What is Parallax Animation? Why and How to Create It?

With the constant improvement in web development techniques and browsers, there have been a lot of changes in the life of the developers. The changes in these have made it possible to use some of the outstanding effects on the websites. One of the biggest trends that have been in the designing trend in these years is the parallax effect. Most of the popular websites that you see with great designs and effects which can wow a visitor, the parallax effect can be highly beneficial.

The reason why people are mostly fond of it is because of its simplicity and the way it works on the pages. Using the parallax effect on the website would immediately activate the scrolling on the page, which is exceptionally amazing. This enables improving the background movement at a different speed compared to the foreground content. Most people make use of it on the images where it is used in sections by keeping a solid background.

When it comes to website creation, parallax animation can be one of the best ways to give depth and some movement to enjoy a great browsing experience. So here, we will look into some details of the parallax animation to help you acquire details about it.

What is parallax animation?

Parallax Animation

Parallax scrolling is one of the most common effects that is used by developers and designers to add great depth to flat designs. This is one of the most common techniques that mostly rely on movements. It seems more commonly like a camera within the 3D scene, and the objects appear more like moving in an opposite direction. Most commonly it is known as an object’s parallax.

Parallax can be said to be an optical illusion. As human eyes mostly work by perceiving objects that remain close to their eyes. In these times, we feel like distant objects are moving slowly. This is one of those themes that would eliminate the need for using software or a camera and make it look like life. One of the most commonly used places is videos where you will find them in different layers.

Why Use parallax animation?

No wonder when it comes to deciding the smartest and the coolest ways for creating websites, you will find a range of designs that would offer you the opportunity to use numerous creative applications. This would eventually improve engagement and storytelling techniques. Following are some of the major reasons why parallax techniques have become widely popular.

  • Ensure keeping the size of your site down: Using parallax means you will have long sites with all the information. Since complicated navigation is a big no-no, using a parallax site can be one of the best ways to help customers get information while keeping the size of your website minimum.
  • Increase visitors’ attention: You must know that you just have a few seconds to retain your customers and that when you are using parallax animation, you are making the best of the time they are spending. This can be the best on websites that have more images and lesser text.
  • Improves visitors’ stay: Designers get the power to make a whole new approach to creating websites. Using this particular technique can be a great way to guide visitors rather than the traditional process. It eventually encourages people to stay on your website for longer than usual.
  • Increase curiosity among your customers: One of the most common advantages of using parallax animation is that it keeps curiosity intact in your customers. Your viewers will be on a constant quest for what’s coming next.
  • Improves professionalism: There is no doubt that your website looks even more professional offering you the chance to show your creativity. You have to make sure that you have the knowledge to use the elements in the website.

Where to use parallax animation?

There are a lot of ways that you can use parallax animation and make sure that your users will be thoroughly impressed with it.

Single-page layouts: There are different ways of using parallax animation, and one of the best ways is using single-page layouts. Single-page animation would give you the opportunity to change the graphics, content, and background.

Background Parallax Sliding: One of the best ways to improve the attention of your viewers is by using parallax animation in the background. This means rather than giving a fixed background, you can use parallax so that whenever you scroll, it tends to move the background.

Horizontal scrolling: Apart from vertical parallax animation, you can also use it in horizontal scrolling. However, the techniques of horizontal motion are different from what you can expect from any parallax website.

Graphics Animation: Animated graphics on websites is not something very new. However, when you add it with the scrolling effects, it creates a great look. One of the tops is the animation as you scroll. Using the combination of JavaScript to get the motion and CCS for replacing images offers a great design.

Top 5 Tools to create parallax animation:

So now that you have got some knowledge about parallax animation and the way it can be highly beneficial for your websites, you must be thinking about applying it. However, you must know that you will need the guidance of some tools to create parallax animation.

Thus, here we will find out in detail about the top tools that you can use for creating parallax animation.

Photo Vibrance:


PhotoVibrance is one of the top tools that you can use for creating 3D animation. It has made it extremely easy for designers and developers to transform any status image into motion pictures that can get more attention from the viewers. No more do you have to feel stressed as the boring photos on the website are unable to retain the attention of your valuable customers. Thus, no more do you need to have technical skills; all you require is installing PhotoVibrance to create appealing moving images.

Being software that is compatible with both Windows and MAC operating systems, it does not have any restrictions. It is one of the software that helps you to give some complicated effects like 3D parallax, transforming static imaging, and magic motion in just a few clicks.

  • You can replace any image with the features
  • You can quickly flip imported images
  • You can change and improve the background-color
  • You can create different layers using the 3D parallax
  • You can give more textures to the images and add dimension

With the two options of packages available with PhotoVibrance, you can not buy anyone as per your needs.

  • Personal: $39
  • Commercial: $49

People who have the least knowledge of development and design can use PhotoVobrance as it is a great place for using impressive graphics. Whether you are a designer or social media marketer or freelancer or copywriter or product creator, you will be able to make the best use of this software.

So choose a package and enjoy integrating amazing graphics and images on your website.

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Design Beast:


DesignBeast is definitely a great software that you will find infinite reasons to buy. It is one of those amazing software that has been created to make sensational multi-purpose designs, graphics, and animation in different languages with the suite which has been integrated with AI. It is one of those amazing software that is a great combination of different design applications.

You will not find any software that will be as amazing as DesignBeast software. The integration of artificial intelligence makes designing and creating 3D parallax a lot easier. Packed with highly effective technologies in the software, you will be able to create designs that are best for a website, eCommerce, social media, local business, advertising, and product promotions.

