What is Kinetic Typography, Its Uses and Best Tools to Create in May 2024

We all are pretty aware of lyrical videos and floating texts videos on the Internet.

These texts or videos containing texts are called Kinetic Typography.

Kinetic typography animation is made up of dynamic techniques and motions that allow artists to communicate their feelings and thoughts.

Not all kinetic typography software has the same set of functions or styles. For the most part, you may just require the software’s fundamental functions.

Fortunately, the kinetic typography videos software allows creating numerous types of moving animated letters a breeze.

You may begin experimenting with the greatest kinetic typography software for free with no additional charges.

Today, we’ll look at the greatest kinetic typography software and learn everything there is to know about kinetic typography video.

Kinetics Typography

Why do we need Kinetic Typography?

Nevertheless, there are many reasons why Kinetic Typography is essential but the crucial part of Kinetic Typography is to convey an emotional message about the product, or promotion of the product in a unique way.

Still, we have some more reasons why it is essential, let me show you how:

  • Short Message but Informative: Kinetic typography is a type of brief but educational video.

    Using flowing letters and captivating backdrops, expressing the precise message becomes simple and quick.

    Furthermore, you may rest guaranteed that your visitors will see these films through to the finish.
  • Highlighting the Initial Message: To make the films more communicative, you might utilize distinctive visuals or strong animation.

    This helps to focus the client’s attention on the message you’re attempting to express.
  • Attract and Retain them for long: The kinetic typography video can feature all of the elements that a video developer would likely need to impress corporations or marketers.

    It’s no surprise that video material has its own audience, and a video based on motion texts is an add-on.

    Viewers are more likely to receive a sense of what the company or individual is willing to say. It’s enough to draw the user’s attention by employing dynamic text and superb background music.

Let’s understand what’s the reason behind creating a Typographic Video.

Exactly How to Make Kinetic Typography Video?

Kinetic typography is one of those videos that can be created by anyone without the assistance of a professional. In just a few minutes, you can produce gorgeous typographic videos with the help of the best video creators.

What Does a Kinetic Typography Video Offer?

Let’s Discuss this in Detail:

  • Features of Adding Easy Images
  • Background sounds are easily detectable with the help of Advanced AI Technology.
  • Everything provided in the program may be used to make an interactive, attention-grabbing typographic video.

Best Tools to Create Kinetic Typographic Video:

Filmora :

Filmora is an easy-to-use video editing software that lets you manipulate and animate text in a variety of ways. This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac. With this software, you can choose from a range of fonts to use in your film.


  • Fillmora’s drag-and-drop tool, which allows you to add, insert, erase, and position your texts, is the only tool you’ll need. There are other tools that enable you to apply effects to the typefaces.
  • Filmora allows you to animate the texts in both 2D and 3D. This software also has a keyframe feature, which provides you with more choices over how you wish to resuscitate your movie.
  • This app’s opacity function allows you to seamlessly blend your text into the video. After you’ve completed all of the steps, you may preview the animation to make any necessary modifications or to finalize the result.


Individual users pay $7.99 per month, while corporations with one user pay $155.88 per year. All Filmora features are included, as well as free technical assistance. Furthermore, Filmora provides unique Educational offers that can save students up to 28%.


Animaker comes with all of the tools you’ll need to create amazing kinetic typographic animations. The basic user interface of this Kinetic Typography program makes it very easy for beginners to comprehend and apply its capabilities. Having said that, sophisticated users will find the tools beneficial as well.


  • You may use Animaker’s kinetic typography tool in a variety of ways, including infographics, explainer videos, and animated presentations.
  • Your data is stored in the cloud, which means you can watch your films from anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • There are a variety of customizable themes available, each with a library of audio tracks that you may use.
  • The Animaker deck has a record, curve, and other tools for editing and modifying videos. Also, using this kinetic typography program, social sharing is quite simple.


Animaker offers five different programs, ranging in price from free to $79 per month. Animaker also gives a large 50% discount to those who join up for the yearly payment plan.

