Top 10 Video Editing Software – Best Auto Video Creators in May 2024

Want to engage more audience with your content? If yes, then you must create videos to engage more audience. Besides the text part, the video lets you put your best foot forward. It will let you show a stylized and cohesive vision that can sell your brand in the way you want. But how to make that with an easy swift? How to take the raw footage and turn it into something that people will talk about and share?

Video Editing Software

As a marketer or new to video making, you may want to create convincing social media videos to create a story or message. But, if you lack the skill of producing professional high-quality videos, automated video editing software easily creates the one for you.

What is video editing?

Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of short videos, photos, animations, audio, and clips in a professional way. Now a day everyone wants a professional video for their business and memorable moments.

You can also Edit YouTube Videos / daily Vlogs / memorable moments with video editing software

What does auto video editing software do?

An automatic video creator is designed to deliver fast solutions that use a number of templates. It has made post-production editing of digital videos easy on a non-linear system. Such automated platforms have replaced celluloid film editing tools and analog video editing machines. The common features of these video editing tools are automatic reformatting of your videos, cloud storage facilities, a huge number of free video clips, and a lot more.

Read on this content and find a few top-ranking video editing software with a brief overview of their features.


It is a consumer-level auto video creator. As an apt video production suite, it comes up with a lot of features. The features are easily accessible to new users without compromising the advanced tools that prosumers and professionals look for. With PowerDirector, you can easily turn photos, clips, and direct recordings into amazing videos.

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64-bit OS and graphics hardware acceleration are required to run this software. If you use speed boosters and open computing language to make the video editing process fun and easy. The user only has to import, edit and export the footage like HD 4K video resolution to create impressive videos for their projects.

As a simplified version of the professional tool, it represents a fully-featured editor with a magic movie wizard. It produces stunning video output for you automatically. All you have to do is just load your clips, select the video style, and pick background music. With the use of magic-style algorithms, the wizard analyzes your footage and selects the best shots to arrange them for your final project. Features of this software are-

  • Full feature editor.
  • 360-degree footage tools.
  • Magic movie wizard.
  • Action camera tools.
  • Motion tracking.
  • True theatre color.
  • Express project module.
  • Encoding and exporting.
  • 4k & 3D

The express project comes up with pre-programmed video templates. The program walks through the whole process to sort the footage and select the best shots for you. With the 360-degree footage tools by PowerDirector, you can pan, zoom and set anchor points through the footage.

You can go for a free trial plan to use PowerDirector, and apart from that, there are 5 more different pricing options that users can find. The plans are PowerDirector for $139.99, Ultra for $279.93, Director Suit for $299.99, ultimate for $399.99, and ultimate suit for $249.99.

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It is an outstanding auto video creator that can offer you cutting-edge video editing features. It provides users with a royalty-free music library and creates exceptional videos with a number of graphics and filters. You will find a variety of graphics and filter overlays, built-in drag and drop features along with moving graphics features that you can insert into your videos. So, if you are a novice designer and want to improve your creativity FilmoraX helps you to stand out. Here is how-

  • Filmora X has a robust layering feature with as many as 100 layers of audio and video in your timeline.
  • Fast video rendering capability without affecting the editing process.
  • Use of video stabilization to smooth frames.
  • Remove the fisheye with lens correction.
  • Seamless online sharing across Vimeo and YouTube.

Filmora X is the latest version of the popular video editing solution developed by Wondershare. Filmora offers free trial plans and if users want to buy this, there are different plans as per the convenience of the users.

The basic business plan starts at $12.99/month for a single user, which will be available with all basic editing tools. Individual annual plan for $39.99/year, Individual annual bundle plan $99.87/year, individual lifetime plan for $59.99, Standard business plan for $57.99/user/month/annual billing, and premium business plan $57.99/user/month/annual billing, student plan $7.99/month

Final Cut Pro

It is a powerful video editing software that MAC users use during post-production. The user can edit video, audio, and advanced color grading besides creating and editing closed captions and a lot more. The final cut pro X is designed for macOS 10.13.6 or later and it costs $300. The features you will get-

  • Magnetic and trackless timeline
  • Auditions for alternative clip
  • Compound clips
  • Good organization of tools as well as features like rating, libraries, tagging, and auto analysis for scenes.
  • Stabilization.
  • Powerful Multicam editing support.
  • Fast and multi-core support.
  • External monitor support.
  • XML importing

It is apt for consumers who want more power for their video editing projects. With any modern Mac app, the Final Cut Pro X is available across the Apple app store. You can install it on multiple Macs for $299 and you will start receiving automatic updates.