  • You will be able to create the 3D Love Motion Images
  • You will find a powerful design suite
  • You will get easy background removal in one-click
  • You will be getting the advantage of using the magic removal tool
  • You will also get the artificial intelligence logo creator

You will get six different options for purchasing the video software which can be chosen as per your needs and convenience.

  • Personal: $37
  • Commercial: $47
  • Elite: $67
  • Agency $49
  • 4-in-1 App Bundle $39
  • Unlimited For $67

Since in modern times, businesses need to constantly update by improving the designs for better customer engagement, design beast software can be a great tool. This is one tool that can fulfill your diverse design needs.

So you can choose as per your needs and enjoy the advantages of great designs.

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Power Director


Cyberlink PowerDirector is the next most popular choice for editors or content creators who want to appeal to most viewers. Everything that you can possibly think of while designing motion graphics is included in this powerful video editing suite. You will find everything that you need in this video editing software.

This is one of those few software that lets you create a professional standard video in just a few clicks. Besides, keeping the new features intact, this software makes sure that you are getting the best of your choice. Whether you are a professional or maybe a new one, you can always enjoy editing video and using it on your website or for other purposes to attract your potential customers.

  • You can use the power AI integrated feature in this software
  • You can use the AI Sky replacement and turn anything into anything
  • You can use the AI wind removal feature which removes the background noise
  • You have more control over the titling module
  • You can use the sketch animation to create great animations

You can find both monthly and annual plans with this software. Thus, irrespective of your choice, you can choose one as per your needs and requirements.


  • PowerDirector for Windows: $19.99
  • Director Suite for Windows: $29.99


  • PowerDirector for Windows: $48.99
  • Director Suite for Windows: $89.99
  • PowerDirector Premium for Mobile (Android Version): $27

With the range of benefits that this amazing video animation tool can offer, it can become a great choice for people who don’t have much knowledge of the way to create it. So if all these days you were thinking that you are unable to do something great, then here you will find some fantastic ways to create amazing videos with this tool.

Adobe After Effects:

Adobe After Effects

If you are in search of one in all software then Adobe After Effects is perhaps the best choice for you. Being created in 1993, since then the company continued to offer the best results to improve video making. The prime reason behind the making of this software is to take off the market and offer something that can run on personal home computers as well.

Keeping the need of the market in mind, the software has been continuously upgraded to make sure that it reaches the heights until it becomes an inevitable need for modern-day designers and video makers. This software has been majorly used in a range of industries and used by people and professionals who would love to do it. With some of the fantastic visual effects that it can create, it can suffice the need for parallax animation.

  • It has some fantastic layering effects by mixing both 3D and 2D elements
  • It has some plugins that offer more capability to the program
  • You get a huge range of preset effects
  • You have the ability to custom your graphics templates
  • You will be able to animate the texts by choosing unique fonts

With the huge creative suite that this software has, it can be expensive for some. However, when you have Adobe, you can stay assured that you are covered.

  • Monthly Plan: $31.49 / month which costs you $377.88 annually. This is a monthly plan.
  • Annual Plan: $20.99 / month which will cost you $251.88 a year. This is an annual plan.
  • Prepaid Annual Plan: $239.88 / year which is the cheapest of all is again a yearly commitment.

Adobe After Effects is certainly one of the best choices that can seamlessly fulfill the myriad of needs. However, this is not something that can be used by beginners. There are some learning curves to this software that would need you to know if you don’t have much knowledge about it. However, the availability of the learning resources would make it possible for you to use the software.

Adobe Spark:

Adobe Spark

When it comes to creating a beautiful parallax animation on your website, Adobe Spark is definitely one of those few names that you can think of. The tool has been created for everyone who wishes to become a part of this genre. The mass-oriented suite and being higher user-friendly in nature make this video-making tool a great inclusion for people.

You can unfold the mystery in your website with this tool to create excitement in your viewers. The range of features included in the tool makes it easy for people to create something that they wish. Whether it is social graphics or presentations or videos or simple web pages, Adobe Spark is something that would let you do everything without facing any issues.

  • This is a great tool that can help you to create the single page design
  • You will be able to create amazing quality videos
  • You can use the high-quality free images in the tool
  • You can use it on both mobile and computer

To make it easy for everyone and so that everyone can use the tool to enjoy the amazing features included in it, you will get a different range of pricing models.

  • Free is available for the first 1 month which will help you to understand the efficacy of this tool.
  • The team is $19.99 / month which needs to be paid monthly.

With exceptional features included in the software make it easy for you to create amazing parallax animation, Besides, as this software makes video editing and image editing easier than you can think, you can choose the software and start attracting viewers with amazing animation that can intrigue your viewers.

Simple steps to create Parallax animation?

If you think that it is easy, then of course with the use of these tools, it is simple. You will non longer need to have HTML proficiency to create parallax animation. So let us find out the simple way to create parallax animation using Cyberlink Power Director.

Step 1: Create The Project: You can start with creating a project and include the name of the project as well to proceed ahead.
Step 2: You need to choose a start board and open panel layers
Step 3: Using easy drag-and-drop features, you can include images in the project
Step 4: Need to set an opacity
Step 5: Select the end artboard
Step 6: Choose a background as per your choice
Step 7: Click on Preview
Step 8: You are all set to put your website live with the amazing parallax theme

Final word:

There is no doubt that parallax scrolling and animation are some of the best ways to improve the look and feel of the website. Without the use of the tools, it can be quite a tough task, and thus making use of these tools can be largely beneficial for people.

So now that you have gained a detailed insight into the software and the way to create along with the pricing of the tools, it is time that you start including a parallax animation.

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