Explaindio Business Edition Review: Best Quality Sales Video Creator in May 2024

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If you are creative enough and love doodle sketching or creating animation videos or FMV but struggling to showcase your creative ideas or getting stuck somewhere then here is the solution which can solve your all issues, that is with the help of Explaindio Business Edition Software. Let’s discuss this further to know more about Explaindio Business Edition Software.

Explaindio Business Edition Review

Explaindio Business Edition Review

Explaindio Business Edition deals with a different set of software that helps in creating or generating all the above-mentioned videos. To create animation videos one needs animation video creation software. Similarly for different purposes of creating videos, one needs different software for creating that particular video. It is demonstrated that this software helps in growing online businesses with videos and also helps creators in earning profit by providing their video creation service.

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Creator of Explaindio Business Edition Software

Andrew Darius is the man behind creating this perfect business edition of the software naming it Explaindio. He is considered one of the top dominating product developers who also have successfully launched lots of his products recently. Andrew Darius has gained his status by introducing high-quality and easy-to-operate software.

Features of Explaindio Business Edition Software

Knowing about the Explaindio Business Edition Software and its creator let’s discuss furthermore mentioning its features.

Explaindio video-generating software

Explaindio Business Edition Software comes with other different software which helps in creating any doodle animated video, full-motion video, and explained videos.

600 Pre-done Animated Scenes

It comes with numerous text, videos, images, colors, and many more, with the help of which one can customize or choose for the animated scenes creating the content.

500 Doodle Sketch Images

This software contains more than 500 doodle sketch images in its library including both color images and black lines where one can choose as per their choice and can create whatever they wish.

Animated characters

It also has different various characters where the creator can choose the Apt or desired character among the set of animations to bring the content catchily and fresh.

More than 300 Fonts

This software provides more than 300 fonts which all are ready to get started. Not only this, one can import the fonts for themselves and can use them easily if someone finds not enough.

Background Audio Track

Audio plays an important role while creating any video to give that sound effect this software helps in creating lively and engaging videos by adding audio to them which also helps in attracting more audience.

Full HD background Videos

This software also proposes various animated motion videos for background helping the creator to create amazing eye-catching videos.

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Benefits of Explaindio Business Edition Software

Considering all the features, this software comes with numerous benefits which makes it popular and demanding for people who are really in need.

  • It comes with doodle animation video software or whiteboard animation video software which helps in creating a doodle animation video.
  • It helps in generating Full Motion Videos with the help of full-motion video creation software which appears in it.
  • One can start earning by providing video creation services or by generating explainer videos with the help of explainer video creation software and can run their services.
  • It allows full multi-timeline editing working with multiple animations simultaneously.
  • It also helps in generating 3D animation and allows importing external 3D elements for desired creation.
  • One can take benefit from various pre-made images, videos, doodle object animation, and pre-made text animation as well.
  • Easy video creation software with a built-in transition for natural outcomes.
  • With the help of Pixabay Integration, Permit to use more than millions of stock photos for background or for featuring on content.
  • Easy to import videos in most common formats like FLV, MOV, WMV, AVI, and MP4.

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How to use Explaindio Business Edition Software?

This software is for the desktop and is accessible in both Mac and Windows operating systems. Before creating any video whether it is an animation video, full-motion video, or doodle animation video, one has to create a slide where they can render their video.

To create an animated video

  • Add an animation slide.
  • Click on add single by adding a single slide by selecting from any of the pre-made templates.
  • Now one can preview the slides and By clicking on Add, one can add the number of slides they want for their video.
  • Now one can operate all the slides in the timeline easily by adjusting their duration, end, and start time by dragging it.
  • Add a 3D object by connecting on “Add 3D Object”. After this choose the 3D object file and click open.
  • After this, one can customize or preview their videos.

To create a doodle animation video

  • From the in-built library, one can get started by adding a sketch image.
  • One can willingly add the animation and resize the image as per their choice.
  • Add text by clicking on ” Add Text” and customize the text as per their need including fonts, style, size, or content.
  • One can always select the style of every element added to the sketching video.
  • One can add a number of sketch images or text as per the demand.
  • Last, one can manage all in the timeline and can choose for the preview.

To create Full Motion Video

  • Similarly to an animation video, one has to add slides.
  • Choose the slide template and preview it.
  • Now, one can regulate the timeline to supervise when each slide starts to show up.
  • Click on “Close Canvas” to customize and preview the video.
  • Now, one can customize the video by adding images, text, animation, or video outlines.
  • One can browse the images by clicking on “browse” and can open them by hitting them.

