthly plans have been classified into two packages

  • Standard package for $39 per month
  • Enterprise package for $69 per month
Annual Plan:

The Doodly annual plan has been classified into two packages

  • The standard package for $20 per month is billed annually
  • Enterprise package for $40 per month billed annually


OFFEO is an animated video maker which is completely online and has been made for small to medium-scale businesses in order to produce effective social media video ads. The software consists of thousands of motion graphics elements and templates that help to create videos in an unparalleled way for your brand.

Benefits of Offeo

  1. It has the ability to produce excellent videos which are worthy of posting on Facebook, Youtube, or LinkedIn without the need for a graphic arts education.
  2. There are lots of great features which are actually easy to pick up.
  3. 100% compatible.
  4. It is completely automated.
  5. It is very user-friendly and easily accessible.
  6. Apt for entry-level video making.

Offeo packages

Packages for Offeo have been mainly classified into 2 parts. One is a free package which certainly has some limitations and the other one is a Premium Package.

Under the Premium Package, an individual would get unlimited high-quality video downloads, unlimited projects, a user can create a single video for up to 3 minutes, storage will be provided up to 20GB and for all these, an individual would be charged with an amount of $19 per month.


VideoReel is a web-based animation video creation software. It helps to create jaw-dropping videos for social media and ads in just 3 clicks. Video reel lets you create amazing short and long marketing videos in three easy steps. This video animation software comes up with 100 video templates, 2500 video clips in the video library, 4500 images in the image library, 650 background music, text-to-speech, FB posting, and more.

Benefits of VideoReel

  • Fully customizable templates
  • Choose video or image backgrounds
  • 100+ video templates
  • 650+ Music tracks in Music Library
  • 4900+ Images in the Image Library
  • Upload your own image background or Add video-clip
  • Add Your Own Logo & Tons of animation styles
  • Add up to 5 text fields with separate fonts
  • Built-in text-to-speech with 50 Different Voices

VideoReel Packages

Packages for VideoReel have been classified into 2 parts. They are as follows:-

  1. VideoReel personal license for personal uses only for the cost of $57.00
  2. VideoReel commercial license for commercial uses for the cost of $67.00

Final Words

Here mentioned all the video animation software is very useful and easy to use. You can choose anyone’s video animation software from the above to create amazing animation videos to entertain, engage, and affect your visitors in a positive way.

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