Discover Unknown Facts That Lead Your Windows Live Hotmail or Outlook Account to Inactive Stage

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Increasing rate of internet savvies increases the necessity of having an official and permanent email account for working professionals to regular individuals. Be you are a student, housewife, business person or slob – it really essential to have an email account when you are going to shop, register for newsletters in different sites, process online payment and so forth.

How many of us are using paid email services? Almost, everyone signs up for free email service. When it is all about using the free email service, Windows Live Hotmail or Hotmail and   Hotmail (aka is the third most popular email services around the globe.  Since 2012, Hotmail has been changed to – It is one of the rebrand attempts that have created numbers of confusions among Hotmail users.

Third Highest Popular Free Email Service

The rebranding of Windows Live Hotmail to official Outlook grows mystification drastically – the fact is not unknown to users. Though, outlook email is good to use for regular activities – sending emails with image and customized signature, user can increase and decrease font size while reading mails, he/she can synchronize Google and iPhone calendars with the mail, set a all mail folder, filter a particular sender’s mail to a specific folder and lots more in the same platform.

Moreover, outlook email comes up with user-friendly UI that engages a large numbers of users to access the mail for their personal as well as professional usages. But, there is a fact a majority of outlook uses are not aware of.

Shocking Fact of Outlook Email Account

Do you know that your outlook email account gets expire if you do not access it for a long period?

Yes, it is a true fact and shocking obviously. Your outlook email gets expired if you do not sign in for consecutive 270 days. After the long 270 days with no use your outlook (Windows Live Hotmail) gets inactive completely. There are more things that can go on your nerves when you have not signed into your outlook email account for 8 and half months (270 days). Let roll the eyes on the facts that should not happen really, but happen due to your inactive movement with outlook account,

  • All your messages in the outlook email account will be deleted.
  • You will not able to retrieve the messages.
  • No one can send you mails and the mails will be bounced back to the sender’s email account with delivery failure message.

Point to Be Noted:

If your account is inactive and you are in between 271 days to 359 days of your account creation, then you are lucky. You can recover your email account with a certain process and you can get all the messages back.

The easiest way to save your outlook account from expiration is the regular sign in method. It is good to sign in your outlook email account once or twice in a month to avoid expiration.

Extend Life of Personal/Professional Outlook Account

This is not the end; there is something to explore for outlook email account users. If it the 360th days from the opening of your outlook email account, then you should sign in right now without any delay. On the 361st day, your outlook account will permanently say goodbye to you. Surprised! Don’t be, just sign into your outlook account and let not your account to be deleted permanently. The life span of a free outlook account is 360 day – five days less of a complete year. 

On that account, an outlook email account user should log into to his/her account on a regular basis to keep active the outlook account.

Point to Be Noted:

Your outlook account cannot be retrieved or recovered if you have not accessed it for continuous 360 days. It will be deleted permanently.  

The worst part is, your outlook account will not be yours anymore after 360 days when you have not accessed it for once as a minimum, and a different individual can take up your email address with full authority.

No POP3/Forwarding is Counted as Windows Live Hotmail/Outlook Email Access

People are many who think accessing outlook email via remote web server like IMAP (internet message access) or POP3 (post office protocol version 3) is considered a valid Windows Live Hotmail/Outlook email account access. Though, it is not the case. An Outlook email user needs to access his/her email via web regularly, at least once in every eight months.

It is advised to mark the outlook email expiration date on calendar to avoid such incident or to access email frequently. Hope, the second option is preferable.

Exception in Windows Live Hotmail/Outlook Expiration Case

Your outlook email account will not get expired or deleted if you are a paid account holder. All the paid Windows Live Hotmail accounts stay active during subscription period. It does not matter whether the user accesses the account frequently or not. When you use your Windows Live Hotmail or Outlook account for your professional use or for something really matters to you, it is good to use the paid account.

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