To create Explainer Video

  • one can follow exactly the same steps as creating the Full motion video to create an Explainer video where you have to create slides and add more slides.
  • After that can preview the video or can customize it by adding video, images, text, or animation.
  • One can choose images from the device or from the in-built library.

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Who should use Explaindio Business Edition Software?

Anyone can use this Explaindio Business Edition Software as this software is developed considering “easy to use” for everyone. This is perfect, especially for those who are in a video-creating field, who love generating animation videos, doodle sketch videos, or full-motion videos, and who want to earn by generating such videos including freelancers, social media marketers, bloggers, etc.

Explaindio Business Edition Software Pros and Cons.

Every software has some Pros and Cons, so let’s know for an Explaindio Business Edition Software.

Pros (Advantages)

  • Easy to use.
  • Low-cost involvement.
  • No requirement for technical skills.
  • In-built library of amazing visual elements.
  • Generates high-quality and eye-catching videos.
  • Professional result.
  • Comprised Agency License.
  • Guarantee of a full refund within 30 days.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • So far there is none.

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Explaindio Business Edition Software Price and Evaluation.

Explaindio Business Edition Coupon code

Explaindio Business Edition Software comes with 3 options of pricing that are monthly, yearly, and one-time.

  • For monthly, it charges $37.
  • For yearly, it charges $67.
  • For one time, it charges $497.

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It is best if someone chooses a one-time option as it comes with a discount coupon “Explaindio71%off” which allows a discount of 71% on $496 at the time of check out which is a great deal. This software is best at its cost if someone is looking for the long run.

Certainly, all three options are at their best price which is worth exploring for once at least.  If someone wants to try for a temporary time of the period then they can definitely choose either monthly or annual options as per their convenience.

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What are Doodle Animation & White Board Videos?

Doodle animation and Whiteboard animation is the process of creating videos illustrated on the whiteboard surface using a marker pen. It commonly involves hand-drawn time-lapse doodle sketches to animate the illustration.

What is 2D & 3D Animated Video?

We clearly know 2D stands for 2 dimensions and 3D stands for 3 dimensions where 2D generally represents flat with height and length whereas 3D represents real or live with height, width, and length.

What is a Full Motion Video?

Full Motion Video or FMV is the technique of narrating pre-recorded video images or files keeping such a rate that makes objects or images move continuously or smoothly.

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer Video is an illustrative, eye-catching, and short animated video which is created for online marketing purposes to boost the company’s service or products. It is a unique way of summarizing the important aspect of the product or services that one wants to deal with.

Is this desktop software? Does it work for PC & Mac?

Yes, this software is for desktops only and it does work on both, PC and Macs. Though the Internet connection is necessary during the initial time for installation and cloud access.

Are there any monthly charges?

There are no additional monthly charges. Once you get the software by choosing from the payment options there are no further charges.

How many videos can I create?

For personal use and practice, you can create as many videos as you can but if you want to create for a client or to sell then you will need a license for it which will cost you extra.

How many computers can I install this on?

Commonly you are allowed to install Explaindio Business Edition Software on one computer but if there is an extended period of time-limited sensitive bonuses on the page, you will get Agency License where you can involve 5 users with your Explaindio software.

How much do updates cost?

There is no cost for updates until the period of the license. They include updates for free until there is a time-limited sensitive bonus on the page which will provide upcoming Explaindio 5 upgrades for free.

Do you include step-by-step instructions?

Yes, we deliver step-by-step instructions through our tutorial videos for our users to make them easy to understand which they simply can follow to know better.

How do I get support?

It’s easy getting our support by asking through email or visiting us at support.explaindio.com.

Is ordering completely risk-free?

Of course, ordering Explaindio Business Edition Software is completely risk-free as we give a refund guarantee to those who feel Explaindio is not right for them. You just have to ask for support at support.explaindio.com for a refund within 30 days of the purchase date. Regardless, you will lose access to Explaindio Business Edition software.


Last I am sure, the above-mentioned information is enough to make you understand all about the Explaindio Business Edition Software as it is an easy way to boost your creativity and earnings through this. I would recommend every creative one to give it a try as it has a refund policy too which reduces the risk if someone is not happy or satisfied with this software.

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