Moovly :

Moovly is an online kinetic typographic software tool that lets you make presentations, infographics, and other forms of movies rapidly.


  • There is a library of pre-made items and templates, and all you have to do to make a film is select the photos, fonts, backdrops, and other elements. Following that, you must arrange it.
  • There is a drag-and-drop tool for you to position your texts, and you can easily add animation features to the fonts.


Moovly Pro costs $49 per month if paid monthly, or $24.92 if paid annually. Moovly Max costs $99 per month if paid monthly, or $49.90 per month if paid annually. Moovly Enterprise costs $50 per month, payable yearly, and requires a minimum of 5 users. Education-specific plans (see website: www.moovly.com/pricing-edu)

Biteable :

Beginner animators and small business owners alike adore Biteable, a popular software for kinetic typography. Using Biteable’s prepared templates, you can easily design and communicate your messages.


  • It’s free to test out the basic Biteable features, and if you like what you see, you can upgrade to premium to gain even more.
  • Professional animators have created high-quality characters, special effects, scenarios, backgrounds, and other elements that you may utilize once you have access to Biteable.
  • With Biteable, adding text and animating it is a breeze. To begin, choose a typeface that best matches your project from the many options available.
  • After that, select the photos, characters, and backdrop on which the messages will be placed. You may change the typefaces in each scene and adjust the effects using Biteable.


Biteable is available in three different price options, as shown below. Annual subscriptions come with a discount. Plus: it’s completely free $29 per month for monthly billing and $19 per month for yearly billing Team: $99 per month, invoiced on a monthly basis, and $49 per month, billed on a quarterly basis.


PowToon is a sophisticated piece of software that streamlines the process of animating your movie. You may sign up for free and download the free PowToon version, which is sufficient for novices. There are other software that you might try if you want more functionality.


  • Powtoon gives you access to a variety of backdrops, pictures, and templates that you may edit for your project. You may also use the music library to add an element of amusement to the video. It’s software that bills itself as the ultimate tool for making PowerPoint explanatory films.
  • Using the software’s drag-and-drop feature, effortlessly add titles and paragraphs to the body of your presentation.
  • You may select from a variety of fonts, adjust font colors, and add a variety of special effects to the message you wish to send to your audience.
  • You can quickly export your film to sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia when you’ve finished it.


  • Powtoon offers a number of different license options, including Free Plan: 100MB of storage and access to all free material are included in the free plan.
  • Pro: $89/month ($228/year) includes 2GB of storage and access to both Pro and free material.
  • Pro+: $197/month ($708/year) with 10GB of storage and unlimited access to all content.
  • Agency: $1188 per year, which includes 100GB of storage and full access to all material. Pricing for business plans is available upon request.

Some Essentials for creating unbelievable Kinetic Typography

It’s no surprise that these technologies have made Kinetic Typography easier to build, but you must keep a few things in mind in order to create a great kinetic Typographic film.

  • Choose a professional-looking, easy-to-read font: Make sure your viewers don’t have to pause the video by keeping your sentences brief, sharp, and legible.
  • Maintain a steady motion throughout the film to ensure that viewers are drawn to the videos and messaging.
  • Create shapes with text to express the creative side of your film. Continue to use shapes to make phrases.
  • Using words to create visuals allows you to express your point quickly.
  • Use Contrasting Backgrounds and good color combinations to represent distinct views and draw attention simultaneously.


Hopefully, the information mentioned above in this content was able to offer you an in-depth understanding of kinetic typography.

With the above-mentioned simple online kinetic typography creator, you can easily produce any style of movie.

Remember to add some flair to the video to make it more engaging and interactive.

You will not only have access to kinetic typography templates, but you will also have the option of starting from scratch to display your creative concept.

I hope I was able to provide you with some insight into Kinetic typography and the best video makers on the market.

If I’ve forgotten something, please let me know in the comments area. Please feel free to express your thoughts.

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