You must have enough local storage to store the 3GB of Final Cut Pro X. The program requires at least a core 2 duo-based machine that can run on macOS Sierra 10.12.4 or later. You need to have a minimum of 4GB RAM, 4.15GB free disk space, and an OpenCL- capable video processor.

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Adobe Premiere

It is an auto video editing software that helps you to make changes in your video with ease. You can easily export videos in formats like MXF, AVI, and a lot more. It easily gets integrated with Adobe products to offer a wide range of features right from editing videos and voice files to enhancing the visual appearance. With a lot of convenient features, you can edit video in a better way, which is as follows –

  • Clear and flexible interface.
  • Responsive speed.
  • Lots of organizational tools.
  • More power to video editing.
  • Multi-cam angles.
  • Excellent stabilization.

This tool is effectively used by media houses and creative professionals. It can give the users a photo editing experience for the small-screen to big-screen projects. The software supports a wide range of formats that are compatible with both macOS and Windows.

It will be a great option for motion graphics designers, filmmakers, and producers who are looking for quality outcomes to take their business to the next level. The pricing of adobe premiere will depend on your requirements.

For a single user, the price would be higher than the 2 users. It takes $29.99/month for individuals and businesses need to pay $29.99/month/annual subscription. Students & teachers need to pay $19.99/month/annual subscription and schools & universities have to pay $14.99/month/annual subscription.


It is an online video and animation maker that is useful to create intro videos, music visualization, infographics, explainer animations, promotional videos, and a lot more. With promising flexibility and quality, you can create professional videos in minutes.

All you have to do is browse through a large set of template catalogs, choose the preferred one, and start editing videos online by using the cloud storage and tool itself. You can upload images, and videos, and work on a pallet of colors and text. Here are the features of this easy video-making tool-

  • Large video template catalog.
  • Cloud storage.
  • Easy edit button.
  • Social media integration.

The reason behind such popularity of this video editing tool is that it’s free to all users. The free version doesn’t come as the trial version. Rather there are some utility developers who have set it free for as long as you decide it is worth paying for the premium version. The software is not only a great help for people in professional fields but also can be a life-saving tool for students who want to give a presentation in class.

When it comes to the pricing of this software, there are three subscription plans with limitless editing options. In the case of the free subscription plan, you can publish and download the videos. If there is no problem with the RF watermarks on the edited videos, the free subscription just works well. But, if you want to get rid of it, you have to pay $9.99 per export for videos from different categories.

Both the video quality with and without the watermark is good with SD 360 quality videos. For HD videos, users can upgrade to higher packages that will range from $19.99 to $29.99 per export.


With the growing popularity of video and whiteboard animation software. It is a powerful tool that can be used to convey ideas quickly in a fun and interesting way. VideoMakerFX is a user-friendly software that helps to create videos and whiteboard animations. The software comes with many customizable slide themes, fonts, seamless animation, and scenes. This software is considered one of the best whiteboard animation software in the market.

The best part of this software is very easy to use with the simple user interface, where you will get a multitude of tools that can be used with drag and drop features. People will love customized videos and whiteboard animations that enhance the appeal of the content. Features of this tool-

  • Text content, color & size, fonts, and effects.
  • Simple and easy background customization.
  • Animation effects for background and call to action.
  • Use of music from the software library.
  • Images and video clips.
  • 240+ animated slides that cover 35 different topics to find something suitable for your project.
  • You can generate sales letter videos.
  • You will get full rights to all the videos.
  • You will get full support and updates for 12 months right from the date of purchase.
  • There will be a wide array of training materials available from the day you purchase this software.
  • The software is small and doesn’t take up a lot of memory.

The plus point of using this software is you do not need to have the experience to use this kind of software. You can export the content into other videos and you will get rich special effects for videos to express all sorts of ideas. With excellent sound manipulation, you can preview a project before you save it and make changes as necessary. The videos made from VideoMakerFX are compatible with both Windows and Mac. It starts at $37.00 as a one-time payment and there is no free or trial version of the software.


It could be your personal motion graphics video editor, with which you can create amazing videos with no video editing skills. It creates amazing animated videos in 60 seconds without using expensive editing software. All you have to know is the drag-and-drop facility to create amazing videos using this tool.

