SEO Vs. PPC Which Is The Better For Your Business Growth?

Which is better, SEO or PPC?

This is one of the most common questions that the online business owners ask on the web while seeking out for SEO services. It turns out to be even more confusing for online business startups. The confusion of SEO vs. PPC arises from the basic concept of these two marketing strategies. PPC campaign costs money but shows immediate results while SEO is free, spontaneous, but takes time to come up with the result. Some businesses apply SEO and some prefer PPC campaigning. Some online business owners even get benefitted with integrating these two strategies. Let’s dig out then, SEO or PPC, which one would be the best for business growth.


There is no need to get tangled between the confusion: SEO vs. PPC.

With analyzing the advantages and shortcoming of these two strategies of digital marketing, we can find the answer.

Advantages Of SEO

  • Brand awareness is one of the key sources to earn more and more profit while switching your business online. With SEO, business owners can build and enhance their brand visibility among the targeted audience.
  • With enhancing brand awareness, SEO helps business owners to boost the organic traffic to their websites.
  • You can earn more profit and make conversion better with the increasing brand awareness and web traffic to your website.
  • Through SEO services, it will take time to increase organic traffic to your website, but, it will be for free of cost.
  • The hike in organic search engine traffic improves and boosts ROI and profit. It will have a direct impact on business growth.

Shortcomings Of SEO

  • SEO is good for those who are consistent and patient. In SEO, the result may come out after 6 months or a year. It may sound like an eternity to some of the online business owners.
  • Search engine optimization is not that much easier to master as it sounds. One must have the knowledge in HTML as well as in CSS to become a search engine optimizer. Besides HTML and CSS, one needs to become an expert in the indexing, sitemap, overcome multiple language issues, etc.
  • With the constant update of the Google Algorithm, SEO mechanisms revolve around uncertainty.

Advantages Of PPC

  • With an effective PPC campaign, business owners can scale up in Google Adwords effortlessly. with adjusting your daily PPC budget, you can leave your competitors behind.
  • PPC costs money but shows an immediate result. You do not need to wait for 6 months or one year.
  • The clicks business owners get from PPC, are basically customer and buyer oriented.
  • PPC marketing strategy offers speed in business progress, and speed brings in agility into the business. PPC is very much effective in testing new products, or for doing market research for your products.

Shortcoming Of PPC

  • In the case of PPC, when you stop paying for your advertisement, the growth of ROI also get paused.
  • If you follow the path of PPC, the growth of your business will become restricted within the budget.
  • PPC is good for the fast selling of your products. It is not that much effective for growing brand awareness.
  • On choosing PPC, business owners need to follow some rules for weaving the content of the advertisement. They would never have any control over the content.

Final Words It would be great if the online business owners consider blending SEO with PPC instead of going through a conflict. Keep all the cons of these two marketing strategies aside, and embrace all the benefits of these two. It will drive fast and effective results, helping in the overall growth of the business.

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  • October 8, 2019 at 9:25 am

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