Offeo is a cloud-based video maker tool that empowers SMEs and startups while giving them the knowledge to create the most effective videos for social media. Here is the list of features you should know-

  • Easy to Start: Unlike other video-creating software, Offeo is different and easy to use. There is a large set of designer templates present to instigate creativity within you.
  • Full Control on Your Editing Part: With Offeo you can customize your videos to suit your business campaign with consistency in branding. In short, you will have control over the video you create.
  • Live Preview: Offeo is the world’s first online video platform that lets you view and change the animation on the spot.
  • Drag and Drop: Are you a beginner who can’t make videos due to not having any editing skills? If yes, then the drag-and-drop feature of this software makes things easy for you. You can easily apply designs and effects within a matter of clicks.
  • Pre-animated Graphics: It can be a daunting task to design something easy on your first attempt while creating videos. Well, with this tool, things get easy, unlike complex animation tools.

You can try this tool just for $1, and after 30 days you will have to pay $19. With the premium version, you can download high-quality videos for unlimited projects. With a royalty-free stock of images and design templates, you can create videos for up to 3 minutes.

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This video editor is responsible for creating professional videos for MAC, Linux, and Windows platforms. It is easy to learn Camtasia in a short span. There is no need for video editing skills to start with. There are a bunch of templates you can use or record your screen and add a few effects as needed to get the desired output. This tool is great for making video tutorials, demo videos, YouTube videos, presentation recordings, instructional videos, training videos, explainer videos, webinars, and training recordings. Here are the features of this tool:

  • Record screen and webcam to add a personal touch to your video.
  • An easy and streamlined video review process.
  • There is a massive stock of royalty-free videos, music, and other customizable features.
  • You will get eye-catchy tiles, callouts, and annotations.
  • You can record and import your presentation.
  • You can add zoom-in, zoom-out, and pan animation.
  • You will get pre-made animations with customizable options to add professionalism to your videos.

This video editing software needs you to pay $249 for 1-4 users, $239.04 for 5-9 users, $231.57 for 10-14 users, and $224.10 for 15-24 users.

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It is an online whiteboard software that is an easy and simple animation tool to create 2D and 3D videos. With this tool, you can effortlessly make some amazing designs and full-motion videos. It becomes easy to make advertising and marketing videos with easy to understand editing panel. Here are the main features of this software-

  • Easy to create whiteboard animation.
  • Themes and audio tracks.
  • Simple interface with switching option.
  • Create videos on different subjects.
  • Extensive support and bonus from a supportive platform.
  • 100 full HD videos for backgrounds.
  • 3D models with decent customization.
  • Multiple animations in simultaneous mode.
  • Image and animation slides.

There are different features of Explandio video editing software to make catchy and attractive animation videos. One can use this software for different purposes with different integrated themes. You will get a free sketch library with different character sets and parts from others to make customized videos for your business and product. The manufacturer has designed this software in such a way that it works on every computer.

It also works fast on slower computers or computers where you can’t open After Effects, Corel Video Studio, Cyber Link Power Director, and Magix movie edit pro. Moreover, you will get faster rendering in a simple and hassle-free way. You can buy a one-year subscription to this video editing software for only $57. If you want to use the trial version of this tool, you only have to spend $1 to decide whether it is worth your further investment or not.

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Blender Creative Software

It is a free and open-source complete 3D creation suite for small teams and artists. You can do modeling, animation, rigging, simulation, compositing, rendering, video editing, motion tracking, and game creation. If you are an advanced user, you can employ Blender’s API for Python scripting and customize the application and write specialized tools.

Being a cross-platform application, blender runs equally across Linux, Macintosh, and Windows computers. Here is the list of primary features of this tool along with some advanced ones-

  • Modeling and sculpting.
  • Texturing & UV unwrapping.
  • Rigging and animation.
  • The grease pencil allows one to paint in a 3D space using 2D brushes.
  • Physics simulation with different 3D effects.
  • Rendering engine to produce images and designs in a variety of formats and resolutions.
  • Video editing and visual effects to turn your renders into fully-qualified animations.
  • Built-in scripting to shape programs as per your need.

One of the best things is that Blender is free and has been released under GNU general public license. It allows people to use the blender for any purpose and distribute it. So, your created content in Blender is not only your sole property but also you can sell and distribute your creations as well.

Those who have some understanding of 3D modeling may find Blender a useful one. Blender is commonly utilized for prototyping but is not much effective for engineering uses and some other programs. For high-end visual graphics used in films, you may need something more advanced.

Blender offers a free trial, apart from which it takes $17/month for Blender cloud renewal type- manual and $11.50 for Blender cloud renewal type- automatic. Blender is freeware, which you can use for educational and commercial purposes along with the facility of free distribution. However, being a non-profit corporation, Blender offers enterprise pricing services like Blender Cloud for small teams and open production platforms.

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Final Words

So, these were the top 10 video editing software to promote your next video content in the most engaging way. Stay tuned to get more such updates!

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